What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List—In Less Than 20 Minutes
What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List—In Less Than 20 Minutes
October 29, 2020

What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List—In Less Than 20 Minutes

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What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List—In Less Than 20 Minutes.
What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List—In Less Than 20 Minutes

Checking off all of the gifts on your holiday shopping list is no small feat.

Especially if you’re a new parent (or about to become one), spending hours scrolling through dozens of gift options for your partner, the cousins, your boss, the daycare teachers and those relatives you see once a year isn’t all that feasible—or all that fun.

Well, happy holidays to you because guess what? We did it all for you. We scoured the internet for the 36 best holiday gifts for everyone on your list this year. Instead of spending days clicking through endless options, spend about 20 minutes here and knock out your gifting to-dos fast.

From one tired parent to another, think of it as our gift to you this holiday season.


Easy Cleaning

No one we know (or care to know) is going to complain about a gift that helps them spend less time cleaning. With a quick tap of your phone, Eufy’s RoboVac is off to the races, ready to take on the dirt and dust left behind on the daily by your very lovely—but very messy—family. The suction power packs a punch and the quiet motor is equivalent to the size of a microwave, so it won’t disturb a napping baby. This model comes with Boundary Strips, an easy way to close off areas you don’t want the vacuum to get caught up in like your pet’s bed or your little one’s playroom. (We’re looking at you, teeny, tiny LEGO pieces.)

Frothy Fun

Choosing a coffee maker for someone else can be daunting (and expensive). Simplify things with a fun, affordable gift that any coffee aficionado will love—a milk frother. This handheld powerhouse lets you make delicious foam for your drinks in seconds right from the comfort of your own home. It also works for matcha, keto coffee, hot chocolate and more. It comes in a rainbow of colors, and you can’t beat the price at under $15.


If you’re a seltzer-loving house, a SodaStream is a must. It lets you make fresh sparkling water with the push of a button and reduce single-use plastic bottle waste along the way. You can customize your fizz level and your flavors, and the compact design doesn’t hog a ton of your precious counter space.

Home Sweet Home

The perfect choice if you’re a new family who just moved into your first home or just want to show some love to your longtime digs, this custom home portrait makes a thoughtful, sentimental gift. You’ll receive a hand-drawn illustration of your home drawn in pen and ink and colored with watercolor paint. The artist creates the portrait from just a photo, and can even add in custom details like a pet or a hand-lettered caption. And while you won’t have to do a ton of legwork for this gift, the artist will—so just be sure to allow enough time between when you place your order to when you expect your portrait to arrive.


Grandparent-Friendly Tech

If you’ve got some tech-averse grandparents to gift to, this might be the year to push them a bit out of their comfort zone—and the Google Nest Hub is an ideal place to start. The Hub functions as a digital photo frame, which in itself is a great grandparent gift as it’s any easy way to show off the grandkids. But it’s so much more. It works as a home entertainment device, playing videos (including YouTube tutorials), songs and podcasts, and it’s equipped with Google Assistant to answer all your grandparents’ burning questions. It’s also super simple to set up.

Custom Keepsake

Are grandma’s chocolate chip cookies world famous? Does papa make chili for every family gathering? This laser-engraved cutting board turns any handwritten recipe into a family heirloom. All you need to do is snap a photo of the recipe with your phone and send it on its way. The cutting board is available in both medium and large sizes, and users rave about the fast turnaround time.

Say Cheese

When in doubt, a photo gift is always a hit with the grandparents. Who wouldn’t love a custom keepsake with a smiling grandbaby? Snapfish has a huge selection of custom photo gifts, and the ornaments are some of our favorites. There are lots of different styles to choose from, and it’s quick and easy to upload a pic right from your phone and create something truly unique that grandparents will enjoy every holiday season.

A Kitchen Staple

Lots of grandparents love to cook but haven’t updated their cookware in a long time. Surprise them with this gorgeous enameled cast-iron Dutch oven—a true workhorse of the kitchen that moves seamlessly from stove to oven and back again. The oval shape offers plenty of room for browning and searing, and the smooth enamel finish means it’s ultra easy to deglaze and clean.


Gone Fishin’

We have a few go-to games that we consistently recommend gifting to the toddler set, and this fishing game is one of them. It checks all the boxes: it’s affordable, super fun, not too loud and it teaches important developmental skills. Kids love using the mini fishing poles to try to catch the spinning sea creatures as their mouths open and close, and parents love that it builds hand-eye coordination.

Custom Coloring

These custom crayons are a personalized twist on the classic art supply and a really fun gift to give (and to receive!). Each crayon is a unique swirl of rainbow colors that older toddlers and kids will love to use as they create colorful masterpieces. There are three different box sizes to choose from depending on the length of the child’s name. Each set comes in a natural cardboard gift box with the child’s name stamped on the front and tied with a piece of rainbow yarn, so there’s nothing for you to wrap!

Trending Pick

This fun, unique toy caught our eye on several “best of” holiday gift lists so far this year and we definitely see why. Squeakee is a dog like no other. They’re a balloon dog, for starters, and there are countless ways to play and interact with them. They respond to voices, perform commands and tricks, “pop” and then reinflate and so much more. They’re a great gift for an older kiddo or even a young teen.

Bathtime Magic

What’s better than a unicorn? A unicorn bath bomb, of course. These all-natural bath bombs are fun to give and even more fun to use. Each one is homemade and can be purchased individually or in a pack. We love them for anyone, but especially older kids and teens who can be tough to shop for.

Snap and Print

Teen gifts can be tricky, but we promise you can’t go wrong here. This photo mini printer is portable, wireless, rechargeable and—most of all—just really fun to use. It works via Bluetooth through an app on your smartphone and lets you instantly turn photos from your screen into physical prints. It also uses zero ink printing technology so there’s no need for any toners or cartridges.


A Better Bag

You’re going to gift someone…reusable bags? Hear us out on this one. Stasher bags are so awesome! They’re the kind of thing you may not think to buy for yourself, but once you have one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. They’re endlessly reusable, super functional and way better for the planet than traditional plastic bags. It’s a win all around.

Family-Friendly Fun

Cards Against Humanity is one of our favorite games ever. This family edition is a great way to pass the time during those holiday get-togethers (outdoors and wearing a mask, of course—it is 2020 after all) since it’s designed specifically for kids and adults to play together. It includes 600 cards, lots of toilet humor for the kids and will deliver plenty of laughs all around.

Form + Function

Functional and beautiful, these kaleidoscope-inspired coasters look good in just about any home. They’re made from glass with a velvet backing to keep them in place and are inspired by Art Deco style. We love that they’re affordable and don’t take up a ton of space.

Very Versatile

This tray can serve multiple purposes, which is what we love most about it and why it makes a great gift. It works as a traditional serving tray for snacks and drinks, of course, but it can also be used as a decorative accent. It’s made from strong acacia wood so it’s really durable, and the simple design complements any type of decor.


For Family Dinners

Find us a person who doesn’t love Joanna Gaines—we dare you. (Actually, don’t, because we probably don’t want to hang out with them.) The second volume in her bestselling cookbook series makes a great gift for just about anyone. It features 145 new recipes from breakfast to dinner as well as sides, and just as you’d expect, it’s also filled with beautifully styled photos.

Just Right for Chilly Winter Nights

This gourmet hot chocolate will help make anyone warm and cozy on a cold winter night. The pack includes a canister of classic hot chocolate and one with a peppermint twist, made from custom-blended Guittard chocolate. Each one makes about sixteen cups, so they’ll be plenty to last all winter long.

Essentially Uplifting

Perfect for keeping in your bag, car or at work, these scented towelettes are infused with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils and make for a quick, revitalizing pick-me-up throughout the day. Each one comes individually wrapped in a resealable bag and is biodegradable. And you can feel good about gifting them, as a portion of the proceeds go to benefit animal rescue efforts.

For a Soothing Scrub

If there were ever a year to gift hand soap, 2020 is it. This soap + lotion pack from Lightwell Co. will leave hands clean, moisturized and smelling great. The rosemary and mint fragrance creates a refreshing aroma, and the bottles are pretty enough to leave out on any sink.


Coffee Unfiltered

Pour-over coffee makers are one of our go-to workplace gifts. They’re easily portable, don’t take up a lot of room on a desk and, most importantly, make a stellar cup of coffee that’s a nice treat in the middle of a long workday. This one from Bodum uses a stainless mesh filter in lieu of a paper filter so it won’t mess with the coffee’s flavor. It’s also easy to use and beautifully designed.

Go Green

One of the most forgiving plants, succulents require bright light and that’s about it—so they make a great workplace plant. This trio will look great on a desk either at home or at the office. They come handpotted and ready to go, and you can choose from four different colors of pots.

For Staying Organized

Have a boss whose desk is less than organized? Give a subtle hint with the gift of this sleek wood-and-steel organizer. It’s got a place for everything big and small like a phone, pens and pencils, paper clips, glasses and lots more. The modern design looks great on any workspace, and it’s available in both black and white.

Classic Modern

Despite the perks of digital, there’s a lot to be said for handwritten notes and lists. Moleskine notebooks are classic + modern all rolled into one beautiful package. The leather-like covers are durable, and the elastic closure band holds everything together even after lots of use.


Tried and True

You can’t go wrong with a gift card—ever. Treat your favorite daycare teachers to a spend-on-anything treat with a Target gift card to show them how thankful you are for taking care of your little one.

Bistro Chic

Whether they’re using it for coffee to keep them going during a busy day or for a warm cup of tea at night, this French bistro-inspired mug makes a great teacher gift. The monogram adds a fun personal touch.

To Use Again and Again

Everyone needs a few good reusable bags, but especially teachers who are often lugging things to and from the classroom or daycare. Baggu makes some of our favorites. They’re super stylish, feature unique prints and come packed in this reusable pouch. They’re also machine washable, so keeping them clean after lots of use is really easy.

Sustainably Clean

There’s never enough hand sanitizer for 2020, and Humankind’s is a favorite to give (and to receive!). Each one comes in three pocket-sized aluminum bottles with a reusable pump cap that’s designed to reduce single-use plastic waste. The sanitizer is 65% alcohol, so it meets CDC recommendations.


Sip in Style

We didn’t know something so useful could also be so beautiful. This 20-ounce reusable glass water bottle will keep one of your kids’ favorite people hydrated in style all day long. The protective matte silicone wrapping protects the bottle from drops and breaks, and the lid is easy to pop on and off. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

A Useful Thank You

If your sitter or nanny is anything like us, their bank account will appreciate the break from this go-to online retailer. Amazon gift cards are available in any denomination and come in a selection of holiday designs.

Camo Cool

All things camo always catch our eye, and this scarf is a fun way to incorporate the camo trend easily into any type of wardrobe. The blanket style is oversized so it will keep your sitter or nanny warm all winter long, and for a little extra you can add a personalized touch with a monogram.

Super Sunnies

These sunglasses look good on everyone. (Truly.) Initially designed for running thanks to their no-slip, no-bounce design, we love them for everyday wear, too. They’re tough enough to stand up to being around kids all day and polarized so they’ll reduce glare and block harmful rays.


Delicious Decor

It’s a tough call if your hosts will want to hang these on their tree or try them for a snack. These vintage food ornaments are all sorts of fun, and we love that you can personalize them depending on what types of food your friends or family love.

Shake It Up

A chevron mosaic of beautiful mother of pearl makes this cocktail shaker stand out from the rest. It’s the perfect gift for a host or hostess who likes to craft a good cocktail every now and again—and it also looks incredible on any bar cart or countertop.

Seasonal Scents

Need a less expensive gift? These evergreen pillar candles are colorful and creative. They come in a range of sizes and colors and make a stunning addition to any table.

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