Arrival Date: Dec 25th, 2018

This is for EMERSONS SECOND CHRISTMAS, yay. Feel free to ask questions

Some details:

💥= most wanted

>>>>He LOVES dogs 🐕 and birds 🦅 and giraffes 🦒 and airplanes ✈️ and sheep 🐑 and chickens 🐓

Colors: dark, muted; greys, black, white, blues, burgundy, & greens. 🖤

Emerson Clothing: we love clothes that look grown up. (Varying sizes 18mo+) 👕👖 in need of pants & shirts and winter clothes

Preferences: Organic cottons, all-natural, essential oil based fragrance, minimalistic, wooden toys, engineering toys, learning activities, etc. ☁️☁️☁️

Stores/brands we love: Marshalls, H&M, Target, ⚡️Amazon⚡️

Other things we love: books and educational toys/materials 📚

Gift Buying Steps: