17 Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season in 2020
Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season
October 20, 2020

Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season

Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season .
Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season

Celebrate your newest family member’s first holiday with items that will inspire everlasting memories. Whether you want to honor old traditions, or create new ones, these special keepsakes and play objects will delight young eyes while embracing the sentimentality of the season.

The Gift of Reading

One of the easiest gifts to give for baby’s first holiday (or any occasion, really) is perhaps also one of the most thoughtful: a book. Literati makes giving the gift of reading both easy and personalized. Each month your little one will get five age-appropriate books, handpicked just for them, and a week to read and explore them. You can send back returns for free and keep whatever you love. It’s a fun way to spark a love for reading all year long.

Stockings for Stuffing

The addition of a new baby often necessitates an update to your family of stockings—or maybe you’ll start a new holiday tradition. For a timeless look that will compliment any decor, opt for a classic knit with an embroidered monogrammed initial for each member of the family. Baby will love pulling out sweet surprises, and it will soon become a cherished part of your holiday tradition.

On the Move

An endlessly entertaining toy that toggles between being a balancer for emerging walkers, a stroller and a trolley for pretend play. This beautiful woven rattan wheeled basket is an ideal investment piece since it grows with your child as their imagination develops. Add play vegetables or a beloved doll for a sure-fire favorite gift. Baby too young to play with it? In the meantime, use it to store stuffed animals, blankets or toys.

A Forever Friend

What’s more memorable than a forever friend? Older babies and toddlers have a fierce affection for their favorite lovey that can create memories that last a lifetime. This tag-along pal from Lucy Darling is made from soft fabric and features a silky trim for endless snuggles. There are four whimsical designs to choose from, and each is machine washable so you can sneak it away for a cleaning—that is, if your toddler ever lets it out of their sight.

For Pretend Play

The holidays are the perfect time to invest in a long lasting toy that will inspire years of imaginative, creative play. Melissa & Doug are known for creating heirloom-quality toys that encourage children to explore and learn as they play, and this kid-sized wooden grocery store will quickly become a playroom staple that your little one will use for years. Realistic details like a hand-cranked conveyor belt, a card swipe machine, a beeping scanner, and a cash drawer will make your toddler feel like they’re shopping at the real grocery store. Complete the experience with the included wire shopping basket and pretend food set for the final touches.

Family Wagon

A family favorite for more than 100 years, Radio Flyer wagons are a classic. Around the block or at the beach, you and your child will love riding with iconic style. You can also now completely customize one of its three of its classic wagon designs. Head to Radio Flyer and choose fun upgrades like a cooler caddy or UV canopy and, of course, add your baby’s or family’s name on a personalized plate.

A Snuggle Buddy

More than just a huggable stuffed friend, Cuddle + Kind donates 10 meals to children in need in North America and around the world with every purchase of one of their hand-knit dolls. Each animal friend is handcrafted in Peru with premium 100% cotton yarn and using only sustainable fair trade practices. The dolls come in two different sizes, and there are lots of adorable characters to choose from that your little one will want to keep close for years.

Building Blocks

A high-quality block set is one of the best gifts you can give a child. More than just fun, blocks inspire creativity and open-ended play and teach some pretty complex concepts like spacial skills and problem solving. This wooden set contains many different shapes and is colored with eco-certified paints and finished with beeswax and botanical oils. Everything comes packed in a beautiful wooden box for easy, organized storage.

Heirloom Quality Classic

There’s something about a toy train set that sparks imagination, creativity and hours and hours of play in kids from toddlerhood all the way through the big-kid years. This deluxe wooden set is an investment, but it’s one that will go the distance and can be passed on from generation to generation. It contains 87 pieces and includes wooden tracks, trains and accessories and a storage box. You’ll love watching your little one create their own open-ended play world for years to come.

Pen Pal

Although your baby may not appreciate this gift in the moment, they will surely cherish it in years to come. Sugar Paper’s beautifully crafted baby book offers pages to adhere photos and record all of baby’s milestones, as well as envelopes to fold in letters to your child and store small keepsakes. Begin by writing your wishes for them on their first holiday. They’ll love reading your sweet words one day.

Candle Lit

While baby is too young to light candles on the menorah this Hanukkah, they’ll love pretending by rotating the wooden star blocks and turning them to flames on this play piece from Pottery Barn. It’s a beautiful way to introduce holiday traditions right from the start.

Music Makers

Know a budding musician? (Or hoping to inspire one?) The Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar is a smaller version of the real thing—and that’s what makes it so great. It’s made from real wood and classic nylon strings and is an ideal first guitar for even the smallest music makers. It could be the first step to inspire a lifelong love of music.

Tree Hugger

Wiggling baby feet are hard to capture in traditional ceramic or plaster. Thankfully, this Pearhead personalized ornament kit makes it easy to put your baby’s stamp on their first holiday with a no-mix, air-drying clay. Follow the simple directions and you’ll be able to touch those tiny toes for many seasons to come.

Take a Seat

In a very big world, it’s no secret that most kids like anything that’s sized just for them. The Anywhere Chair is cozy, comfortable and kid-sized—and will quickly become the littlest family member’s favorite spot to relax. The chair can be personalized with a name or monogram, and the slipcover zips off for easy cleaning. It’s also light so it’s easy to move from room to room.

Crate and Kids Wooden Art Easel

This wooden art easel is as functional as it is beautiful and makes for an unforgettable first holiday gift that your little one will use for years to come. Crafted from 80% solid rubberwood, it features a chalkboard on one side and a white board on the other. (The easel paper can be pulled down from either side.) The bottom shelf has plenty of room for paints, brushes, markers and whatever other art supplies help to get those creative juices flowing.

Priceless Piece

Even if you’re starting a higher-tech college fund, a traditional piggy bank is still a beloved heirloom. Add loose change every time you empty your pockets and you’ll quickly build a coin stash for your child to learn with one day. This balloon-animal design is a contemporary addition to baby’s room too. A worthy investment for baby’s first holiday.

Handcrafted Classic

A high-quality, open-ended toy will often become one of the most played-with items in a child’s toy collection thanks to its versatility and lasting construction. Grimm’s wooden toys are some of the best. Handcrafted and completely unique, these peg dolls are made of alder and maple wood and finished with non-toxic, water-based stains and food-grade vegetable oil. They’re just right for everything from sorting to dress-up to pretend play and anything else your little one can—and will—dream up.

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