What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List
What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List
November 12, 2021

What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List

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What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List.
What to Buy for Everyone on Your Holiday Gift List

Checking off all of the gifts on your holiday shopping list is no small feat.

Especially if you’re a new parent (or about to become one), spending hours scrolling through dozens of gift options for your partner, the cousins, your boss, the daycare teachers and those relatives you see once a year isn’t all that feasible—or all that fun.

Well, happy holidays to you because guess what? We did it all for you. We scoured the internet for the 36 best holiday gifts for everyone on your list this year. Instead of spending days clicking through endless options, spend about 20 minutes here and knock out your gifting to-dos fast.

From one tired parent to another, think of it as our gift to you this holiday season.


A Charging Catchall

A stylish way to keep all of their essentials together. The charging pad side is perfect for wirelessly charging phones and earbuds and the tray area catches other essentials like keys, glasses and wallets. The CATCH:3 comes in a variety of simple colors and luxe fabrics that are sure to look great on any bedside or entryway table.

Fiery Fun

For those who like to experiment with cooking, a small kitchen torch is a fun, unexpected gift. Perfect for getting that caramelization on top of creme brulee, searing edges on any cut of meat or getting a yummy char on veggies faster than you can preheat the oven, this multi-use tool will surely come in handy for holiday cooking and beyond.

In-home Coffeehouse

Do you live with someone who can’t live without their cold brew? This system from Growlerwerks creates and stores the perfect cold brew and features a tap for easy dispensing, plus vacuum insulation to keep it tasting fresh for weeks. Not only do will they love saving themselves a trip to the coffee shop, but the at-home brews are sure to be a hit for any holiday visitors.

Better Sleep

Let’s face it, all of our sleep environments could use some work—especially as parents. This all-in-one clock features a reading light, sound machine and time-to-rise indicator to customize to the user’s needs. Using the app or the buttons on the unit, you can change the color, brightness, sound and volume to promote sound sleep and healthy circadian rhythms. The reading light is soft and removes the blue hues that disrupt sleep and the sunrise alarm function simulates a natural waking process to support cortisol and melatonin production.

Home Sweet Home

The perfect choice if you’re a new family who just moved into your first home or just want to show some love to your longtime digs, this custom home portrait makes a thoughtful, sentimental gift. You’ll receive a hand-drawn illustration of your home drawn in pen and ink and colored with watercolor paint. The artist creates the portrait from just a photo, and can even add in custom details like a pet or a hand-lettered caption. And while you won’t have to do a ton of legwork for this gift, the artist will—so just be sure to allow enough time between when you place your order to when you expect your portrait to arrive.


Travel-free Exploration

Send your loved ones on a world coffee tour with this three month subscription to Atlas Coffee Club. Each month, they’ll receive a new Single Origin coffee pick along with postcards and information about each coffee’s respective country. Atlas touts premium, unique, high-quality coffee roasted and delivered fresh—all enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

An Ode to the Best

Grandkids both young and older will love filling out this sweet book for their grands, but there is no doubt that it’s the grands who will love it most. Simple prompts make it easy for even the youngest tots to get involved and it comes in a variety of versions, including Grandpa.

A Game to Play Together

The most adorable thing about grandparents is that they’ll love basically anything with their grandkids’ faces on it. This game marries that love with one other—playing games with their beloved grandchildren. Choose from dozens of different patterns and select a different photo for each game piece. Each set comes with 16 pairs of game pieces printed on triple-thick, 100% recycled paper.

Long-distance Love

In our tech-heavy lives, a handwritten letter from a loved one is a true gift. This set celebrates and strengthens the unique bond between grandparents and their grandchildren using thoughtful prompts, fun lists and other engaging activities—all wrapped up in ultra-sweet stationary.

Finders Keepers

We all know and love a grandparent who is always misplacing their things. Apple’s new Airtags help keep keys, wallets, handbags and even pets within reach—just attach the Airtag to the item and use the simple one-tap setup to connect it to your iPhone or iPad.


Snow Fun

If you’re a person who’s got caught carrot-less when the kid in your care is ready to accessorize their snowman, you’ll appreciate this thoughtful kit. This 12 piece kit includes a hat, scarf, eyes, buttons and a pipe—all made from wood so they’re usable again and again. The convenient carrying bag keeps everything together until the next snow.

Conversation Starter

Need a way to get the whole family spending quality time together during the holidays? These cards bridge the gap between adults and kids and invite warm, open conversation for all. The set includes 100 question cards and 25 activity cards for kids ages 4 and older across five topics: diversity, health, safety, nature, and self. A nature card might ask “How can you reduce food waste?” while a diversity card might prompt “How many religions can you name?” And the conversation that these cards create? Priceless.

