Sophia 's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Jan 16th, 2018 🎉

Hello everyone,

Please excuse us because we haven’t been much in the social scene or in touch with you as would be ideal these past few months. It’s simply because it’s been perhaps the busiest time of our lives.

So, thank you in advance for helping us to make this transition from 2 to 3 children. We made this list (using a site called in an attempt to personalize our gift requests. The truth is that we still do need your help this time around, too!

The idea with this registry is to split the cost of various items and Sevices amongst everyone in order to spread the cost.

And because many of the items are personalized, we will be the ones updating the registry periodically so that you are aware of what is still needed.

Also.... Please use: 45 Howard Avenue in Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 as our mailing address because we recently moved here. We are still in process of settling in though, which is yet another reason why it’s an even more chaotic time for us now.

And although we were unable to have a standard baby shower/Sprinkle this time around, we are working on figuring out a date/dates for a “Sip&See”.

It is basically an invitation for you to come meet the baby and/ or Lana & Matteo too, if you haven’t already ...& simply to catch up with us!

We only ask that when you do come over to visit: please come only when you are feeling well and/or are sure that you are no longer contagious.

Otherwise, we are excitedly waiting to see you!

Even if you can’t make a visit as will be planned, we want you to know that we appreciate you & your support!

We will certainly be in touch again with more details about when you can come visit!

❤️ Sophia, Daniele, Matteo, Lana, & Yes: we again will not know the sex of the baby or be revealing his/her name until his/her arrival, and if things go as planned the c-section date will be on 1/19/18 at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck at noon!


We are pleased to announce the birth of our baby girl, Gioia Dario.

She decided on her own birth date 1/16/18 rather the preplanned 1/19/18.

She was born precisely at 7:10 on and weighed in at 8Ibs5oz.

And even though it was a more taxing delivery this time around, both mom and baby are recovering very well.

Thank you all so much for all your support & for being a part of this wonderful time in our lives.

❤️ you all so much -Sophia, Daniele, Matteo, Lana Elizabeth, & Gioia!