Why DIY Crib Rail Covers Are Better

Why DIY Crib Rail Covers Are Better

November 11, 2016

Why DIY Crib Rail Covers Are Better

Why DIY Crib Rail Covers Are Better.
Why DIY Crib Rail Covers Are Better

When my baby started getting mobile it seemed like my house turned into a maximum security prison overnight. There are bars, latches and clamps everywhere. Seriously it’s like my house just got an Alcatraz Extreme Home Makeover. But you know what? It’s okay. I am cool with acting like MacGyver every time I need anything that is not a baby toy. I would do anything to keep that little one safe.

And apparently, I would do anything to keep his beautiful convertible crib from looking like a beaver just stopped by for a snack.

I remember when we did our baby registry and I saw crib teething pads and thought it was horrific that they would have to make such a thing. My baby won’t eat his crib! That’s just barbarous, clearly they are for the uncivilized cannibalistic babies.

This was the 139th time I have been completely wrong about raising a baby so far.

I knew that he liked to treat his crib like MMA fighting ring. I often catch him on the baby monitor standing at one end of his crib, launching himself to the other end, and bouncing backwards, WWF style. But I had no clue he was eating his crib.

It wasn’t until I noticed a bunch of blackish-brown specks all over his mouth, chin and cheeks, and I wondered where it came from, looked around and discovered this.

Crib Rail Damage

The horror! My baby is a monster! So I sprung into action to find something to help preserve what was left of the crib, and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have something that also prevented him from ingesting wood varnish.

Have you searched for crib teething guards on Etsy? Have you seen the ridiculous amount of money people think you are willing to pay for such a thing? Sure they are adorable and would coordinate nicely with his other nursery décor, but I realized I still need to buy more diapers and formula. So I moved onto something cheaper.

At first I found this Gummi Crib Rail. Maybe it wouldn’t look as nice, but it will do the job. Right? Nope.

Glad I looked at the reviews. I love that Brayden’s Mommy kept it real and posted this picture with her review…

Crib Rail

She just saved me $12.99!

Next, I went looking in the shed and garage. There’s gotta be something laying that could work. Garden hose? Barbed Wire? Nope again. Those crafty ladies on Etsy had the right idea after all. But hey, I am crafty! I can make a DIY Crib Teething Guard. So I went to the craft room and found some extra fabric I had from the art I made above his crib, some quilted fabric, some ribbon, and some thread and then I busted out the sewing machine and got my Martha on. Miles helped. And by helped, I mean made it take twice as long to finish.

Crib Rail

I was so proud of myself. I made this and it cost me nothing! “Yay!” Is what I said until Miles yanked those ribbons right off and threw the teething guard rail onto the floor like a day old donut, double knots and all. I had to go back to the drawing board. Velcro? Hah. That didn’t work either. Now I am $2.99 into this project and am about to give up, when my husband saw my desperation and recommended industrial strength staples. Yay, that wasn’t going to happen, but together we settled on upholstery tacks.

Ta-Dah! It worked!

Crib Rail

DIY Crib Teething Guard DIY Instructions


  1. 2 Yards of Fabric (I used an outdoor fabric- so that it could hold up against a bit of baby drool)
  2. 2 Yards of Quilted Fabric Backing
  3. Upholstery Tacks
  4. Sewing Thread- Pins


  1. Measure the length of the side of the crib you are making the cover for from inside corner to inside corner. Add 2 inches to this measurement for your seams. Take your tape measure and wrap it around the crib rail until it tightly touches underneath, then add 2 inches to this measurement., this will get you your length and width measurements.
  2. Cut your quilted fabric to the exact width you want your final measurement to be.
  3. Lay your decorative fabric strip face down, fold up the sides half an inch and press with an iron, starting with the long sides first, followed by short sides.
  4. Center the quilted fabric, right side up on top of the decorative fabric. Then fold the decorative fabric half an inch over the quilted fabric, press and pin.
  5. Straight stitch around the entire guard at the edge of the folded seam closest to the exposed quilted fabric.
  6. Place over your crib rail, hammer upholstery tacks into place. Note- these will leave small tack holes in the crib, you may want to try the ties first if this part makes you uncomfortable.
  7. Repeat the same process for the other crib rails.

That’s it. Happy crafting!

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