The Best Clever Gifts for New Parents
Clever and Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents
August 17, 2021

Clever and Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents

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Clever and Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents.
Clever and Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents

When you think of baby registries and what kinds of things might be on there or what you might want to give as a shower gift, we’re willing to bet you think of stuff like tiny outfits, colorful toys and maybe some gear items like a swing or carrier.

But what about gifts just for new parents or something extra special for baby that will last a lifetime? While the typical registry items will certainly be appreciated, it’s those extra-thoughtful gifts that parents may remember most out of the sea of other shower presents.

These are our favorite clever baby shower gifts to ease postpartum recovery, smooth the transition to new parenthood and help new parents feel like their normal selves again:

Luxurious Skincare

It’s often said that new parents will forgo their own self care because they’re so busy with their new little one (and so tired!). A task as simple as washing their face might be thrown out of the schedule. So here’s a gift to help them feel refreshed in a jiffy—and to remind them to take a little time for themselves.

Postpartum Cleanse & Soothe

Whether they have a C-section or a vaginal birth, this postpartum recovery kit is sure to be a recovering mom’s best friend. With disposable underwear, perineal healing foam and cooling pads and liners, it has the goods to help soothe everything that comes with postpartum recovery. Be sure to include the Peri Bottle, too, since it’s not included in this kit. The super-sized kit includes all of the above plus labor and delivery needs too (like a gown, socks and a travel bag). Some expecting parents might find it a little awkward to receive this at a shower, but don’t worry, they’ll thank you later.

For Precious Memories

First lock of hair, favorite stuffed animal, birthday cards…there’s no end to what you can put in a little one’s keepsake box. Some parents start putting items in even before their baby arrives. So if you’re looking for a special baby shower gift that will keep memories for a lifetime, a beautiful keepsake box is a go-to. This handmade pine box has a beautiful, delicate design, and there are thousands more to match every nursery and personal style.

Breastfeeding Relief

If the expectant parents plan to breastfeed or pump, then this gift just might be a lifesaver. There’s some frankly unpleasant stuff that can come with pumping and breastfeeding, like sore and chapped nipples, engorgement, mastitis…and this awesome kit can help provide relief. It’s complete with soothing nipple cream, lactation support dietary supplement, nipple shields, warming and cooling pads and more.

An Extra Helping Hand

No parent wants to cook multiple meals and clean the house every day when they have a new baby. Good thing gift givers can offer to help with these Help and Favor cards, from cooking and cleaning to dog walking and babysitting. While this gift may not have much in the way of presentation at a baby shower, it’s pretty safe to say it’ll be appreciated just as much as (if not more than) any other gift.

Practical Desserts

Diapers may not seem like the most exciting gift, and while it’s true that a jumbo box of Size 1s isn’t likely to elicit a reaction from shower guests, there are ways to make a bunch of diapers look aesthetically pleasing. Diaper cakes have been around for a few decades, but we wouldn’t consider them out of fashion just yet—especially since diapers are the thing new parents need the most of (besides, you know, sleep). The new parents will be super thankful, and the design is just the cherry on top.

Meet the diaper cake’s hip cousin. Bodysuit cupcakes are the same concept but with the option for more variety. You can include bodysuits, hats, blankets, socks…anything that’s soft enough to roll up into a sweet little cupcake shape. Plopping the rolls into oversized cupcake papers and placing them in a baker’s box makes for a pleasing presentation too.

Baby’s First Photoshoot


People love baby photos—showing them off to coworkers, displaying them on the mantle, comparing them to senior portraits in the yearbook—so why not give the gift that will keep on giving for baby’s entire life? Either getting a gift card to a portrait studio or paying for a private photographer is a perfect way to help new parents capture the newborn memories forever (and rake in those Instagram likes).

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