Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Soft Activity Book



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This is really cute, but I was disappointed to find that it doesn't have as many "sensory" activities as I expected. The only textures are the crinkly ear on the front of the elephant, the felt accents on the inside, and the banana teether. It doesn't have enough variety to keep my daughter interested. I would look for another toy with more options!

I thought there would be more letters, or have more bells and whistles. I bought other toys that were better.

Interactive, cute, machine washable, and baby has loved it since birth (now 8 months old).

My baby was obsessed with it. I don't know why, but she loved it. Is there any other reason to love something?

Nothing special about it, unfolds accordion style rather than like a book which I didn't like.

It only includes the letters e,f,l,m and z. The only really engaging aspect of the book is the elephants ear.