Jessica's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Jul 18th, 2018

Hi friends and family,

Thank you all so much for everything you have already done so far - all the tips, advice and well wishes are so welcomed and appreciated. We are so excited to have Baby Girl Imbeault arrive this summer!

I am not sure if there is directions to follow, I am sure there are, but just in case, this is a new type of registry that allows you to purchase items from any store (not just the stores I have listed below each item, especially if you can find it cheaper elsewhere! That's what I love about this registry!).

You can click buy or reserve the item on the right hand side of the product. It will request an email address, the site doesn't send you anything except to confirm that you want to buy or reserve it - it is so it can be taken off the list regardless of where it was purchased from. You can reserve items if you cannot get to a store or know you want to purchase something. The only downside is there is no registry to print off at any store, it is only available using the internet (on a computer or phone) or there is a BabyList app that seems to be pretty easy to use as well.

If you are only wanting to look at a particular store/s you can also do so by checking them off on the left hand side (if you are on a computer).

I also wanted to let you know that if you are a first time purchaser from, there is a coupon code for 10$ off your initial purchase!

Thank you all so much for joining us in showering our little girl. We can't thank you enough!

Love Jess and Shawn

Gift Buying Steps: