What Is a Baby Sprinkle?
What Is a Baby Sprinkle?
August 30, 2016

What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

Shower Party Planning Ideas

for your 2nd or 3rd baby

We all know what a baby shower is all about, but have you heard of a baby sprinkle? A sprinkle is a smaller version of a shower thrown to honor someone pregnant with her second (or sometimes third) baby. Since the mom probably already has most of the things you need for baby, the idea behind the sprinkle is to celebrate the newest pregnancy and to give things that need replenished (like diapers or bath supplies) or more personalized gifts for that baby. Here are some ideas for throwing a baby sprinkle:

1) Low key is just as fun

A ladies brunch (minus kiddos) is a nice way to host a sprinkle. Choose a spot the momma loves, bring your gifts, and bring some flowers for the table. If you want to get fancy, you can even put favors at each place setting.

Another low-key option is the BabyQ: a baby-themed summer barbeque in your backyard or local park. Easiest of all might be a popcorn and movie night–perhaps featuring some baby-themed movie?

2) What supplies will mama need?

What do you feel like are the most important supplies to stock up on? Focus your sprinkle on those supplies. Diaper showers are incredibly practical and easy on your guests too: what could be simpler than picking up a pack of diapers?

Or what about meal showers? Have your friends stock the freezer with healthy homemade meals that the new family can eat when they’re too exhausted to cook. Instead of fueling up on mass-produced food from styrofoam trays, they can eat their friends’ creativity and love.

3) How shall we celebrate the new little one?

What about small gifts especially for the new little bundle of joy? Personalized or monogrammed gifts can be a fun choice or a stuffed animal to be the baby’s very own.

This gingham wrap and washcloth set can be personalized with your new baby’s name: perfect for taking photos that show off baby-naming creativity!

Gingham Washcloths & Wrap Set


What’s cuter than matching stuffed animals for your youngest and oldest? This Etsy seller offers a wide range of personalization options. These owls are truly a hoot.

Stuffed Owls Brothers/Sisters Set


For more gift ideas, check out our Second Baby Inspiration Registry: it features products you might not have gotten for your first baby, stockpiles of basic essentials, plus great sibling gifts.

4) Embrace the sprinkle theme

There are so many different ways to have fun with the sprinkle theme! For food, you could have cake or cookies with sprinkle hearts on top, or perhaps chocolate strawberries dipped in sprinkles. For favors, you could have sprinkle-rimmed sunglasses, sprinkle jewelry, or tea lights with sprinkles in them. For decorations, you can create sprinkle balloons by putting confetti in clear plastic balloons, fill flower vases with sprinkles, or cover the wall with cheerful polka dots!

If children are attending the party, you could embrace the sprinkle theme in another way, by turning on the sprinkler in your backyard and letting them run through it in their swimsuits. The noise levels will be high, but at least they’ll be tremendously entertained while the adults are talking.

5) Remember the siblings

Whether you bring a small gift for a sibling or include them in a game, involving the older siblings in some way is always a sweet gesture. There are all kinds of gifts that will help them celebrate their new identity as older siblings: personalized books, cute outfits, jewelry, and even wall art.

This personalizable book comes in both big brother and big sister styles, and will feature your older child’s name on the cover and throughout the pages. The book is a celebration of the guidance an older sibling offers: a perfect gift to prepare them for your bun coming out of the oven.

Brother Does Best Personalized Book


This adorable big sister T-shirt depicts a smallish elephant and a wee little elephant lovin’ on each other. It comes in pretty much every color.

Inktastic Little Girls' Big Sis Elephant Toddler T-Shirt


Hang this up in your son’s room to help him get revved up for the arrival of the new baby. Big brothers are better than superheroes!

Big Brother Super Hero Wall Art


While mama and the baby-to-come are getting lots of attention, you can make sure your older daughter also gets her chance to feel spoiled. This big sister bracelet will make her feel truly special.

Big Sister Bracelet


Another way to include your older child in your sprinkle is to give them advice on how to be a good big brother or sister–or ask their thoughts on what kind of brother or sister they want to be. Not the best for shy children, but perfect for children who love to be the center of attention!

Enjoy your celebration!

Regardless of how you do it, the point of the sprinkle is to celebrate the momma and new baby-on-the-way. Because every baby deserves a celebration and every pregnancy could use a little more fun, are we right?

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