Whitney and Caleb's Baby Registry

Arrival Date: Nov 19th, 2017 🎉

After a long wait, we're thrilled to announce we're adopting TWINS! BOYS! AGE 2! Yes, you read that correctly - twin 2-year old boys. They turned 2 in July, 2017, and they're from Texas, where "winter" isn't a thing.

Their favorites are cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and balls.

Thinking about gifting clothing? They currently wear clothing size 3T and 4T. Shoe sizes are currently size 7 and 7.5. We would be grateful for hand-me-down clothing, PJs, and winter wear for our little guys.

Want to help grow the boys' reading library? We have selected a variety of adoption-themed books as well as some of our favorite story books. But don't stop there - the sky's the limit.

Feeling creative? Please share your best quiet busy bag idea and/or "get all the energy out" indoor activity so we can spend lots of time playing, bonding, and learning right away!

Most of all, we are extremely grateful for your prayers, love, and encouragement! We can't wait for you to meet our little guys!