16 Best Holiday Gifts Ideas for Grandparents in 2020
The 16 Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents
October 2, 2020

The 16 Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

The 16 Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents.
The 16 Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

Whether it’s a last-minute babysitter, a home-cooked meal or an extra helping of dessert, there’s no denying it—grandparents are pretty awesome.

This year more than ever, as many families are physical distancing and may not be able to get together in person for the holidays, it’s important to remind grandma and grandpa just how amazing they truly are.

These 16 thoughtful gifts will show the grandparents lots of love and help everyone stay connected even if they’re far apart.

For Virtual Visits

Video chatting is a fun, easy way to stay connected with grandparents but can be frustrating to do on your smartphone. (Not to mention nausea-inducing when you let your toddler take the helm.) Portal is a smart video calling system that takes video chat off of your phone and onto either your TV or a dedicated HD display. There’s a smart camera that automatically pans and zooms to keep up with the action and keep everyone in view and a special story time feature that lets you add music and animation while you read. Nothing beats the real thing, but Portal gets you pretty close.

Fridge Love

What grandparent doesn’t want to catch a glimpse of an adorable grandbaby every time they reach into the fridge? This set of 12 photo magnets measure three by three inches each and are printed on lustre photo paper to really show off those smiling faces. At under $25, they make a great grandparent stocking stuffer or a special gift all on their own.

To Keep Them Moving

It’s difficult for many grandparents to be out and about safely this year due to COVID-19. Make sure grandma and grandpa keep moving with a little encouragement—a health and fitness tracker they can wear right on their wrist. The Inspire 2 tracks steps, distance, heart rate, calories and more, and it’s really easy to set up and use. And it has up to 10 days of battery life, so it won’t need constant charging.

Pillow Talk

Give the grandparents something to hug when the grandkids aren’t around—a pillow with a personal touch. This linen-blend pillow can be personalized with the names of all the grandkids in the family so the grandparents can proudly display them for all to see. You can choose from a variety of fonts and colors and purchase either just the pillow cover or a cover + insert.

Foolproof Photo Sharing

It’s easy to take hundreds of pictures of your kids. But remembering to share them? That’s another story. Tinybeans makes family photo sharing on any device easy for all tech levels (we promise!) and is a great way to give grandparents a peek into what their favorite kids are up to each day.

One of a Kind

Grandkids hold a special place in grandparents’ hearts even if they’re far away. This custom map art reminds them that they’re always surrounded by their grandchildren’s love, no matter where they live.

Sleepovers Ahead

Here’s a gift that encourages grandbaby overnights and makes them easier. This playard is easy to set up and very portable, so the grandparents can move it around the house with ease. It also comes with a convenient travel bag so you can drop it off or stash it permanently at their house.

For a Sweeter Sip

Morning coffee just got a whole lot more fun. Remind the grandparents just how much you love them every time they take a sip from these personalized ceramic mugs. You can customize each one with nana, papa, nonna, grandpa or whatever special name your kids have for the grandparents. The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be completely personalized.

The Modern Family Tree

Even if grandma and grandpa aren’t genealogy buffs, learning about your family’s history is pretty fascinating. This kit makes it simple and covers over 1,000 geographic regions, making it the most comprehensive genetic ancestry breakdown on the market.

Holiday Keepsake

Make the grandparents smile each holiday season with this personalized ceramic ornament. It’s a great way to remind grandma or grandpa just how much they are loved.

In Your Own Words

Make storytime with grandma and grandpa extra special even if they can’t be there in person. This recordable book lets grandparents record themselves reading each page. We promise it will quickly become a bedtime favorite.

Puzzling Fun

Lots of grandparents are staying home more than usual this year and welcome any distraction—especially anything that keeps the thinking on their toes. This puzzle book includes 365 New York Times crosswords of all different levels. It’s a fun way to pass the time while also getting a brain workout.

Get Cooking

If you have a grandparent who loves to cook (or even one that doesn’t but wants to learn!), a virtual cooking class is a fun, covid-safe way to help them build their skills in the kitchen. America’s Test Kitchen offers over 320 expert-led courses on everything from baking to braising. The classes are a great way to pass the time and brush up on some culinary skills along the way.

Picture Perfect

Digital photos are great, but nothing beats the real thing. Gift the grandparents with a quick, compact way to print all of those adorable grandkid photos you send them right from their phone so they can display them with pride wherever they’d like. This mini photo printer utilizes a free, easy-to-use app and prints photos in about 12 seconds.

Warm and Cozy

Everyone needs a cozy blanket to curl up with at night. (And to wrap up those grandkids during movie night!) This one from Parachute is a neutral staple that compliments any decor. It’s knit from natural Turkish cotton and is oversized for extra snuggles.

A Gourmet Treat

Fill the grandparents’ kitchen with the smell of freshly baked croissants with this gourmet gift. The best part? There’s no mixing or mess involved. The croissants ship frozen with dry ice and just need to rise on the counter before popping them in the oven to enjoy. Mmm…

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