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The 32 Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents
Updated on
January 4, 2024

The 32 Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

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The 32 Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents.
The 32 Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

We’re used to grandparents going adorably overboard for their grandkids’ holiday gifts, but you can’t forget to get them something special, too. In here, you’ll find something for every kind of grandma or grandpa you may find.

For the active grandparent, there’s gear to support and encourage physical hobbies designed with older bodies in mind. And speaking of hobbies, while it can be tempting to replace Grandpa’s 30-year-old coffee maker with the newest machine featuring all the bells and whistles, instead, think of gifts that compliment household items they already have, like a really great coffee subscription box. Oh, and don’t forget to give them their own matching holiday pajamas so they can coordinate with your new family tradition!

Ahead, we’ve picked out 30 great gift ideas for grandparents of all types, from foodies to trekkers, and everything in between.

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