Alexia's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Jul 3rd, 2018


Jerry & Alexia Mullis

1216 Innis Ave

Kannapolis, NC 28081

We decided with so much going on, and as hambone’s due date gets closer and closer, we will shower Alexia with our blessings after baby’s arrival. We plan to do a “sip-and-see” sometime in the fall, once baby is a few months old. This will work out best for everyone involved- especially all of you because you will actually get to meet the little one! Besides, you all know us Riggins can’t do anything the “normal” way.

The only drawback to this plan is that Jerry and Alexia do have some items on their registry that would be really beneficial to have for the first few months after hambone’s birth. Being that this is the first Mullis-Riggins hambone, they’re starting from scratch. As such, we have decided to post their registry now in case some of y’all have been wondering how to help Jerry & Alexia prepare for their baby girl.

Be on the lookout for more information on the “sip-and-see” sometime this fall. We know this is a bit nontraditional, and kind of awkward to post a registry to facebook without an invitation to a shower. We wanted to update everyone so as not to worry.

We cannot wait to meet this little one, and Jerry and Alexia cannot wait to celebrate with all of you! Thank you so much for your love and support of the happy couple, and the best dang parents-to-be out there!

Gift Buying Steps: