Nanit Pro Video Review
First Look: The New Nanit Pro Monitor
March 18, 2021

First Look: The New Nanit Pro Monitor

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First Look: The New Nanit Pro Monitor

Once upon a time, baby monitors were audio-only. Then we upgraded to video. Now, as cameras get smarter, baby monitors can “see” more than they used to—gathering up information about your baby’s sleep habits and even helping you monitor their breathing. In our latest video review, Babylist Scout Mallorie looks at the new and improved Nanit Pro baby monitor to help you figure out if it’s the right fit for you.

How Nanit Works

For starters, the Nanit is a really clear HD video monitor that streams your baby’s video feed directly to your phone (it also streams audio in the background if you have other apps open, so you can still hear your baby while you’re busy on TikTok). You can also talk to your baby through the Nanit Cam’s two-way audio.

But that’s where it departs from being a normal baby monitor. With a few accessories, it also tracks your baby’s sleep habits and can monitor your little one’s breathing motion and height growth. It even saves photo and video snapshots to a digital memory book for you.

The cool thing about the Nanit is that it does all this without any electric sensors attached to your baby. Instead, Nanit monitors things like breathing motion and growth using special patterns on their swaddles and sheets.

But the biggest difference between a regular video monitor and Nanit is the sleep insights. Every morning, the Nanit App delivers an analysis of your baby’s sleep (along with science-backed sleep guidance from pediatric sleep experts) plus a timelapse video where you can rewatch your baby’s nighttime activity in mere seconds.

Animated GIF of Nanit Sleep insights

Over time, you can start to learn about your baby’s sleep patterns and create a routine that helps them get more of it. You can see how all this works together in Mallorie’s video review above.

What’s New with the Nanit Pro

The Nanit Pro is the third generation of Nanit monitors, and not unlike your smartphone, each new model builds on the last. So if you’re wondering if there’s a noticeable difference between the Nanit Pro vs. Nanit Plus, they did make some changes to the camera, including:

  • Higher resolution video (so you can see your baby more clearly)
  • A stronger and warmer nightlight
  • A standalone status light to alert you to things like Wi-Fi connectivity
  • An easy-to-find reset button

But the big update is that you can now automatically measure and track your baby’s height using Nanit’s special Smart Sheets.

Smart Sheets allow the camera to see your baby’s height using a special (and super-cute) pattern on your baby’s crib sheet. With in-app measurement tools, you basically get a digital growth chart for your baby.

Animated GIF of Nanit Smart Sheets

What You Get

There are a lot of different ways to build a Nanit bundle (sleep insights are baked in, but breathing motion monitoring and height tracking can be purchased separately). You save around $25 when you buy them bundled together and it’s worth noting that all Nanit products are HSA / FSA eligible.

Nanit Pro Camera & Wall Mount Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System & Wall Mount
Price: $299 Price: $379
Camera + Wall Mount: Included Camera + Wall Mount: Included
Breathing Wear: Included Breathing Wear: Included
Smart Sheets: +$34.99 Smart Sheets: Included
Multi-Stand Travel Mount: +$49.00 Multi-Stand Travel Mount: Included
Floor Stand Option: +$80.00 Floor Stand Option: +$70.00
Nanit Insights (One Year): Included Nanit Insights (One Year): Included

A few things to keep in mind: you’ll need to have your phone on you if you want to view your baby’s video feed, which can impact your battery life. And unlike other monitors that tilt or swivel, Nanit’s camera doesn’t move around (it has to stay in one place to track their habits). Besides that, you’re getting quite a lot even with the standalone Nanit Pro camera.

Wrapping your head around new baby tech can be like trying to understand a self-driving car. Confusing at first, but in a few years we probably won’t understand how we lived without them. Watch Mallorie’s complete video review to see if the new Nanit Pro is the right monitor for you.

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