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Slip this clever device under your baby’s mattress to provide sleep-inducing vibrations


For parents with babies who struggle to fall or stay asleep, Halo’s SnoozyPod can be a game changer. Slip the flat vibrating piece under your child’s mattress with the control panel sticking out through the crib rails. Two levels of vibration can be set to run from 30 minutes (fading out gently so your baby isn’t started awake) or left on all night long.

The control panel also plays soothing sounds (heartbeat, white noise, soothing stream or rainforest). It also has a gentle nightlight with two brightness settings and a 30-mintue timer—the amber light doesn’t interrupt the body’s circadian rhythm. You can plug in the device or use it with a backup battery.

The SnoozyPod grows with your child—you can use it with a toddler or twin bed too. Just set the parental lock button so your child can’t adjust the settings. However there are two types of beds it won’t work with: bassinets and box springs.

This device is Bluetooth enabled for Apple and Android so you can operate it from another room using the app on your smartphone or tablet. The only problem with this setup is that you may lose the connection from time to time. The SnoozyPod also operates manually from the control panel, and many parents opt to use it that way.


  • Includes low voltage AC adapter
  • 4 AAA backup batteries not included
  • Dimensions: 12.5” x 8.75” x 4.5”

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February 21, 2018

We have had troubles getting our Little One to sleep in her crib, but the vibrations from the SnoozyPod soothe her to a state of peace. She soothed herself to sleep for the first time in the crib with the vibrations on which was a huge feat considering she does not like sleeping on the crib, bassinet, or anything flat. I can now put her in the crib with the vibrations from the SnoozyPod and be able to get a few things done while she lays happily in her crib. I would highly suggest this to any Mom especially for any baby who may seem not to be soothed by swingers or bouncers and doesn't like to lay flat!