Winter Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry
Winter Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry
November 1, 2018

Winter Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry

Winter Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry.
Winter Must-Haves for Your Baby Registry

If you’re having a baby in the winter months or you live in a region where the cold temps come early and stay late, you’ll need a few essentials to keep baby warm and cozy.

Babies can lose heat rapidly and don’t regulate their body temperatures as well as adults, so it’s important to keep them covered and cozy in colder temps. Here are a few key essentials when it comes to adding winter clothes to your baby registry.

Warm their heads: Body heat escapes from those little heads, so hats are a good idea, particularly when babies are very little. They don’t need to be super heavy—a light cotton beanie-style cap will suffice in many cases, unless you’re out in frigid temps.

Keep fingers and toes covered: Socks, footed jammies or pants, mittens and bodysuits with mitten-like coverings can keep tiny digits snug.

Layer it on: Lightweight cottons are fine for winter months—just add more! Pair longsleeve bodysuits with pants and socks, a sweater and/or a jacket, and you’re set. If it’s particularly cold outside, add something heavier, like bunting. Then when you get back inside, or temps warm up, you can easily remove some of the layers so baby doesn’t overheat.

Here are some clothes from Carter’s that will work in those chilly winter months to add to your baby registry (plus a few fun ideas for the holidays).

The Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Made with soft cotton with expandable shoulders for easy over-the-head changes, these gender-neutral long-sleeve bodysuits will be the items you reach for again and again in the winter months. Just pair with pull-on pants for quick and easy outfits. They also come in other adorable colors and prints for boys and girls.

The Cozy Sleeper

Baby can be cozy for bedtime, playtime or tummy time in the adorable sleep and play. Made with super-soft fleece, this unicorn sleeper snaps all the way up for changes and has built-in footies to keep toes toasty. Unicorns not your jam? There are many more styles for girls and boys.

Layer Them Up

When the temperatures dip, this will keep baby all bundled up. The sherpa-lined hooded bunting has a side snap design, built-in footies and hand covers and adorable little ears. There are more designs for those cold days for girls and boys.

All-in-One Winter Outfit

These comfy sets are perfect for baby’s first days—and beyond. This 3-piece outfit includes a long-sleeve snap-up T-shirt, footed pants and a sweet hat with ears! These long sleeve footed sets are the perfect outfit to keep baby stylish and warm this winter. Find other adorable sets here.

Holiday Cuteness Overload

What’s cuter than a little baby? A little baby dressed up like Santa! This super-cute long-sleeve bodysuit has a Santa pattern and comes with a sweet—and warm!—hat. Looking for other holiday outfit fun? There are lots to be found for girls and boys, including designs for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.

For Winter Snuggles

When baby is heading into the cold (or even hanging out in the warm house), a soft, cuddly friend is always to nice take along. This plush security blanket has a silky lining and is machine washable, so it will be around for lots of adventures. Get other furry friends for baby boys and girls.

Cute and cozy, these items from Carter’s to add to your baby registry will keep your little one comfy in those chilly winter months.

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