Best Swaddles of 2017

Best Swaddles of 2017

Last Updated: January 2, 2017
A good swaddle helps soothe your baby (and give you some soothing peace and quiet).Best Swaddles of 2017

If you’ve never had a newborn, then the idea of wrapping your baby up so tightly that he can’t move his arms might sound like a crazy idea. But most experienced parents will tell you their newborn is comforted when wrapped in a swaddle — they cry less and sleep more when they’re in the blanket.

Do you need swaddles?

If you’re new to the notion of swaddling, the concept is quite simple. A swaddle blanket can be a specially designed blanket, but you can use any lightweight fabric once you learn how to wrap it. The key is to make it tight enough that your baby can’t wriggle out. This accomplishes several things. First, it keeps your baby’s arms tight to their sides, which prevents the startle reflex from waking them. Second, it mimics the feeling of being snuggled tightly in the womb, which helps your newborn feel comforted and calm. And finally, it keeps your baby warm without any dangerously loose blankets, which can be a suffocation hazard. Registering for at least a couple different swaddle options is useful, since you’ll need to wash them and use different sizes as your baby grows.

When do you need swaddles?

Generally, swaddling is safe for all babies. The average age when babies stop being swaddled is around 3 or 4 months. However, some babies continue to be swaddled as long as 9 months old. It depends on whenever your baby becomes comfortable enough to sleep soundly without the assistance of a swaddle. Most doctors do recommend that if your baby is older than 4 months, you should swaddle them during sleep but not during other activites. Also, if your baby has hip dysplasia or other hip issues, then swaddling can aggravate that, so check with your pediatrician.

How we chose our best picks

We asked thousands of real BabyList families about the baby products they love the most, now that their little one has arrived. We took the top products they shared with us and added our own research and insight. Here are the top swaddles we think you and your baby will love.

Babylist Best Picks


Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle (4 Pack) - $49.95

Soft, lightweight and incredibly versatile, an aden + anais blanket isn’t just for the newborn months. You’ll soon discover that it can double as a sunshade, a nursing cover, a burp cloth, a changing pad, a cloth diaper, or even a sling.


If you’re intimidated by the actual folding and swaddling part of a swaddle blanket, then aden + anais might not be your best choice. It doesn’t have any Velcro to help you with your swaddle wrap — you’ll need to do that part yourself. But with the softness and size of an aden + anais, you might find that swaddling is easier than you think.


“These are the biggest blankets and saved us for night sleep! The twins hated being bound in the Velcro-type swaddles, but these wrapped them up without feeling too constricted.” -Ashley S.

“The fabric is so soft, and the blankets keep baby warm, but lightweight enough to keep baby from overheating. I tell my husband all the time that I wish they made them in my size!” -Mary R.


Halo SleepSack Swaddle (Cotton) - $19.95

With a zippered pouch and Velcro wings, the Halo swaddle takes user error out of swaddling — even babysitters will have no problem getting baby cozily wrapped up for bed. Plus, the Halo pouch zips from the bottom up — making it a breeze to unzip just the pouch for sleepy diaper changes without unwrapping baby’s arms.


Some moms don’t like the zipper or Velcro, which can scratch baby. Velcro can also wear out in the wash, so this blanket may not last for several babies like the aden + anais will. And since the Halo swaddle is sized, your baby will outgrow it in a few months.


“Our girl could bust out of our best swaddling efforts very easily, but she didn’t sleep well those first four-ish months with her arms free. The sleep sack with swaddle wings was secure and cozy. As she got older she was more able to wiggle her arms out of it, but that was usually only as she was really waking up. We eventually transitioned her to one arm out, and now she sleeps well without being swaddled.” -Amanda W.

“It has made our baby feel so secure and she goes right to sleep when in it. I wish they made it in a bigger size, she is ready to outgrow it.” -Leah L.


Miracle Blanket Miracle Blanket Swaddle - $29.95

The aptly named Miracle Blanket claims you’ll get an escape-proof swaddle for even the wiggliest babies. And unlike most any other brand in our top five, the Miracle Blanket manages to eliminate user error without any noisy Velcro or zippers. The all-cotton blanket includes a pouch to tuck baby’s feet in and a long tail to wrap around his arms. For many moms, this swaddle’s ease of use combined with simplicity makes it best of both swaddling worlds.


