14 Best Toys for 2-Year-Olds in 2022
Best Toys for Two-Year-Olds
January 3, 2022

Best Toys for Two-Year-Olds

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Your toddler is on a mission to have fun. Encourage them with these entertaining (and educational!) toys.Best Toys for Two-Year-Olds

Despite all the talk of the “terrible twos,” this age (and the awesome gear that comes with it) is a blast. Your toddler is ready to learn and explore through play, and toys like play kitchens, tool sets and building blocks help them imagine and grow into their world all while having tons of fun.

Their little hands will be busy building fine motor skills, dexterity and coordination. It’s all about giving them the freedom to be creative, whether that’s through role playing with a baby doll, steering a train down the hallway or “cooking” you green eggs and ham. Here are some things to think about when searching for the perfect toys for your toddler:

  • Look for toys that can be shared with playmates or siblings. While sharing with friends may not always be a breeze, remember that it’s a work in progress and the right toys can help foster social skills.
  • Look for toys that can grow with your child. Toddlers seem to grow at the speed of light, so toys that work for a wide range of ages (2-5 years, etc.) will keep growing kids entertained (and you don’t have to keep buying new toys all the time).
  • Encourage creativity and exploration through imagination. Toys like molding clay and building blocks can teach young children how to create new things from scratch and build on their imagination by shaping things in their own way.
  • Foster responsibility and confidence. Your toddler wants to be just like you. With pint-sized kitchens, tool sets and baby dolls, kiddos will love pretending to be big and following adults’ examples as they cook, build and play house.

Here are some of the most-loved toys to help 2-year-olds explore and learn.

A Set of Building Blocks

Got an architect in the making? Encourage coordination, imagination and confidence with these expertly designed blocks. The 70-piece set includes lots of different shapes for stacking, building and engineering, so toddlers have endless possibilities for architectural genius (not to mention sharing). And good news for parents: this set offers 20+ stage-based activities, so it’ll grow right along with your little one.

Additonal Specs
Child Guidelines 18 months-4+ years

For Letter Learners

Has your toddler started repeating the ABC song (or at least to the best of their ability)? Or maybe they’ve got one or two letters they recognize. Between two and three years old is a great time to start teaching the alphabet as an early reading primer, and an alphabet puzzle is a fun way to get little ones familiar with the order and shapes of all the letters in the English language.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 2 years+

An Art Toy

Opportunities for artistic expression are endless with this classic art time favorite. With dozens of colors to choose, toddlers can test their imaginative limits by shaping balls of clay into their favorite animals, people, shapes or creations of their very own invention. And moldable clay isn’t just a tool for the imagination—did you know that it’s also great for developing fine motor skills? As small fingers push and pinch and poke their way through a colorful dough ball, they’ll gain strength and dexterity.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines 24 months and up

A Baby Doll

A charming, soft-bodied doll can be a beloved companion for toddlers, especially during naptime or while playing house. A doll encourages young children to learn nurturing and responsibility, and is especially helpful for prepping toddlers for new siblings. This sweet doll from Cuddle + Kind is hand-knit in Peru, and for every doll purchased, the company donates 10 meals to hungry children across North America.

Additional Specs
Dimensions Available in two sizes: little 13” and regular 20”

Bath Time Brain Builder

As they’re learning their letters and numbers, toddlers can also practice in the bath! This 36-piece set (all 26 letters plus numbers zero through nine) is made of soft foam, so each piece can float on top of the water or, when soaked with water, can stick to the wall to make a full alphabet display or spell a word! They’re durable and nontoxic, and at three inches tall, each piece is the perfect size for toddler hands.

Starter Track

BRIO is a longtime parent favorite when it comes to train sets, and this smaller-scale track makes for a perfect first train set for any toddler. It comes with just enough track pieces to create a small circle or an open-ended S, with two train cars and a couple other cool extras. And we love that it grows easily with your kiddo—just add any other universal wooden train track set and it’ll connect perfectly (including Fat Brain Toys and IKEA sets and Thomas trains!).

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 18 months+

ASL Primer

If you’re looking to teach your little one American Sign Language, there are several options out there to get started. Books make a good introduction for babies—especially if you’re a new learner yourself. But once your kiddo reaches their toddler years and is ready for fingerspelling, we love these blocks as a teaching method that’s both effective and fun. Each of the blocks has five sides of written letters and one side with the corresponding letter’s sign.

Snare & Share

Get ready to make some noise! This music set comes with just about everything toddlers need to perform their own percussion concert. There are seven instruments in total, including a maraca, drum sticks, a shaker egg, jingle bells and a tambourine, making this the perfect toy for sharing with friends. The drum handily stores all the included instruments, and once it’s emptied, it plays just like a real drum (much to the joy of your neighbors, we’re sure).

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 18 months+

Action-Packed Activity Table

Activity tables are always tons of fun for little ones, and this one packs in as many moving parts as possible to keep older toddlers entertained. The best part is that it’s clearly separated into four different sections, so it’s a cinch for multiple kiddos to share and play side-by-side.

Mess-Free Art

Toddler art projects are notorious for leaving messes behind, whether they’re fingerpaint, Play-Doh or crayon-based. But this magnetic drawing board takes out all the mess while keeping maximum potential for creativity. Essentially an advanced Etch-a-Sketch, this board uses magnets in the drawing pen and three shapes to bring images to life on the screen—and with a swipe of the little dog slider, everything is neatly erased! No muss, no fuss.

An Indoor Playspace

Even the busiest toddlers need to sit down…sometimes. The Ikea CIRKUSTÄLT is a 47-inch-high indoor tent, perfect for playing with toys or curling up with a cozy blanket and book. The Big Top design inspires all sorts of whimsical pretend play scenarios. Better still, it’s easy to setup and easy on the wallet (a win-win).

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines 18 months and up
Dimensions 21.25” x 1.25” x 21.25”
Product Weight 2 lbs, 12 oz

Master Chef Junior

Play kitchens are kind of a big deal—in more ways than one. They can get pretty large, so if your toddler is determined to become the next Master Chef but you’re interested in saving space, this mini-sized tabletop burner set still comes with plenty of space for imagination. It includes a two-burner stove, pot, frying pan, lid, spoon and spatula, so kiddo can still cook up plenty of delicious meals.

Bilingual Egg-ducation

Not only are these funny little eggs teaching colors, they’re performing triple duty as two-piece puzzles and Spanish teachers, as well! Each egg connects only to the shell with the matching color word, and each shell has the English word for the color on one side and the Spanish word on the other side.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 2 years+

A Set of Wheels

A toddler’s first set of wheels is a big deal for both kid and parent—kids get newfound independence and agility, parents get teary-eyed over their baby all grown up. A great way to make a first tricycle last is to find one that grows with your child. The 4-in-1 from Radio Flyer, for example, has an adjustable seat, optional 3-point harness and removable footrest and holds up to 49 lbs, so kids can enjoy it for years! This trike also has a removable push bar so adults can help kiddo along if their legs are too tired or short. Top it off with a snack tray, cup holder and rear storage bucket, and it’s a perfect option for a gift with longevity.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Ages 9 months-5 years
Weight Capacity 49 lbs
Product Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 19.9” x 35” x 40.8”
Harness 3-point (removable)

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