Typical Katie Sample Baby Registry
Typical Katie Sample Baby Registry
February 7, 2018

Typical Katie Sample Baby Registry

Typical Katie Sample Baby Registry

Katie is a thirty-something mom of three in Atlanta, GA. She fancies herself a lifestyle blogger, documenting life as it happens in that season. She started her blog, Typical Katie, as a venue to share new perspectives through words and photos, and to build community. She colors outside the lines, believes in taking risks, and advocates for vulnerability. From kids to home to food and beyond, Katie maintains her unique voice with a consistent undercurrent of humor and authenticity.

Her work has been featured in large publications such as Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and Cosmopolitan. She is an active content creator for Scary Mommy and The Huffington Post. Find her on Facebook and Instagram!

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It Takes a Village (Help & Favors)

Adoption Fund Donation

Adoption costs on average between $30,000-$40,000, which often doesn’t include additional travel costs and attorney fees. Give your friends and family a chance to chip in. You can even set up a secure way to donate online via your Babylist registry page.

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