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Our people and our focus are our superpowers

Babylist is the trusted platform for millions of growing families. For over a decade, Babylist has been the go-to technology solution for expecting parents and their supportive communities. Expanding from a baby registry into a comprehensive platform, Babylist takes care of growing families so they can be confident, connected, happy and healthy.

Our success stems from the combination of talented individuals and focusing on the right initiatives. By hiring smart, pragmatic and accountable team members, we sustainably achieve strong business results. We prioritize doing a few things exceptionally well and we're deliberate about our commitments. We take immense pride in our team, fostering a culture of mutual learning, support, authenticity and respect. At Babylist, we embrace a high-performance culture that values direct feedback and a growth mindset.

Diversity and inclusion are crucial to our innovation and decision-making processes. As a remote-first company, we’re proud to have team members across the US, Canada, Mexico and the Philippines. We value passion and transferable skills—if you're enthusiastic about an opening and your experience aligns, we encourage you to apply. We're excited to welcome new perspectives to our team.

Honored to be a top workplace

Our values

We’ve built a strong culture that’s led to strong business results and high-performing people. Below are the values that helped us achieve this success:

We love our users

We listen to our users relentlessly, earn their trust and find better ways to support them as they tackle this thing called parenthood.

Be your own CEO

We approach our work with ownership and accountability. To have the impact we want to have, we need to excel at management, execution and communication.

Context & clarity

We strive to bring clarity and context to all we do at every level. Clarity is key to effective collaboration and efficiency, while context helps us make impactful decisions.

Intentionally focused

We must work on the most important things first in order to do hard things. We see the biggest impact when we simplify problems and solutions and pare back any distractions.

Always be learning

We approach things with a growth mindset as individuals and as a company. We believe high performance comes from an eagerness to find ways to improve. We foster an environment where everyone can feel comfortable asking hard questions in order to learn.

Benefits & Perks

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Work from home or our HQ in Emeryville, CA—whichever works best for you. We offer a home-office stipend and host company-wide offsites every year so we see each other IRL too.

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Competitive compensation

We offer competitive pay and meaningful opportunities for career advancement, as well as equity, 401(k) matching, flexible spending accounts and financial planning perks.

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Paid time off

On top of vacation days, we offer nine wellness days and ten paid holidays, including one floating holiday for you to recharge.

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Health & wellness

Wellness benefits include 100% paid coverage for medical, vision and dental for full-time employees and support services for mental health, parenting and childcare.

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Family & fertility

We offer fertility coverage with no infertility diagnosis required and a $5,000 reproductive care stipend to support our employees in their journey to parenthood.

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Babylist Shop discount

All full-time, US employees receive a generous Babylist Shop discount.

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