18 Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season in 2022
Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season
October 7, 2021

Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season

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Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season .
Best Gifts for Baby’s First Holiday Season

Haul out the holly—and the burp cloths! It’s time to celebrate the holidays with a new baby. Although your nights may no longer be silent, your spirits are likely brighter than ever.

It can be tempting to pile on the presents for baby’s first holiday season, but the truth is that young babies will likely be more interested in the wrapping paper than the gifts themselves.

When choosing presents, be thoughtful and selective. It’s wonderful to buy something that baby can use right away, like holiday jammies or a festive pacifier, but don’t be afraid to think longer term—what will baby need in March? In June? In September? Baby can have all the fun of tearing wrapping paper apart and parents will have useful gifts to keep them busy all year.

Great gifts often fall into one of these categories:

  • Items to commemorate baby’s first holiday season
  • Toys to help baby practice gross motor skills like walking and climbing
  • Playthings to keep baby occupied and build fine motor skills like grasping and building
  • Personalized or sentimental gifts to treasure
  • Bigger ticket presents that will be useful for years to come

Lastly, make sure to consider the family’s wants and needs before making a purchase. After all, a Fisher-Price Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler is certainly an awesome present—but probably not useful for parents with a two-month-old baby who live in a walk-up apartment in a big city.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Gift of Reading

The Babylist Baby Starter Library comes with five hand-picked board books that create a great starter collection for the newest babies in your life: three classics, one sensory book and one playful lift-the-flap book. These books are sure to become family favorites. All ready to gift, and ready to love.

Stockings for Stuffing

The addition of a new baby often necessitates an update to your family of stockings—or maybe you’ll start a new holiday tradition. For a timeless look that will compliment any decor, opt for a classic look with an option to personalize with a name or monogram. Baby will love pulling out sweet surprises, and it will soon become a cherished part of your holiday tradition.

On the Move

An endlessly entertaining toy that toggles between being a balancer for emerging walkers—complete with an anti-tipping system and mark-free wheels—and a one-stop shop for play. Your child will love collecting and pushing around their favorite things in this adorable cart, and the fun doesn’t stop when stationary. Engaging, colorful blocks and a playful abacus ensure that this toy has plenty of options for learning, too. This beautiful wooden wheeled cart is an ideal investment piece since it grows with your child as their imagination develops. Baby too young to play with it? In the meantime, use it to store stuffed animals, books or toys.

A Forever Friend

What’s more memorable than a forever friend? Older babies and toddlers have a fierce affection for their favorite lovey that can create memories that last a lifetime. This tag-along pal from Lucy Darling is made from soft fabric and features a silky trim for endless snuggles. There are four whimsical designs to choose from, and each is machine washable so you can sneak it away for a cleaning—that is, if your toddler ever lets it out of their sight.

For Pretend Play

The holidays are the perfect time to invest in a long lasting toy that will inspire years of imaginative, creative play. Play kitchens are among the longest-lasting, often heirloom-quality toys that encourage children to explore and learn as they play. This kid-sized wooden kitchen will quickly become a playroom staple that your little one will use for years. Realistic details—including seven pieces of metal cookware—paired with an unbelievably cute aesthetic makes it a choice you won’t want to store away. And the double-sided option (one side is a kitchen, the other features a washer) makes it ideal for a small space. Complete the experience with a pretend food set for the final touch.

Family Wagon

Newer on the scene, the Evenflo Pivot Xplore has quickly become a family favorite—and for good reason. Around the block or at the beach, this multi-use wagon does not disappoint. With a quick flip of the handle, it converts from a wagon and stroller. It can fit up to two children and you can add a car seat adapter for more versatility. There’s plenty of space for storage and it comes with a ton of cool accessories and features, like a UPF 50+ canopy and snack tray for food and drinks. We know that, due to supply chain issues, this wagon is out of stock a lot, so if you’re in the market for something similar, check out the Veer Cruiser—though more of a splurge, it’s also a fantastic wagon for young families.

A Snuggle Buddy

More than just a huggable stuffed friend, Cuddle + Kind donates 10 meals to children in need in North America and around the world with every purchase of one of their hand-knit dolls. Each animal friend is handcrafted in Peru with premium 100% cotton yarn and using only sustainable fair trade practices. The dolls come in two different sizes, and there are lots of adorable characters to choose from that your little one will want to keep close for years.

Building Blocks

A high-quality block set is one of the best gifts you can give a child. More than just fun, blocks inspire creativity and open-ended play and teach some pretty complex concepts like spacial skills and problem solving. This wooden set contains many different shapes and is colored with eco-certified paints and finished with beeswax and botanical oils. Everything comes packed in a beautiful wooden box for easy, organized storage.

Heirloom Quality Doll

There is something timeless about dolls, especially ones that are so beautifully designed and made that they are art. Dolls spark imagination, curiosity and hours of play for kids (all kids!) from toddlerhood through the big-kid years—some even end up as lifelong loveys, being held onto even as children grow into adults. Harper Iman dolls are impeccably made and even customizable by skin color. They are perfect for collecting and gifting, particularly for special occasions, like baby’s first holiday. Be sure to order well in advance—the waitlist is long. Need it quicker? Keep your eyes peeled for the designer’s Target collection launching in October 2021.

Candle Lit

While baby is too young to light candles on the menorah this Hanukkah, they’ll love pretending by rotating the wooden star blocks and turning them to flames on this play piece from Pottery Barn. It’s a beautiful way to introduce holiday traditions right from the start.

Music Makers

All babies are budding musicians, it seems, which makes kid-sized musical instruments a great gift. The Animamabo Musical Carnival is a four-in-one instrument set that packs a punch. Even the smallest music makers can engage with the textures, sounds and colors of this percussion set and it can be played with both your hands or the included mallet. Perfect addition to the daily playtime routine and, who knows, you could be inspiring a lifelong love of music.

Tree Hugger

Wiggling baby feet are hard to capture in traditional ceramic or plaster. Thankfully, this Pearhead personalized ornament kit makes it easy to put your baby’s stamp on their first holiday with a no-mix, air-drying clay. Follow the simple directions and you’ll be able to touch those tiny toes for many seasons to come.

Handcrafted Classic

Need a great gift that doubles as decor? A one-of-a-kind wooden bank might be just the thing; after all, it’s never to early to start saving. Each bank is crafted by hand using organic red oak lumber and its unique nature ensures that no one else will be gifting the same thing.

Plush Rocker

This soft, huggable animal rocker is supremely cute and just as sturdy. Made with solid wood handles and a smooth, secure base, this is a toy that grows with your child and their imagination. The options for make-believe adventures are limitless—and though we’re partial to this sweet giraffe, the options for animals for this rocker are, too. Personalize it with a name or monogram for an extra special touch.

Indoor Playground

Undoubtedly a splurge, this little climber makes a big impact. Made to withstand hours of playtime, this climber is made with sustainable bamboo which is strong, functional and durable. Gross motor play on the climber builds confidence and balance and the reversible slide/rock wall option allows for both fun and skill-building. Best part? It gets all of that extra toddler energy when outdoor play isn’t a great option. And it’s foldable for easy storage.

Personalized Puzzle

The customization options on this adorable handmade puzzle are endless—choose the design, letters, colors and shapes to really make this true to your child’s personality. Each one is made with wood and water-based non-toxic paints, making it a safe choice for little ones who still put everything in their mouths.

Unique Take on a Classic

Stackers are a great toy for babies and this one is a modern take on a time-tested classic. Sometimes, simple toys are the best; watch your child’s skills grow as they learn to first stack, then organize and then create. Made with birch and sustainable and renewable paints and available in two colorways, this stacker doubles as a statement piece in a nursery or playroom.

Keepsake Keeper

Need a place to keep all of those little special items, like hospital bracelets and first pieces of art? Store those items safely and all in one place with this unique keepsake organizer. Illustrated labels, acid-free drawers, vertical files and tiny envelopes help to keep everything in its place and a cloth-cover casing adds a book-like touch. This little library comes in two colors and will surely find its place among your most favorite things.

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