Babylist Registry Photo

Becky's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Jul 27th, 2018 🎉

Hello Everyone! We're so excited to celebrate our baby girl's arrival with you!

Here's how Babylist works-

1) Click on “Give this Gift" and enter your name and email. This step is what removes your gifts from the list so we don't get duplicates.

2) Purchase your gift. Babylist will give you links to a retailers that carries your gift but where you buy the gift is up to you. You can also buy things in-store!

3) Click “I purchased this” on your reservation page. Please include the name of the store where you purchased it and your order number. This will make things so much easier!

*If you want to ship the gift directly to us, remember to enter our address as the shipping address during checkout (located at the top of your reservation page). Click "See Address".

**You can still use Buy Buy Baby coupons on their site or in-store!