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Best Matching Family Holiday Pajamas
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

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Best Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Of all the holiday traditions, wearing matching family pajamas has to be one of the greatest. Why? Because it’s one of the laziest. No cookie dough to measure out or ornaments to hang—just some cozy clothes to toss on and lounge around in beside the fire. You’re not even required to take a photo in them, but that would make for a pretty incredible holiday card, just sayin’.

Tons of online retailers offer coordinated family pajamas for parents, kids and babies—even dogs! (You could probably even fit the cat into a small dog size, too.) Brands like Hanna Andersson and Tipsy Elves boast patterns with Santa, gingerbread, lil’ bears, and more adorable holiday scenery while others have motifs that celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. They even make easy gifts for grandparents, and can help you mark baby’s first holiday season.

Yes, matching family jammies can be a bit of an investment, depending on how big your family is, but they’re so worth it. Here are some of our faves for the most adorable holiday season ever.

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