14 Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers of 2020
Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers
November 9, 2020

Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

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Stuff those stockings with fun little things toddlers will love.Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Sometimes the smallest gifts get the biggest smiles, especially when it comes to toddlers.

From puppets to Play-Doh and everything in between, we’ve collected some favorite stocking-sized gift ideas to fill your toddler’s holiday season with joy. Just remember: you may need to tack those stockings up a tiny bit higher this year to keep them safe from curious little hands!

A Cold-Weather Friend

As the weather gets chillier, keep your toddler cozy with this warm and soothing friend. It’s completely safe to microwave, so this stuffie gets warm in a jiffy, and the lavender scent is light and comforting. We’re sure your little one will love cuddling their warm new friend all winter long.

Mess-Free Fun

Take the mess out of painting by painting with water! Toddlers will be amazed as the colors magically appear with the swipe of a brush (and you’ll be amazed that there’s no cleanup). This set comes with three portable pads that each have four reusable pages, so your kiddo can keep coloring time and time again. Keep in mind: the manufacturer-recommended age for this toy is over three years, so use your own discretion when choosing a toy for your child.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 3–7 years

No-Spill Snack Keeper

Who better to keep your toddler’s treats safe than a friendly animal? With six different adorable animals to choose from, there’s an option to make every kid smile. Even better: these snack cups are spill proof—thanks to the silicone claw-like insert, snacks stay inside the cup.

Gone Fishin'

Small bath toys make great stocking stuffers in general, but nothing says bathtime adventures like fishing for sea creatures! This wind-up pole is great for building gross motor function, and navigating the hook through the floating toys will have your toddler perfecting their hand-eye coordination in no time.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines 18 months+

Play-Doh on the Go

There ain’t no party like a Play-Doh party! This party bag is filled with 15 mini cans of everyone’s favorite modeling clay in a rainbow of colors. They’re perfect stocking stuffers, and your kiddo (and you!) will find hours of squishing, squeezing, rolling and modeling fun. And the on-the-go size makes them ideal for keeping busy toddler hands occupied during holiday travel.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 24 months+

New Year's Resolution

Toddlers learn and say more and more words by the day, and you can help their expanding vocabulary even more in the coming year with these well-loved, time-tested flash cards. The first installment in the Brain Quest line, this set includes 350 fun and challenging questions, and it can help get your kiddo ready for preschool.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 2–3 years

A Cherished Collectible

Your toddler will love caring for this sweet little mouse, dressing them and tucking them into bed. To make this holiday gift even more special, each mouse is a handmade limited release, so this toy is sure to become a collectible or heirloom with time. There are many different collections of mice available as well as adorable clothing and accessories.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 0 months–3 years

Pint-Sized Puzzles

Melissa & Doug puzzles are well-loved by children and parents alike, and now they come in travel size. At just 5” x 7”, these puzzles are perfect for stockings. The pack comes with four different themed puzzles (farm, jungle, sea and pets) so there are plenty of options for kiddo (and siblings or friends too).

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 2–4 years

All Better!

What’s the deal with toddlers and Band-Aids, amIright? Little ones will love sticking their favorite characters on boo-boos, of course, but they’ll love using these for pretend play, as well. (And they’re not made with natural rubber latex, so you won’t have to worry about any allergies.) There are lots of beloved franchises to choose from, including Frozen, Hello Kitty and Pokemon.

Good Habits

Amid the excitement of the holidays, it may be a challenge to keep your toddler in a routine. When kiddo is distracted by all their awesome new toys, these colorful print-at-home routine cards can help keep them on track with daily tasks—and help them feel more independent, too. There are even customizable templates so you can create your own tasks.

Simple + Fun

The possibilities are endless with these simple suction cups—suction them to the wall, to the bathtub, to each other, or fill them with treats—so they’re perfect for open-ended play. At 2.5 inches all around, they’re the perfect size for toddler hands. The super-flexible silicone makes them bendable, foldable and, best of all, dishwasher safe.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 12 months+

Pearly Whites

Your toddler may not be too excited to find a toothbrush in their stocking, but this is one tradition that a lot of parents prefer to stick to. And an electric toothbrush might make a not-so-fun task a little more enjoyable (maybe even a little fun). The gentle vibrations make cleaning more effective and easy, and the two-minute timer helps establish good oral hygiene.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 0–3 years

Snowy Stories

A city is blanketed in white, and one curious little boy who has never seen the snow steps through the hushed landscape on a journey of discovery. This quiet, simple book is perfect for winter holiday evenings—even if it doesn’t snow where you are.

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