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Babylist is the leading vertical marketplace and commerce destination for baby, driving purchase decisions for more than 8 million people each year. Utilizing robust proprietary data, patented technology, and unbiased editorial guidance, Babylist recommends expert-tested products to those starting their parenting journey so loved ones can offer their support. Babylist registries connect new parents and their community of family and friends who help plan, prepare, and shop for a child's arrival. Babylist is the generational brand in baby, leading the $67 billion baby products market as the trusted go-to solution for growing families.


Female Founders 100

Inc · 07/2022

"I am more excited about the next decade than I am about the past decade," said Natalie Gordon, Founder and CEO. "We are a beloved and trusted brand for families going through this stage of life that extends in a lot of ways that we're really excited about."

Webby Awards 2022

Webby Awards · 04/2022

Websites and Mobile Sites: Community category - Babylist named a nominee as a site creating and facilitating online community, connectedness, and/or communication around shared interests.

The Shorty Awards - Winner

Shorty Awards · 04/2022

Virtual guests of the Babylist Cribs experience are able to travel through the entire house checking out a shoppable collection of strollers, car seats, sleep essentials, top play gear and more, clicking to learn and interact just as they might with items in a physical store. Visitors can also watch videos, read articles and dive deep into Babylist's expert guides as they navigate the virtual store to make sure they have all the necessary information to make product decisions and add items to their registries. Through the virtual showroom, Babylist is able to extend the life of its in-person pop-up and better to communicate with its customers about what's needed for a new baby through the perfect combination of expert written content, education on what to look for to better understand products and their function through videos.

The 2021 Modern Retail Awards

Modern Retail · 02/2022

Best Customer Insight Strategy - Babylist

Inc.'s 2021 Best in Business Awards

Inc · 12/2021

Babylist created a universal baby registry so anyone can help families in need, and developed video product guides for parents who didn't want to shop in person during the pandemic.

Best Places to Work in Retail

Fortune · 11/2021

Employees say: "Babylist has taken a real stand in its value of social justice and is not afraid to put out content on racial and social issues even if it will not appeal to the broadest audience. I appreciate Babylist for taking this stand and living its values."

Best Employer for Parents

Digiday · 10/2021

Presented by Digiday, Glossy and Modern Retail, this year's Worklife Awards honor organizations that have been hard at work rethinking and reimagining the workplace itself.

100 Women of Impact

Entrepreneur · 10/2021

"The biggest opportunity for tech leaders is to build products that support deeper connections and strengthen communities. At Babylist, we leveraged technology to bridge the gap between IRL and virtual," said Natalie Gordon, Founder and CEO.

Babylist in the news

The Best Prime Day Baby and Kids Deals

The Strategist · 07/2022

From tiny newborn to rambunctious toddler and beyond, the Graco Extend2Fit three-in-one car seat is designed to last for most of your child’s car-seat-using life. Jennifer LaBracio, gear editor at Babylist, recommends it not only for its value and versatility, but because it’s “easy to install, and it’s also a great fit for almost any type of car.

Babylist Rolls Out The Push Studio to Deliver Customized Partner Content

Ad Week · 07/2022

The vertical marketplace and ecommerce platform for all things baby and beyond has launched a full-service content studio, called The Push. It joins Babylist’s suite of offerings for brand partners looking to connect with the platform’s 8 million customers, 3 million email subscribers and more than 1.7 million followers across YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Made up of a team of in-house editors, designers and social media experts armed with heaps of proprietary data and boasting a reported 55 million unique monthly pageviews, the studio will work with brand partners to deliver customized campaigns. The service will offer written guides, quizzes, original videos, dedicated emails, social media campaigns, influencer partnerships and in-person experiences.

The Best Baby Bottles To Encourage Happy Feedings

Forbes · 07/2022

Here’s the thing: Babies can be incredibly picky. And, even if plenty of other parents swear by a particular bottle, your baby may handily reject it. If you’re unsure of which way to go and don’t feel like ordering and reordering different bottle types to try to find a good fit, Babylist’s Bottle Box is a good option to check out. It features five different bottles—from nanobébé, Comotomo, Nuk, Dr. Brown’s and Olababy—so you can cycle through the various options until baby finds one she likes. Bonus: They’re all BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

33 Things For Your Nursery If You Want Your Baby To Be A Coastal Grandmother

Buzzfeed · 07/2022

Babylist is a woman-owned registry that allows you to register for *anything* you need. The site is curated by experts who have throughly tested every item, so you can feel confident even if you have no idea where to start. You will receive 15% off any item you don't get from your registry, and you can add non-baby items from ANY store (on your second child and have plenty of baby things, but need a coffee maker to keep YOU going? Add it to to your Babylist!).