Cookie Magic

Holiday baking, but with a Hogwarts twist. This set features eight stainless steel cookie cutters in iconic shapes, like Hedwig, the Sorting Hat and the Hogwarts Express. It also comes with 12 icing bags, four decorating tips, one coupler (to help swap out those tips) and a storage box, so all that’s left to add is the fun. A great gift for any Harry fan, but especially big kids and teens who are hard to shop for.

Light Show

For the on-trend tween or teen in your life, this LED mini marquee lightbox is sure to please. It can be operated by USB or battery and includes 100 letter, number and symbol slides to make quotes, notes or signs that will bring a personal spin to any bedroom or family area.

Next Level TikTok

Find us a teen who doesn’t love TikTok (or anyone for that matter?). This game marries quality family time with social media—a combo we didn’t think was possible. The game consists of 100 cards with 200 ideas, including current TikTok trends and other fun ideas for the whole family to partake in. Half the fun is making the video and the other half is seeing who gets the most views (our money’s on Grandma).

Trending Pick

This fun, unique toy caught our eye on several “best of” holiday gift lists so far this year and we definitely see why. Squeakee is a dog like no other. They’re a balloon dog, for starters, and there are countless ways to play and interact with them. They respond to voices, perform commands and tricks, “pop” and then reinflate and so much more. They’re a great gift for an older kiddo or even a young teen.


Retro Fun

Grown up cousins will remember the anticipation of winding and clicking a disposable camera and then waiting days (weeks?) to see the resulting photos. This Lomography camera brings back the joy and simplicity of the film cameras we grew up with but with a twist. Instead of tossing this one after you’re done with a roll, simply reload and use again.

BYO Brunch

NYC made rainbow bagels a thing and now you can make them your own. This kit has all you need to rope, loop and bake 12 deliciously colorful bagels—just add flour, sugar and water. The perfect way to brighten any family brunch.

Ice Ice Baby

Make anything and everything a cold treat with these ice pop molds—grown-up versions of the classic push pops we all remember from our childhood. Just fill, freeze and enjoy your new frosty treat. Our favorite popsicle ideas: hot (cold?) chocolate, holiday punch, and of course, mimosas.

Straw Saver

Nudge your cuz into saving the planet one straw at a time, but make it chic. These reusable silicone straws come in muted colors and include four carrying cases, so you have no excuse to not have one in your bag for on-the-go beverages. Just pop the straw back in the case when you’re done and give it a good clean at home with the included cleaning squeegees.

Silly Screentime

This digitalized version of a scavenger will be the new go-to game for your family nights. Gather your crew, draw a prompt card, and see who’s the fastest at creating an emoji masterpiece, showing off the last photo they took, or finding the weirdest image search result for their name. May the funniest and the fastest survive. Perfect for ages 13 and up.


For Family Dinners

Nadiya Hussain, Netflix star and winner of The Great British Baking Show, knows how hard it is to juggle mealtime, family life and work. In this cookbook, she shares all her tips and tricks to easing up the cooking part—including repurposing leftovers, using shortcuts to cut prep time and making two meals at once—making this a great gift for any busy family.

Luxe Lotion and Lip Care

Grown Alchemist is a brand that developes formulas using technologies at the intersection of biology and cosmetic chemistry. Their hope? To transform skin from the inside out. This sample set offers three of their most popular formulas: day cream, lip balm and hand cream. The trio will do wonders for dry, winter skin.

Super Snack Maker

Fresh popcorn in minutes without using the microwave? Yes please. This fun little appliance makes 16 cups of fresh, theatre-style popcorn quickly and conveniently for your game and movie nights. It comes in two cool, vintage-style colors and is under $25.

Cozy Throw

This super cozy sherpa throw by UGG makes a great gift for just about anyone. With four reversible color options and a generous 50”x70” size, it’s sure to fit all aesthetics. Even better? It’s machine washable and is often on sale.

Sweet Treat

For those who love a good twist on a classic treat, look no further than this assortment from Chicago-staple, Stan’s Donuts. This dozen pack features an assortment of yummy donut cookies (the hole in the middle allows for more of those crispy edges everyone craves) in flavors like Chi-town Chunk, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal-Raisin and M&M. Undoubtedly, the most unique gift they’ll get all year.


