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Best Gifts for a New Big Sibling
Updated on
October 30, 2023

Best Gifts for a New Big Sibling

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Best Gifts for a New Big Sibling.
Best Gifts for a New Big Sibling

Getting promoted to big sibling is kind of a big deal. It also comes with a lot of feelings since sharing your favorite people with a new (very needy and very tiny) person can be hard to do.

As you nest for baby, you’ll want to prepare your toddler for the big change ahead. Get them involved in setting up the nursery, have plenty of conversations to get them familiar and read books about siblings and babies. Giving them their own baby doll is also a great idea, so they can join in on caretaking activities alongside you. And when they see their newborn sibling getting lots of presents, gifting your toddler something “from” the baby is a sweet gesture that can help make them feel special too (in the midst of all the excitement surrounding the newest addition).

Whether you’re shopping for your own toddler or someone else you know and love, we gathered a list of our favorite gifts for new big siblings to spark inspiration.

Babylist’s Top Picks for Best New Sibling Gifts

Best Books for New Big Siblings

These stories will get your little one excited about their new role and also reassure them that there’s more than enough love to go around.

You Were The First

Get your tissues ready. This story follows a family as they prepare to welcome their second baby and recount all of the sweet memories of their toddler’s first.
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You're The Biggest: Keepsake Gift Book

Celebrate their new role as a big sibling and all the fun that’s to come.
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A New Sibling For You Personalized Children’s Book

This is a heartwarming story of reassurance for new big siblings that there will always be enough love to go around. And the added personalization makes it extra special.
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I Am a Big Brother

This story teaches big siblings all of the cool ways they can help take care of the new baby. (There’s also a big sister companion title.)
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Baby Belly

Although this book doesn’t have any text, it’s a sweet way to introduce your toddler to the whole concept of pregnancy in your own words.
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Best Toys for New Big Siblings

From toys and crafts to storytime, these gifts will keep your first baby occupied while you tend to your newest addition.

Odyssey Octopus

A new cuddly friend that also comes in a mini version for the new baby.
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Perfectly Cute 
My Sweet Baby

If they don’t already have one, a baby doll makes a great gift for a new sibling since they’ll be able to take care of their baby alongside you and their new sibling.
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Baby Tula 
Mini Toy Carrier

Babywearing is so helpful when you have a newborn and a toddler to care for, your toddler will enjoy wearing their baby too!
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Audio Player

Juggling naps can be tricky with two small kids, your toddler can listen to their favorite stories while you tend to baby.
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Mini Adventures Shop 
Big Brother Gift Box

A big brother swag bag filled with bath bombs, coloring sheets and custom crayons.
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Kages Krayons 
Big Sister Crayons

Another custom crayon option, this one spells out “big sis” and comes with a few more adorable baby-themed crayons.
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The White Loft 
Personalized Canvas Growth Chart Ruler

A personalized growth chart to keep track of how big they’re getting.
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Best Big Sibling Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories so they can rock their new big sibling title in style.

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