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This set has what you need to get going with breast milk-friendly bottle feeding.


This set comes with four bottles—two smaller and two larger—a brush, a pacifier and the adapters you need for pumping directly into the bottles.

Munchkin designed the LATCH bottle to mimic breastfeeding. A natural latch relies on the mother’s nipple reaching all the way back to the baby’s soft palette. The nipple on this bottle is designed like an accordion: it stretches like a breast, helping your baby get a proper latch. This is especially important for babies going back and forth between breast and bottle, where latching habits can really help or hinder your success.

This nipple helps your baby control the flow of milk by releasing more milk as your baby applies more pressure to its base. The accordion design means it flexes as your baby moves their head, allowing them to maintain the latch with less ingestion of air. Translation: less colic. A blue anti-colic valve at the bottom of the bottle also allows milk to flow without air bubbles traveling through it.

The shape of this valve does take a little more work to clean, and that’s why a special brush is included in this kit. While it’s made specifically for the LATCH bottle, the brush can also be used on your other bottles and feeding gear.

Its conical design gets at the hard-to-reach areas inside the bottle. Soft, durable bristles get the sides clean without scratching, and the silicone tip cleans the bottom of the bottle. A smaller brush for cleaning the LATCH Nipple and valve tucks inside the base. The whole thing stands up on a suction cup base.

This set comes with two Stage 1, low-flow nipples, to use with the four-ounce bottles in the first few months, and two Stage 2 nipples to use when your baby gets a bit older.

If you’re pumping milk, you can use the included adapters to pump directly into the Munchkin bottles.


  • Includes two 4-oz. bottles, two 8-oz. bottles, pacifier, bottle brush and two pumping adapters
  • BPA free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

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Jamie Rose
February 26, 2019

The brush is ok. It only works for Latch bottles.

May 12, 2018

Our little guy easily went back and forth from nursing at home to using these bottles at daycare! They’re less expensive than some of the other “good for breastfed babies” brands, but just as effective! If you have a forceful let down, we found that the stage 2 bottle nipples mimicked nursing much better than the 1s. Our little guy had a bit of trouble getting full feeds from the bottle at first, but when we switched up a stage he had no trouble at all! He’s 8mo now and the stage 2 still works well for us.

January 15, 2018

The stage one nipple is slow flow and mimics mom’s breast. Great starter kit with cleaning brush. I’ve only had to buy stage 2 nipples to continue using the entire set.