Germ-free Zone

You can’t avoid all the devices needed for day-to-day work, but keeping them germ-free shouldn’t be a worry. This desktop UV sanitizer is perfectly-sized for all small devices and even things like keys, glasses and remotes. Just place your item in the case and let the five-minute magic do its job of killing 99.9% of common household germs.

Sore Thumb Fix

Responding to texts and DMs all day comes at a cost—your thumbs, mostly. Ease that strain with a simple, sleek universal keyboard that makes typing on all devices much more comfortable. Even better? The integrated cradles is the perfect size for holding a phone or tablet while you type.

Smells Like the Holidays

A hand-poured candle in a simple, ceramic vessel brings warmth and ambiance to any office or home environment. These, by Apotheke, come in unique holiday scents, like Assam Tea, Charred Fig and Black Cypress and offer a 70-80 hour burn time.

Tiny But Loud

This Lexon Mino+ Speaker fits in the palm of your hand and delivers powerful 3W sound quality. It can be charged wirelessly on any Qi-enabled charging pad or via the USB-C port. This powerful little speaker can also be used to make and receive hands-free calls and even as a remote timer for your cellphone camera. A pair of them even functions as surround sound in a pinch.


Tried and True

You can’t go wrong with a gift card—ever. Treat your favorite daycare teachers to a spend-on-anything treat with a Target gift card to show them how thankful you are for taking care of your little one.

Magic Wand

If there’s anything we know about daycare teachers it’s that they work in a land of germs. This UV LED light sanitizer is small enough to stow away in a drawer or on a shelf but packs a big punch. It can eliminate almost all germs and bacteria on the surface of almost any object in 60 seconds or less with its powerful UV light. And, it’s rechargeable.

Sore Muscle Soother

Caring for babies and toddlers all day is no small feat and often leads to achy backs and sore muscles. Give your child’s beloved teacher a hand with those aches and pains with this clever two-in-one water bottle/foam roller combo. This one holds 27 ounces of water and also can be used for targeted muscle release on the spot.

Gentle Sanitizer

There can never be enough hand sanitizer for a classroom. This one from Tubby Todd comes in a big-but-not-too-big bottle and has a pleasant, natural lavender scent. Reviewers also say the gentle formula is less drying than other brands.

Coffee Anywhere

Upgrade their travel mug with this cool design. The ceramic-coated interior allows for beverages to retain their as-is taste without any weird metallic tastes. The vacuum-insulated tumbler keeps beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours and the leak-free seal keeps messes at bay. And, it looks great on any desk or table.


A Useful Thank You

If your sitter or nanny is anything like us, their bank account will appreciate the break from this go-to online retailer. Amazon gift cards are available in any denomination and come in a selection of holiday designs.

Eternal Eye Care

Finally. A reusable and waste-free way to self-care. These silicone eye masks can be used with any favorite serum or cream and holds the product close to skin for maximum absorption. Pair with a fancy face mask for your favorite trendy-self-care loving sitter and watch the selfies roll in.

Skin Saver

A trial-sized box of high-quality, luxe skincare sure to save any face this winter. This set includes a brightening serum, hair serum, cream cleanser, face scrub, exfoliating mask and hydrating mist.

Essentials Keeper

This small leather zip pouch is ideal for stowing those smaller accessories and necessities safely. It’s made in a woman-owned factory in Turkey and is cute enough to carry as a clutch. Have it monogrammed for an extra special touch.

Classic Wrap

This blanket scarf is just what is needed to keep warm and stylish at once. Its large size makes for versatile wear and the super soft, insulated fabric feels good when it’s on. It comes in a bunch of fun and classic colors and styles and can be monogrammed, making it easy to find just the right one for your wonderful nanny or sitter.


Delicious Decor

It’s a tough call if your hosts will want to hang these on their tree or try them for a snack. These vintage food ornaments are all sorts of fun, and we love that you can personalize them depending on what types of food your friends or family love.

Fancy Oils

Brightland’s amazing oils and vineyards are carefully sourced and then custom blended. The result is a fresh take on all of your favorites. This gift set includes four of their most popular olive oils and vinegars and comes in a gorgeous box that doesn’t need to be wrapped.

Form and Function

Unexpectedly elegant, these beautiful coasters from Effortless Composition offer a stunning marble pattern and raw wood edges, adding a dose of style while protecting tabletops. Each purchase from the shop also includes one free email session with Effortless Composition’s interior stylist.


Chengdu-born chef Jing Gao is on a mission to share Sichuan flavor with the world. These sauces and spices are crafted in Sichuan from top-notch natural ingredients that are sourced locally. A great gift for any spice-loving host or hostess.

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