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How to Share Your Baby Registry
January 10, 2024

How to Share Your Baby Registry

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How to Share Your Baby Registry.
How to Share Your Baby Registry

You’ve researched baby gear, chosen what you love and put together a registry that you’re really excited about as you get ready to welcome your new addition. But now what?

If you’ve created a baby registry but are struggling with how to share it, we feel you. While the idea of gift registries isn’t a new one, sharing a specific gift list can feel a little uncomfortable, especially since it can involve asking your friends and family to spend money or if you already have a little one (or two) at home.

But there are lots of ways to get the word out about your registry without sounding tacky. (Really! We promise.) Whether you’re hoping to share your baby registry with friends and family before your shower, you’re hosting your own sip and see, or anything in between, here’s how to share your baby registry while keeping modern etiquette in mind.

Why It’s Okay to Share Your Baby Registry

Feeling awkward about sharing your baby registry? Don’t. Etiquette experts like Emily Post and Martha Stewart say it’s totally okay (encouraged, even) to both create and share your baby registry.

Creating a baby registry is great because it helps friends and family figure out what types of gifts you actually need. While some people may have the perfect present in mind, others are stumped when it’s time to shop or haven’t had to buy a baby gift in a while. A registry is a perfect way to take the pressure off of gift-givers while also getting you what you need as your family grows.

How to Share Your Baby Registry

You’ve got your registry all ready to go, but now what? Here’s how to share your baby registry while keeping manners in mind, right down to what exactly you should say or write.

1. Include your registry info along with your shower invite.

If you’re having a baby shower or any other type of pre-baby celebration, including your registry info on the invitation is one of the best ways to let your guests know where to shop.

Experts recommend including registry information on a separate card or sheet of paper that you’ll include with your shower invitations. For the sake of ease (and our environment), we’re not quite sure that extra step is necessary, but Babylist will provide free insert cards if that’s what you decide.

If you want to mention the registry right on your invite, keep these tips in mind.

  • Keep it simple. One line added to the bottom of the shower invite should do the trick. Keep it short, straightforward and light, with something like “Jen and Annie are registered at Babylist!” or “Head to for Peyton and Mark’s baby registry!” If your baby shower invite is going out via email, be sure to link out directly to your registry. (This FAQ help page can tell you how.)
  • Don’t make gifts the focus of the invite. Sure, a baby shower is about gifts, but it’s also about gathering together to celebrate a joyful life event with family and friends. Either put your registry info on a separate card, as suggested by the experts, or don’t draw too much attention to it on the shower invite by using a smaller font or positioning it after the main information about the event.

If you’re not planning on a traditional baby shower, can you still create a baby registry and share it with family and friends? You sure can! Here’s how.

  • Going virtual? The same rules above apply if you’re including registry info on your virtual baby shower invitation. (And be sure to check out Babylist’s guides on all things virtual baby showers including a virtual baby shower how-to, party tips, custom Zoom backgrounds, theme bundles and more.)
  • If you’re hosting a sip and see (a party after your baby arrives) or having one thrown for you, that probably means you already have most of your baby gear essentials covered. It’s totally fine not to mention gifting or a registry on your invite, especially if you’re hosting the party yourself. (Most guests will likely bring a gift and will just choose one on their own.) If someone else is hosting the party for you, we think it’s okay to add a quick line about gifts if you’d like. Consider something like, “Amylia and Joe already have most of what they need for baby Frederick, but head over to their Babylist registry if you need some gift inspiration!”

What if this is your second (or third, or fourth) baby? Lots of people choose to have a sprinkle, a smaller, shorter, less formal event, in lieu of a traditional baby shower. If you already have plenty of baby gear at home, feel free to skip a registry. But if not, it’s fine to create a second baby registry and mention it on the sprinkle invite—just don’t make it the focus of the event, and feel free to give guests an out on presents.

  • “We’re so excited for Imani as her family grows again. Please come and show some love, and don’t feel obligated to bring a gift! If you do want to bring something, Imani is registered at Babylist.”

2. Share your registry by word of mouth.

Not comfortable putting your registry details in writing? Telling a few key people where you’re registered and letting word of mouth do the work can often be just as effective as including your registry info on your shower invite. Be sure to let people like parents, grandparents, inlaws and other close family members, and even some friends and coworkers know where you’re registered so it’s an option for gift-giving.

3. Make it personal.

Did you know you can customize the messaging at the top of your Babylist baby registry? It’s a thoughtful way to welcome gift-givers to your registry and your chance to show some love and communicate whatever you’d like to your family and friends.

Here’s an example of what to write if you’re creating a more traditional baby registry:

  • “Thank you for visiting our baby registry! We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our new little one soon. If you’d like to shop our registry, these are some of the items we think we’ll need as our family grows, but please know we’ll appreciate your love and support more than anything!”

And here’s an idea if you’re focusing more on gift cards and cash fund gifts:

  • “We are thrilled to be welcoming our new baby and can’t wait to introduce them to all our family and friends. If you’re considering a gift, we’d be so thankful for a gift card!”

Planning on using your gifts or funds for something in particular? Don’t hesitate to provide details so guests know what their gifts or funds will be used toward.

  • “Baby number three means we’re all set with gear, but it’s time to turn that office space into a nursery so she’ll have somewhere to sleep! We’ll be using our gift cards and cash funds for a new nursery.”
  • “We’re so excited to share our love of reading with our little one. Take a peek at our registry for all the books we can’t wait to read with her!”

4. Gift cards, favors and cash funds, oh my!

Did you know you can add things like gift cards, help and favors and cash funds (hello, college savings account) to your Babylist registry? You can! These out-of-the-box gifts are sometimes easier than asking people for more “stuff.”

If you’re more comfortable exclusively adding these types of gifts to your registry, go for it; or, combine these with more traditional baby registry items like a stroller, bouncer seat, bottles and other baby gear items. The more your registry reflects who you truly are, the more likely you’ll be comfortable sharing it with family and friends.

Here are a few of our favorite nontraditional, more personal gift suggestions:

5. And don’t forget…be yourself!

The more genuine you are about how you’re feeling around your baby registry, the more comfortable you’ll be sharing it.

Feeling a little awkward that you’re having a registry for your second baby? Just be honest if you’re talking to a friend or family member. “I know it may seem weird to have a registry for our second baby, but we didn’t realize just how many diapers and other baby essentials we still need! We’re so thankful to have so many awesome friends supporting us as our family grows.”

Worried there are too many big-ticket items on your registry? Call yourself out, but offer some ideas. “I know, the stroller we love is a lotttt of money. It could be a good group gift option if you’re looking for something to contribute to?”

Remember, most of your friends and family are (almost!) just as excited as you are about a new baby. Embrace their love and excitement and have fun!

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