Like the aden + anais, the Miracle Blanket has a bit of a learning curve to use, and you can’t take it off quickly for midnight diaper changes.


“Swaddles are essential. My baby is a little Houdini, and this is the only one that he can’t escape!” -Kayla M.

“This was amazing for the first few months - worked so well for sleep and calming.” -K.F.


Summer Infant Summer Infant SwaddleMe Original Swaddle (3 Pack) - $22.40

The Swaddle Me has a pouch for your baby’s feet and Velcro wings to hold his arms still. It comes in several sizes, which makes it easy to get the right fit for your baby. The Velcro makes it simple and user-friendly. And because it’s so simple to swaddle in this blanket — just two steps, really — it’s great for sleepy moms to swaddle in the dark.


The Velcro is loud. It’s also two tabs instead of one large one, which makes it less secure than other blankets. If you’ve got a tiny escape artist who wiggles out of everything, the Swaddle Me might not be your best choice. Also, there’s no easy access for a midnight diaper change.


“It is so easy and nice to just get our little one in and lay her down to sleep. She felt secure and comfortable. It really came through when we were transitioning our baby girl at two months into her own crib. We knew she was safe.” -Kendall D.

“No snaps, no escaping! Perfect for middle of the night swaddling without a light. Even if the Velcro is a little loud it helped my daughter sleep well.” -Jenn B.


Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original - $29.95

The Love to Dream is different from other swaddle blankets. It doesn’t try to hold your baby’s arms down. Instead, it holds your baby’s arms up and her legs in a splayed position — but it still helps prevent the startle reflex and improve sleep. And there’s no wrapping, no folding and no Velcro — just one simple zipper that’s easier than putting on a onesie.


Babies who prefer a tight swaddle might not sleep better with this blanket, since it won’t always prevent the startle reflex.


“Our daughter hated to be swaddled with her arms down or across her chest - she was an arms up girl even in the womb. This swaddle works wonderfully in muffling her movements, but still allowing her to raise her arms to her face and mouth for comfort. She’s a much better sleeper when she’s not constantly struggling to escape her swaddle! Now once the swaddle goes on, she cozies up and falls asleep easily.” -Lauren W.

“We went through so many swaddles when our little guy was starting to break out of the basic muslin blankets. The positioning of the arms was perfect to help him learn how to self soothe but still offered a snug fit. Once he started rolling, we used the 50/50 [style] with the zip-off sleeves and had no issues with his sleeping.” -Rebecca M.


Woombie Woombie Original Baby Swaddle - $28.00

If you love the idea of a one-zip swaddle but want your baby’s arms snuggled down in a traditional swaddle, this swaddle could be just what you’re looking for.


Nested Bean Nested Bean Zen Swaddle Classic - $29.99

For a higher-tech blanket, try the Zen Swaddle, which is lightly weighted to simulate the way it feels when you lay your hand on your baby to soothe him.

Also check out

When your baby starts rolling over, it’s time to move away from swaddling, since it can be dangerous for your baby to lie on her face with her arms trapped. But if your baby is used to being wrapped up tight, dropping the swaddle can mean dropping sleep, too. Instead, try a transition blanket that keeps baby snug without trapping her arms.

Halo SleepSack ($24.99)
The Halo SleepSack is like the Halo Swaddle, but with the wings that wrap around your baby removed. Your baby’s arms will be free, but her legs will still be inside a zippered pouch, so it helps her feel secure as she transitions.

Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit ($39.95)
The magic sleepsuit is a thick jumper. It has arms and legs like a normal one-piece outfit, but the thick material helps restrict baby’s movements as he gets used to sleeping without a swaddle.

Choosing what’s right for you

Which swaddle will be best for you and your newborn? Every baby is different, so you might need to experiment a little to find the blanket that’s the best fit. Think about how your baby moves and how your baby sleeps. And don’t afraid to choose a swaddle that also looks adorable on your cute little one!

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