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Babylist x CES Best of Babytech [Video]

ABC7 News · February 2019

Babylist announced the winners of the Best of BabyTech Awards for 2019 at CES in Las Vegas. Babylist Editor-in-Chief shares more on ABC7 News!

Babylist's Best Of Baby Tech List Has All The Smartest Baby Gadgets Coming Out In 2019, & They're Legit Impressive

Romper · January 2019

Take Babylist's Best of BabyTech Awards for 2019, for instance. The just-released list of must-have products includes remarkable gadgets that would make those poor old Teddy Ruxpin talking bear dolls lie down and weep.


Wired · January 2019

“If you’ve already been using a Fitbit to track your steps for five years, it’s obvious that you can use a wearable to get pregnant,” says Bekah Otto, the editor-in-chief of baby registry website Babylist.

It's Woobo, the Robo-nanny! £120 toy can play with your child, sing lullabies before bed and even teach mindfulness

DailyMail · January 2019

The device looks like a normal cuddly toy – but has a screen for a face. It also has sensors on its paws and tummy, reacting to hugs and tickles. The robot, which will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, will be crowned best toy for play and learn in the baby tech awards, chosen by website Babylist.

This GENIUS New Tech Product Is For Parents Worried About Ever Losing Their Kids

POPSUGAR · January 2019

The winner of this year's Babylist Best in Baby Tech Awards at CES, Jiobit ($100, plus $13/monthly), is the leading the way in tracking technology for families. It's an incredibly small and lightweight tracking device that can be worn on a child's belt loop, shoelace, or even hidden inside of a shirt. It syncs to an adult's phone so that they can track their kid anywhere — no distance limits!

CES 2019: Parents using tech to keep eye on children

Las Vegas Review-Journal · January 2019

Jocelene Kwan, vice president of strategy and business operations at baby registration website Babylist, said advanced monitors are especially picking up steam this year.

The Hottest New Baby & Parenting Tech of 2019

RedTricycle · January 2019

How on earth did moms do it before iPhones, Google and Alexa? Parenting in the digital age has plenty of perks—and Babylist recognizes the Best of Baby Tech Awards at CES each year with some of the most awesome products that make parenting just a little bit easier.

Baby Registry Must-Haves List 2019: 25 Of The Most Popular Items

International Business Times · January 2019

If you are looking for the best baby product to add to your registry, you’ll want to take a look at this list of the top 25 most popular baby items. Compiled by the Babylist Store, you’ll certainly find all the products that your baby needs, as well as items that your friends and family will want to give. Take a look and see what items are at the top of every mother’s list in 2019.

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Could Boost the Success of Your Business

ReadWrite · January 2019

Companies like Babylist use predictive customer analytics to identify items consumers might like to register for or purchase.

The 7 Best Infant Car Seats Of 2018, According To Babylist

Romper · December 2018

When it comes to picking just the right essentials for your baby registry, the choices can seem overwhelming. (I almost cried just looking at the stroller aisle of our local baby superstore.) Getting wisdom from experienced parents can make all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to choosing something as important as a car seat. That's why Babylist's report on the most popular car seats of 2018 could be helpful to any expecting parent.

BabyList carves unique niche.

CSA · August 2018

BabyList is not your traditional baby registry—not by a longshot.

Universal Registry Gaining Popularity Among Millennial Mothers.

NBC News · August 2018

Natalie Gordon, a former Amazon engineer, did what all moms do and she solved a problem, launching Babylist two weeks before the birth of her first son.

Universal registry lets parents request baby gifts from multiple sources.

San Francisco Chronicle · July 2018

Getting ready for her baby shower last weekend, Andrea Schwartz Boone assembled a diverse wish list: a mobile from Etsy, Baby Gap clothes, a piece from Anthropologie, lots of stuff from Amazon. She also asked for used baby clothes and some help with meal delivery. She put all those requests on Babylist, a universal registry for baby gifts that’s headquartered in Oakland.

5 best alternatives for your defunct Babies 'R' Us registry

BabyCenter · March 2018

Babies 'R' Us stores are disappearing, and with it the registries of lots of moms and dads -- up to 100,000 registries, BabyList estimated late last week. If you're one of those people, you're not out of options. Here are the 5 best places to move your registry, and the pros and cons of each.

Have a Babies R Us baby registry? Where you can register instead.

USA Today · March 2018

Babies R Us is closing and parents-to-be are left wondering where to register. Babylist helped thousands of Babies R Us customers easily move their registries to Babylist.

They opened a registry at Babies R Us. Now, these parents-to-be are in liquidation limbo.

Washington Post · March 2018

Babylist helped rescue thousands of Babies R Us registries that were left in limbo when the retail chain announced it was closing its doors.

Mom's a Genius: Check out these cool parent-invented baby products

WXZY Detroit · January 2018

Register for things you can’t get in stores: Cash for a longer maternity leave, dog walking, babysitting for date night.

Best of Baby 2018

Wish TV · January 2018

Babylist lets you add any item from any store to your baby registry, including all the items mentioned in this segment.

Calling All Expectant Entrepreneur Moms: Here's a New Way to Pay for Your Maternity Leave

Entrepreneur · May 2017

Have you considered crowdfunding your childbirth leave? And why aren't more companies offering paid leave in the first place?

12 Pregnancy Apps That’ll Help You Survive Every Trimester

Brit + Co. · April 2017

This online baby registry lets you add any items from any store — including Amazon, Etsy, Target, and independent local shops. You can also add meaningful gifts like home-cooked meals or babysitting to your registry. Hey, you can never have too many casseroles when baby arrives!

The Price is Right Baby Shower Special

CBS · April 2017

Come ooooon down! Expecting couples play to win an impressive Babylist gift card.

What to expect when you’re expecting? Not necessarily paid maternity leave

ABC News · April 2017

The U.S. remains the only developed country without a federally mandated paid leave policy. Families are creating "Parental Leave" Cash Funds on their Babylist registries to soften the blow.

Turning to Baby Registries to Subsidize Parental Leave

The Atlantic · March 2017

For many, new policies that provide compensation during time off won’t happen soon enough -- or be accessible to everyone. Babylist registrants are using cash funds to help.

Pregnancy Favorites… Thus Far

Those Heavenly Days · September 2016

Katherine Heigl loves Babylist.

Modern Mom Baby Registry

ABC News · September 2016

The founder of BabyList is a former Amazon developer who was inspired during her pregnancy to make a prettier, easier and better registry site.

Pinterest Case Study

Pinterest · September 2016

Babylist has a lofty company goal: They want every pregnant person in America to utilize Babylist by the end of 2016. To help achieve this goal, they used Pinterest with the intent of reaching an increasing number of expecting families every month.

Must-have items moms should add to their baby registry

Fox · August 2016

Babylist is a registry website to help make it easier to get all the needs for a baby, and mom too! Moms can register for gifts from anywhere, all in one place. Items don't have to be limited to the traditional objects, moms can register for things like a family membership to the zoo, the children's museum, and even cash funds.

Too Small to Fail Partners With BabyList to Provide Essential Literacy Tools and Resources to Oakland Families

Too Small to Fail · July 2016

“It’s hard to remember to talk to your baby even when you know how big a difference it makes and the onesie is a great and subtle way to make talking, reading, and singing more of a habit. When my son wears his 'Talking is Teaching' onesie, I feel like a better mom,” said Natalie Gordon, founder and CEO of BabyList.

The top 15 indie baby products parents register for on BabyList

BabyCenter · January 2016

There are certain baby products that are so popular you see them on almost every registry: Graco play yards, Britax car seats, Dr. Brown’s bottles. But if Babylist’s customers were just going to register for the standard items, they’d make their registries at a big-box store.

Register, and you shall receive with flexible online gift sites

Chicago Tribune · May 2015

New gift registries let brides, mothers-to-be and anyone expecting presents to tell you what they want.

Baby Registry Breakdown: How to Find the Best Deals, Decor & Gear

RedTricycle · April 2015

Can’t decide on just one registry? Go wild and register for your favorite swaddles and bottles from stores all over the web and keep all your baby picks in this central registry BabyList.

Baby registries not just for baby anymore

The Philadelphia Inquirer · October 2014

Universal registries, as they're known, not only allow people to combine items from multiple stores and websites, but they also enable couples to include gifts for parents as well as the baby, with items as varied as spa gift certificates, homemade meals, and babysitting services.

10 Must-Have Pregnancy Apps to Keep Track of Your Bump

Brit + Co · July 2014

You don’t have to stick to one registry anymore (or drive everyone crazy with four different ones). Create the ultimate baby registry by aggregating everything you need — from that cute handmade mobile you saw on Etsy to your doula.

Best New Mom Apps

Well Rounded · May 2014

Just because you’ve flooded your home with registry gifts from your baby shower doesn’t mean your friends won’t still want to grab you a little something when baby gets here. And almost no one has made registering easier than Babylist.

6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life · May 2014

That big box store may have the stroller you’ve been coveting, but you probably won’t find that eco-friendly diaper service on the shelves. Use this free site to register for all of your baby needs—including standalone services, products from local boutiques, and national chains.

The Kind Mama

The Kind Mama · April 2014

If a loved one offers to host a baby shower in your honor, gently suggest that your guests either bring something that they've already used and loved and want to contribute to your baby treasure chest or consult a green registry stocked with things you need. Use a site like Babylist that allows you to register for gift cards for postpartum doula services and groceries, baby-and-me yoga classes, or even donations to charities that mean a lot to you and your partner.

The essential baby registry

100 Layer Cake-let · February 2014

BabyList wraps up your choices in a nice professional way so even your grandmother will feel comfortable choosing something from your registry. Satisfies the modern, stylish mom in all of us, and makes it easy for generations of gift-givers too. Plus, it’s as easy to use as Pinterest.

Your Baby Registry Checklist

Women's Health · July 2013

Friends and family will definitely want to buy the baby something, which is amazing and super generous. Make it easy on everyone and register. If you’re like me, you’re probably indecisive on which store to choose. Get this: Babylist allows you to pull in items from various stores including cool things like mommy-and-me workout classes, newborn photo sessions, and more.

Babylist, A Universal Baby Registry Built By An Ex-Amazon Developer & Mom, Raises $650K

TechCrunch · June 2013

Babylist, the online universal baby registry which lets couples request unconventional items – like diaper service subscriptions, for example – in addition to gifts from around the web, has raised $620,000 in seed funding from 500 Startups, Okapi Venture Capital, Altair Capital, Chris Messina, Mike Greenfield (co-founder of Circle of Moms), and Mike Seiman.

Babylist helps future families organize their registries with $620K in seed funding

VentureBeat · June 2013

So, you’re pregnant. The little pink plus sign is in your face. What’s your first move? Obviously shopping, right? Babylist takes all of the online registries you create wish lists on and compiles them into one, big registry for your family to visit. The San Francisco company received $620,000 in seed funding from 500 Startups, Okapi Venture Capital, Altair Capital, and a number of angels.

The /di-'fi-ne-tiv/ Registry Guide

PREGNANCY Magazine · May 2013

Your favorite stroller is at a big box store, but the carrier you've got your eye on is sold only online. What's a registering mama-to-be to do? Click to Babylist -- it's a web registry that works like Pinterest: see it, like it, add it to the list. You can even include personal favors like home-cooked meals or outside-the-box gifts like house cleaning sessions.

Registry Rescue: Must-Have Nursery Items

New York family · May 2013

When it comes to creating the registry itself, we’re in love with the universal registry concept from Babylist. Their Pinterest-like technology allows expecting parents to select both products and services (think home cooked meals and doulas!) from anywhere on the web and add them to their registries, all in one place. It’s the way of the future in baby registry.” –Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio, Project Nursery

5 Eco-Friendly Baby Registries

cafemom · Apr 2013

Do you love Pinterest? Well you'll love this. It's basically the same idea. If you find anything you love on the web you can just 'pin' it to your registry.

6 Online Baby Registries Every Mom-to-Be Needs to Know About

POPSUGAR · Mar 2013

For the Pinterest-Loving Mom: Babylist was created for the mom-to-be who knows exactly what she wants, but can't find it all in one place. The site allows the registrant to pull images of items or services that she wants from any site on the web, curating her own registry board.

How Solo Founders Beat The Odds and Get Into Top Accelerators

Wall Street Journal · Mar 2013

There are ways for solo founders to increase their chances of getting in, according to investors and entrepreneurs involved with accelerators. TechStars’ David Cohen suggests, “If a founder has the ability to build a product, or has a team around them, non-founders who are very committed, that could be an exception.” That was the case for Babylist CEO Natalie Gordon, who recently graduated from 500 Startups.

The 5 most memorable companies from 500 Startups Demo Day

VentureBeat · Feb 2013

As you may know from my various writings, I am NOT interested in anything relating to babies. However, when a former Amazon hacker takes the stage and tells the room how she grew frustrated while pregnant at her baby registry options, sat down to build a better alternative, and launched a product two weeks before her son was born, I got interested real fast.

500 Startups shows off accelerator program’s fifth batch of companies - Here are 5 that caught my eye

Gigaom · Feb 2013

When software developer Natalie Gordon was pregnant, she was dismayed to discover that baby registries, like wedding registries, only allowed a consumer to pick wish lists on individual company sites and didn’t allow new parents to list items that were outside of traditional e-commerce (dog-walking, lasagna-baking, etc.)

500 Startups Hatches Latest Batch At Fifth Demo Day

Forbes · Feb 2013

Babylist - An online baby registry for moms to find and buy a vast array of baby products. Parents can also answer a list of questions and Babylist provides a selection of products that are suitable to the parents’ interests.

500 Startups Demo Day round 1: Disrupting babies, Brazil, and billing

VentureBeat · Feb 2013

She launched Babylist two weeks before her son was born. Baby “stuff” is a huge industry, and Gordon said she is revolutionizing “baby e-commerce.” Last year, $2.3 million in gifts went through the site.

A baby registry for EVERYTHING on your list!

BabyCenter · Jan 2013

So I have to admit I became pretty jealous of you soon-to-be moms out there when I discovered this brand new site called Babylist. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all seen online baby registries before. No big deal. But Babylist goes above and beyond.

Pregnant Programmer Started a New Kind of Baby Registry

WIRED · Jan 2013

For those overwhelmed mothers-to-be — and weren’t we all — Babylist is launching a new baby registry checklist generator. Don’t know what to put in your registry? Just answer a series of questions about your lifestyle and preferences, and Babylist will generate for you a personalized checklist of items you will need. Based on your answers, Babylist will also offer a list of suggested items personalized to fit your taste, which you can use as a base for starting your registry.

Natalie Gordon Programmed Her Own Web-Based Start Up Business... While Pregnant

The Mary Sue · Jan 2013

So here’s the exception to a number of tired old adages about women in the workplace. The baby registry webiste Babylist was put together by veteran programmer Natalie Gordon during her pregnancy. Then, with the help of a designer, she launched the website just two weeks before her son was born.

Mom Entrepreneurs Are Going to Eat Your Lunch

HuffPost · Jan 2013

Startups do better with constraints. A new baby is a pretty good constraint. My son keeps me from working 80 hours a week. He slows me down, but he also makes me more effective. He helps me understand my user (a busy, overwhelmed pregnant woman) far better than any focus group or user survey. He gives me an intense empathy for my users that I hope never lessens. I'd challenge anyone who says that being a mom and raising a family is a disadvantage when starting a business. It's just a different constraint.