The Best Baby Registry Services for New Parents

HGTV · 07/2022

Expecting a new baby is one of the most exciting occasions in a person's life. So naturally, your parents, siblings, friends, co-workers and more will want to celebrate you and your growing family with a special gift. Plus, as a first-time parent, you'll need all of the gear you can get! If you've already done your research and have a specific stroller or sound machine in mind, then the next step is to start a registry. Many companies will even send you a welcome box packed with free samples and coupons just for signing up. Here are the best baby registry services on the market and what to know before creating your own.

Babylist's Baby Registry, Online Marketplace Aims to be One-Stop Shop for Baby Products

Cheddar News · 06/2022

Natalie Gordon, founder and CEO of Babylist. joins Cheddar News' Closing Bell to discuss the latest with the company.

Why Babylist Is One Of The Most Interesting Ecomm Plays

AdExchanger · 06/2022

Babylist's retail biz is helping it transform into an "audience company," Gordon says. Rather than expanding into other registry moments, like weddings, Babylist wants to provide a "Family Graph" (Ben Thompson of Stratechery's term), focusing on new mothers, new grandmothers and new aunts and on understanding women at a particular – for Babylist, particularly lucrative – moment in their lives.

Babylist's Newest Brooklyn Crib Will Take Your Shopping Spree to the Next Level

House Beautiful · 05/2022

If you're racking your brain for the perfect gift to bring to your favorite parent-to-be's baby shower, we have the perfect solution: Babylist. With a wide market of products available, Babylist helps take the pressure off by connecting consumers to a community of expecting parents. As the saying goes, it truly takes a village to raise a kid so you can happily rely on Babylist to be the extra hand.

Natalie Gordon (Babylist) - How she combined content and commerce to better serve expecting parents, her approach to raising capital and creative product partnerships

Consumer VC · 05/2022

In this episode, we focus on why Natalie decided to start Babylist when she just became a new mother, how reading The Lean Startup impacted her decision making to solving the chicken and the egg problem of marketplaces, finding product-market fit and a unique approach to partnerships.

52 Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents in 2022

Country Living · 05/2022

A few choice products are mentioned on parenting forums, Facebook groups, and during daycare pick up again and again. The Babylist Bottle Box is an incredibly useful product, as new babies are quite particular. Let baby try out a few different bottles and decide what works -- it includes five popular bottle brands for troubleshooting.

Babylist's Editorial Director Shares Her New Parent Must Haves

Momtastic · 05/2022

Karen Reardanz, the editorial director at Babylist, gave us an exclusive look at some of the items she – and the users at Babylist – consider must-haves.

'Our plan is to spend a lot more': Inside online baby registry Babylist's TikTok strategy

Digiday · 05/2022

Online baby registry Babylist is making a big bet on video this year, leveraging TikTok to boost brand awareness. The company has gone so far as to hire a dedicated TikTok editor, gained more than 416,000 followers in less than eight months, and is investing in their channel to become one of their top three advertising sources.

Here are the 18 best pregnancy apps for parents-to-be

Today · 05/2022

Best app to help with your baby registry -- Babylist: Create a one-stop-shop registry that has everything you'll need for your pregnancy, newborn and beyond. Get expert reviews on products and make gift-giving easy by adding items from any store to a universal registry.

Halsey's Baby Registry Introduced Us to This Must-Have Gift for New Moms

Us Weekly · 05/2022

Halsey made a registry via Babylist last year, working together with non-profit Baby2Baby to create The Great Group Gift, a registry that lets people help families in need. Luckily, the registry is still available and still inspiring Us.

Setting Up a Baby Registry? Don't Forget These 10 Things!

Cubby · 04/2022

"We suggest people think about their lifestyle and what kind of person they are when they register," says Karen Reardanz, editorial director of Babylist. "Whether you live in the city or suburbs, if you like to travel or are active — all that can guide what you register for."

The 7 Very Best Baby Monitors

The Strategist · 04/2022

According to Jennifer LaBracio, the gear editor at the baby-registry website Babylist, the right baby monitor will depend on "the space you live in and your personality and parenting style." To help you navigate the vast universe of baby monitors, we spoke to LaBracio, King, and eight other experts — including parenting bloggers, sleep consultants, and parents — about their favorites.

Registering for your baby – in the metaverse

Chain Store Age · 03/2022

Babylist is partnering with Obsess to launch the Babylist Cribs Virtual Showroom. This digital store offers a metaverse shopping experience, where consumers can discover, explore and engage with an array of products in a realistic, 3D virtual home and purchase or add those items to their registry.

