North's Wish List

Arrival Date: Jul 22nd, 2017

We're keeping North's wish list up-to-date in case anyone is searching for gift-giving ideas for birthdays or holidays. However, please don't feel that gifts are necessary or expected for any occasion.

If you come across or have second-hand items that you'd like to gift or loan North, fantastic! We love reusing baby gear.

This is not an exclusive list! Gifts of your choice are always welcome. Here are some things we'd prefer North NOT receive: non-handmade stuffed animals (he has a wonderful collection!), toys with batteries, clothing under size 2T (with the exception of handmade things, wool/outdoor/winter gear, or other special items you think he'd love - he's currently about to outgrow size 12-18m), clothing with slogans/words or cartoon characters, and large items without prior consultation (we have a small house).

If you want to order something online and have it sent directly to North, our address is 3842 Williams St. #1, zip 99508.


Jen and Justin (on behalf of North)

Gift Buying Steps: