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Corynn & Caiden's Running Gift Wish List

Arrival Date: May 26th, 2017

Well, not only did the babies arrive, they're turning one year old! How crazy! If you're interested in getting a gift, thanks! We kept the baby list from our pre-birth registry, but have updated it to reflect the best gift ideas for toddlers! This list is not all - inclusive, so if you would like to get something off the list, feel free to do so AS LONG AS IT'S NOT CLOTHING. We have more than enough of that! 😄 Respectfully, we'd (still) greatly appreciate it if you would kindly refrain from purchasing pink, blue and/or religious items.

If you'd like to mail the gift to us instead of bringing it to the party, please use the address below when purchasing from various stores or websites:

The Thompson-Ullians

1655 Flatbush Avenue

Apartment B-905

Brooklyn, NY 11210

Thank you so much for looking! We can't wait to celebrate with you!!