Video: mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet from 4moms
First Look: The New mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet from 4moms
March 24, 2021

First Look: The New mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet from 4moms

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First Look: The New mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet from 4moms

Sleep. It’s the one thing all new parents want more of. But there’s only so much you can control about a baby’s middle-of-the-night waking habits. They simply aren’t born ready for marathon snoozing. That doesn’t mean you can’t have tools that make things easier, though.

The only trouble? Most of the places babies love to conk out, like swings and rockers, aren’t safe for sleep. But new gear like the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet from 4moms is bridging the gap between the soothing that babies love and the safety that they need. Babylist Scout Gina test drove the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet in our video review above.

What It Does

If you’re familiar with the mamaRoo Infant Seat, the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet works almost identically. It’s designed to mimic the way you would normally soothe a baby—light bouncing, rocking and swaying (you can see Gina’s video for the full assortment of movement). There are five distinct motions in total, with five varying speeds, plus four white noise options.

GIF of 4moms mamaRoo Side-to-side movements

To get those motions to work, you just select your desired soothing, speed and sound combo using the bassinet’s touchscreen control panel or connect via Bluetooth using the 4moms app on your phone. That second option comes in especially handy when your baby just needs a little rocking to get to sleep, but will lose it if they make eye contact with you.

Once the bassinet gets going, it’ll run for four consecutive hours, which is usually plenty of time for most babies to fall asleep. There’s also a timer setting, so if you want to set the bassinet to run for a specific amount of time before reverting to a stationary crib, you can do that too.

GIF of 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet App Screen

Why You Might Want That

Babies spend nine months in the womb getting jostled about. So motion is a key component to how they relax. Sometimes your baby will really need that movement to be in your arms. But other times? Gear does the trick just fine. And that extra bit of help can be the difference between you getting four consecutive hours of sleep at night instead of two.

You may be asking yourself…haven’t I seen something like this before? And yes, soothing bassinets aren’t exactly a new concept. But the ones you may be familiar can cost a pretty penny, up to $1,500. And while we can’t say which option is best for you (they all work differently), it’s worth noting that the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet comes in at $349, which is around what you’d expect to pay for one of the more high-end (but motion-free) bassinets like a Halo or Babybjörn.

As with any gear, a smart bassinet isn’t going to replace every moment of rocking and swaying you do for your baby. Just like having a swing or bouncer won’t mean your baby will never want to be held. But it sure can help! Watch Gina’s full video review to see the 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet in action to see if it’s the right one for you.

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