Surprise! by Cait & Justin

Good things come in...fours?! No, we're not having quadruplets (whew!), but Baby #4 has been our biggest surprise yet! Even though we've got this baby thing down pat, there's a few things that either need replacing or fall under the "Oh, if only!" category. Not to mention the must-haves like onesies, a car seat, oh - and a van! Any takers on that one? Anyone? Anyone? Oh well, it was worth a shot. So if you're looking for a little something to send our way, we've compiled a list from the basic essentials all the way to our wildest (parenting) dreams. And if you're not looking to spend money (we're right there with you!!), we are always open to secondhand clothes and gear, food and laundry favors, and the mysterious date night we've heard amazing rumors of!

Gift Buying Steps: