4 Things to Know About Little Star Organic
4 Things to Know About Little Star Organic
December 17, 2019

4 Things to Know About Little Star Organic

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4 Things to Know About Little Star Organic.
4 Things to Know About Little Star Organic

Setting up your nursery can be one of the more fun parts of preparing for baby. (Well, let’s pretend we’re talking only about the Pinterest-y part and not the furniture construction part.) The only downside? There are as many different options for nursery essentials as there are nurseries. So how do you know what to pick? Chances are you probably want:

  • Decor you’ll still like in three years
  • That does not cost $$$
  • And is safe for curious hands and mouths (because yes your baby will try to use their crib as a teether at some point.)

But if you’d also like to add “organic” and “ethically produced” to the mix, we had the chance to take home the newest goodies from Walmart’s Little Star Organic nursery bedding line and tested them for you. Here are four things we learned in the process:

Organic Can Mean Different Things

If you’re like us, when you see the “organic” label on products, you probably don’t stop to think about what that means. (Other than…Better? Safer?) Which makes sense! It’s kind of a tricky label to decipher. In fact, something as simple as how the word “organic” is phrased can indicate how much of the material is organic or not.

Little Star Organic is fully GOTS certified and OEKO-TEX certified, which is a fancy way of saying they have passed the most stringent tests for safety (aka no weird chemicals) and ethical production. So there’s nothing sneaky in your baby’s crib to irritate their sensitive skin.

Ethical Can Be Affordable

Do you see an organic label and automatically do mental math to add a 50% price increase to your expectations? Totally normal. But despite Little Star Organic’s ethical clout, you can get two crib sheets for under $20, and a full baby bedding set for under $50.

It’s Really Soft

Baby sheets can be hit or miss. Some are incredibly soft, and some feel thinner than the lining of the purse you had that fell apart after a month. But pure organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton. Which is what makes Little Star Organic’s baby bedding feel like your favorite T-shirt that’s been worn to peak comfort. And that’s even after we washed it in hard water with no fabric softener.

Organic ≠ Boring

Gone are the days where organic means no flavor. Little Star Organic bedding comes in three classic color options with fun patterns like stars, hearts and forest animals. But they don’t stop at just sheets. The line includes organic changing pad covers, swaddles, and really fun baby basics in an array of bright colors and patterns (like these fun rompers and this rainbow pajama set).

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