The 47 Best Baby Gifts for Newborns (and Their Parents!)

Glamour · 03/2022

Save the new baby from endless hours of trial and error, and gift a box of four best-selling easy-to-wrap swaddles. Variety packs like this make for some of the best baby gifts because parents and little ones can decide which option works best for them.

17 Startup Founders Answer: What Is Your Biggest Hiring Challenge?

Forbes · 03/2022

Natalie Gordon, Babylist, "At Babylist, we are focused on the long-term so we build our process and employee benefits accordingly. For example, we're cognizant of efficiency but won't compromise on properly screening talent and we focus on what candidates really care about – feeling valued and doing work that matters."

Babylist Blends URL and IRL Engagement with Virtual Showroom

Retail Touch Points · 03/2022

For more than a decade, Babylist has helped make researching, registering and buying items more seamless, thanks largely to its robust content strategy. Now, as its users rely more on digital channels and content to make buying decisions, Babylist is reaching a new frontier of engagement with its Cribs Virtual Showroom, which builds on the success of the company's physical pop-up experience in Venice, Calif.

California special education teacher gets surprise of a lifetime

Good Morning America · 02/2022

"GMA" and Babylist celebrate Morgann Teeter, known as Miss Havig in class, who works with students with moderate to severe disabilities.

LA Celebrity Moms Top Baby Picks + Babylist Cribs

Moms LA · 02/2022

If you're expecting a baby in Los Angeles, we hope you got a chance to check out Babylist Cribs while it was open. Located in a home in the Venice neighborhood, Babylist Cribs was a shoppable, in-person experience, designed for new parents and parents-to-be. And there were LA Celebrity Moms in attendance!

Jamie Chung Says Postpartum Depression Is 'So Real,' Therapy 'Really Helped' Her Prepare

People · 01/2022

With Babylist, Chung was able to create a warm and vibrant environment for her babies, which meets all her motherly needs and provides tools to help with her newborns' development. She mirrored many of those qualities in her Babylist Cribs space, a reservation-only experience that brings the brand's online convenience to an intimate, immersive setting in a Los Angeles home.

New Twin Mom Jamie Chung Didn't Want 'Tons of Baby Things,' but Now She Knows How Much She Needed Them

Parents · 01/2022

But now that she's a parenting veteran of three months, Chung has a better handle of just how important certain baby products are, and how nice it is to have other parents around to give advice and lend a hand, especially with multiples. That's why she's one of the celebrity moms who have curated their own Babylist Cribs shoppable showrooms in Los Angeles. From now until January 30, expecting parents can make an appointment to visit the showroom, where they can test out products and see them in a home-like setting before adding them to their registry.

911 Operator and New Mom Reunion

Today · 12/2021

When Charlotte Fatoma suddenly went into the final stages of labor while driving to the hospital, 911 operator Elyce Rivera calmly coached her through delivering her own baby in her car by the side of the highway. TODAY's Sheinelle Jones reports and, as TODAY's Season of Giving continues, the two women meet for the very first time live on air. Elyce meets the baby she helped deliver, and says yes when Charlotte asks her to be the child's godmother.

Baby Registry Must-Haves: The Ultimate Guide According To New Moms

Forbes · 12/2021

Consider this your ultimate baby registry checklist, comprised of standout products that have risen to the challenge and met seasoned moms' exacting standards. From changing pads to diaper bags, these items score high marks for efficiency, comfort for parent and baby, and of course, style.

Natalie Gordon | How to Get Over Your Fear of Starting

Behind Her Empire · 11/2021

We'll talk to Natalie about how her "failure" with her first business set her up for success with Babylist, how she balanced new motherhood with growing a new company, why you shouldn't compare yourself to others, steps she took to scale her company without significant VC funding, and so much more.

Parenting Platform Babylist Raises $40 Million, Expects To Hit $250 Million In Annual Revenue

Forbes · 11/2021

"We've successfully operated in an overlooked, yet massive category, serving an unmet need for millions of new parents and their extended families," says Natalie Gordon, founder and CEO of Babylist.

This Baby Registry Makes Thousands of Products Easily Accessible in Just a Few Simple Clicks

Parents · 11/2021

This year, my friend created a registry for her firstborn on Babylist, a website that lets you add any product from nearly any online store. Less than five minutes into browsing her registry, I said: "I wish I'd known about this back when I was pregnant."

