Philips AventNatural Breast Pump Cushion


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What weabout it
These cushions make pumping a more relaxing experience, and there are two sizes for a more personalized fit.


The massage cushion with the five petal shapes on it is one of the big pluses of the Philips AVENT breast pumps. It makes breastfeeding feel more natural which helps you relax and produce more milk. Philips offers two sizes: small and large. (Keep in mind the “small” size is the one the pump comes with in the first place).

The sizing is actually not for your whole breast, but rather for your nipple. How do you know whether you need a larger size of massage cushion? If your nipple touches the sides of the funnel, you need to upgrade to the larger size. If your nipple is not touching the edges of the funnel, then you’re probably fine with the small/standard size.

Medela, a high-end pump, actually offers five sizes of breast shields, but Philips just offers the two cushion options (it comes with the large one; the small one you order separately). Still, any ability to customize for your unique shape is a plus.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Silicone
  • Compatible with all Philips pumps sold by Babylist

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