Baby Thayer Registry

Arrival Date: Dec 3rd, 2018 🎉

As we embark on this wild ride that is parenthood, we're grateful to our families and friends for their love and encouragement. We deeply appreciate all the support being showered on us already. Advice, hand-me-downs, babysitting, diaper-changing, and help with feedings--they're all most welcome!

We put together this registry as a way to organize and collect in one place items we anticipate needing, but please do not feel any obligation to give us a gift--we are simply grateful to have you as a presence in our lives. We're also consciously trying to keep our environmental footprint as light as possible, and we would more than welcome--and in most cases prefer--gently used or pre-loved versions of any of the items on our list!

Most of all, we are looking forward to introducing you to Baby Thayer in December!