Universal Baby Registry Babylist Raises $40 Million Series C

Cheddar News · 11/2021

The company says it aims to be a one-stop solution for first-time parents who don't know what they need to buy for their new child. Babylist also says it wants to expand to address the needs of the entire family.

Here's the 15-slide pitch deck that helped Babylist nab a $40 million Series C from investors such as Norwest Venture Partners and Jay-Z's Marcy Venture Partners

Business Insider · 11/2021

Natalie Gordon, Babylist's founder and CEO, said the company decided to raise a fresh round of funding this fall because it would help to accelerate its plans for growth over the next decade, including expanding internationally and creating an in-person brand experience.

How to Structure Your Tech Team for Scale

Built In · 10/2021

"Today's market is very competitive for hiring great engineers. They can work anywhere. After founding Babylist, I asked myself what would make me work here in the long term, rather than growing at all costs or simply quitting when times were hard. As a result, we're really serious about building for the long term at a sustainable pace, which we believe leads to better work, less burnout and less team churn," said Natalie Gordon, Founder and CEO

36 Sweet Baby Shower Gift Ideas Any Expectant Mom Would Love

Cosmopolitan · 10/2021

If ya didn't already know, babies are pretty picky about the bottles they like. The Babylist Bottle Box sampler set will let the parents try out five different kinds before stocking up on a bunch that the baby refuses to take.

This Product Bundle From Babylist Is a New Parent's Dream

The Everymom · 10/2021

Babylist has done the work for you and created boxes that feature a handful of popular items in one category so you (and your baby) can try each of them out before committing to a stockpile of bottles, swaddles, and pacifiers.

Baby Registry Tips for Budget Moms

Parents · 09/2021

Babylist's own Bottle Box saves new parents money by offering a variety of baby bottle shapes and styles to try out in one kit. "This a great solution for people who tend to register for, or buy an entire set of bottles, which is often expensive, only to realize their baby doesn't like them," says editorial director Karen Reardanz.

Babylist Announced It Will Pay For U.S. Olympians To Bring Their Babies To Tokyo

Romper · 07/2021

"When we heard that there were some athletes faced with the choice between competing at the highest levels or caring for their baby, we knew we had to get involved," Lee Anne Grant, Babylist's VP of Marketing tells Romper. "Core to our mission at Babylist, we strive to help parents during the hectic, stressful, and uncertain time of becoming a new parent. This is why we're committing to providing resources and support to new mothers heading to Tokyo."

Dream Home Makeover Star Shea McGee Shares Her Baby Must-Haves

Architectural Digest · 06/2021

"In the beginning, you and your baby are just getting to know each other, so there is a lot of trial and error! I am so excited about these sampler boxes—I don't have to buy full sets of different bottles and pacifiers and end up with lots of extras, but can still figure out what works best for us," says Shea.

Tiny Organics Raises $11 Million In Series A To Shape The Palates Of Babies With Whole Vegetables

Forbes · 06/2021

Babylist's founder and CEO Natalie Gordan added: "As the leading parenting platform and baby registry destination for millions of new parents and their little ones, Babylist is deeply in tune with what today's modern parents need the most. We are proud to support the women-led team at Tiny Organics in their mission to provide the highest quality organic options for first foods and baby-led weaning."

Pregnant Halsey Shows Off Baby Bump as They Raise Money for Other Soon-to-Be Parents in Need

People · 06/2021

The pregnant "Without Me" singer, 26, posted a video on Instagram Thursday announcing their partnership with Babylist to compile a baby registry of some of their favorite items. With Babylist, Halsey is also asking for donations in support of Baby2Baby via The Great Group Gift initiative, to which the artist and Babylist already donated $100,000.

7 best jogging strollers of 2021, according to experts

NBC News · 05/2021

"If you're running up a lot of hills and you have a 20-pound baby in there, that's a lot of weight to push while you're running," said Karen Reardanz, executive editor at Babylist.

Press Releases

Babylist Welcomes the Whole Family to Step Into Its Dream Home With 'Cribs,' an Immersive, Shoppable Pop-up Experience in Los Angeles

Business Wire · 01/2022

A trusted education and shopping destination for million of families, Babylist designed Cribs to inspire and empower growing families with a curated collection of users' favorite products.

Babylist Secures $40 Million Series C Funding

Business Wire · 11/2021

Babylist announced it has raised $40 million in Series C funding led by new investor Norwest Venture Partners, with participation from Halogen Ventures, 500 Global, Next Play Capital, and Marcy Venture Partners. Utilizing robust purchase data and expert-led guidance, Babylist helps parents, family and friends buy best-in-class products at a critical, deeply personal moment in their lives.