Best Nostalgic Toys for Babies and Toddlers
Best Baby and Toddler Toys to Make You Nostalgic
October 17, 2021

Best Baby and Toddler Toys to Make You Nostalgic

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Best Baby and Toddler Toys to Make You Nostalgic.
Ah, childhood memories. If you still remember your favorite toy from childhood, it can be tempting to give your little one the same cherished memories. Luckily, some of those toys are still around! Here are the best nostalgic toys for babies and toddlers.Best Baby and Toddler Toys to Make You Nostalgic

Ah, nostalgia. Memories of playing outside with friends, long summers off from school and, of course, your favorite childhood toys. Whether you grew up in the 70s, 80s, 90s or noughties, some nostalgic toys are still around—and they look as fun as ever. The toys you loved as a kid are sure to delight your own little one, too (and if you still want to play with them even as an adult, we totally get it).

Here are our favorite baby and toddler toys that have stood the test of time—and provide that sweet nostalgia for parents and grandparents (just be sure to share your toys!).

Classic Double-Pack

Stacking rings & a shape sorter—what better playroom staples to start your little one off with? There’s a reason these two toys are considered classics, since they’ve been helping babies develop gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination for literal generations. You may have even had these exact ones from Fisher-Price (or maybe even the xylophone, too) in your nursery!

Retro Rider

Talk about classic! While grandparents and great-grandparents will recognize Radio Flyer for their little red wagons, younger parents know this tricycle through and through. But even if you didn’t grow up with a little red trike like this, the tricycle itself is still a long-standing favorite of energetic, ready-to-roll toddlers.

Chubbiest Cheeks

In a cabbage patch garden, all in a row… These chubby little dolls have been adopted by millions of kids over the past four decades, and even though some of them come with more modern features—some sing, take baths, even wet themselves—many still come wrapped up in a cabbage leaf with their own unique birth certificate, ready to be loved by your little one.

Miniature Maestro

Move over, Schroeder. With just 25 keys, this tiny (real) piano is the perfect size for older babies and toddlers to rock out on, and the twinkling music will have your family doing your own version of the Peanuts dance in no time.

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Everyone's Favorite Teether

This sweet giraffe has been many babies’ first teether since her debut in 1961. Made of 100% natural rubber, you don’t have to worry about what your baby is chewing on with this toy. Soft texture helps soothe sore gums, and tiny squeaks delight little ones with every nibble.

No Cabin Fever Here!

Ever dreamed of living the log cabin life? Kids have loved Lincoln Logs for building their own (tiny) log cabins for a full century, and they’re the perfect toy to get your toddler interested in engineering and architecture. This special 100th anniversary tin comes with 111 pieces for your little one’s cabin masterpiece, and it serves as a reminder of just how much nostalgia is in this toy.

An Upgraded Classic

Animal sounds abound in this ultra-nostalgic toy. Pull the lever, watch the arrow spin and hear the sounds of whatever animal the arrow lands on. It’s so simple, and yet it’ll be some of the most fun your little one could possibly have with learning animal noises (short of you making the noises yourself). You may remember the See ‘n Say from your childhood being limited to farm animals, but this updated version features jungle animals, too!


Toddlers have a lot of energy, and this goofy clown is one of our favorite indoor solutions to expelling all that energy in a non-destructive way. Bop bags in general are a great toy to keep your little one active (and as an outlet for tantrums), but Bozo has been around for generations. With a squeaky red nose, a bottom full of sand for ultimate bounce-back action and standing at 46 inches tall, he’ll hold up to years of punching. (And for adults who need a little stress relief, there’s a miniature Bozo for your desk.)

Vintage Viewing

Looking for great views without all the traveling? Whether it’s safari views, under-the-sea scenery, national landmarks or even your own photos, the super-vintage View Master has been transporting children to all sorts of cool places since its debut in 1939, and it’s sure to make your toddler feel just as worldly (though younger kiddos may need some help pulling the lever to change photos).

...You Rang?

Your little one probably doesn’t know what a rotary phone is (and, depending on your generation, this toy phone may have been your only rotary experience, too), but you don’t need to know anything about phones old or new to have fun with this one. Older babies love the spinning dial’s dinging sounds, and you may even remember from your own toddler years how much fun this phone can be once you learn to walk. Pull it along by the string to hear it chatter away and see its eyes look all around.

Unstoppable Fun

Tumbling down stairs for over 75 years, this classic, simple toy is instantly recognizable—though it’s a totally new and ingenious discovery to your kiddo. Even if your home doesn’t have stairs, your little one can find plenty of things for the Slinky to tumble off of, and it can keep any kid occupied for hours at a time. Keep in mind: The recommended age for the Slinky is five years old, though it doesn’t include any small parts, so use your own discretion and always supervise your child’s playtime.

Classic Companion

If you had one of these precious puppies as a kid, you know just how cuddly they can be. The original Pound Puppies were a classic stuffed animal of the 80s, and these authentic reproductions are as sweet as ever. You’ll get a wave of nostalgia, and your little one will get a new best friend. And since they come with their own certificate of adoption, it’s just like adopting a real puppy from the shelter (without the real puppy responsibilities).

Price Check!

Cha-ching! Cash registers are a longtime favorite toddler toy, from the fake coins and turning crank to the dinging bell and pop-out drawer. It’s a fun, screen-free way to get your kiddo started on counting and color recognition. We love to throw in some play food and a pint-sized shopping cart to make a whole pretend grocery store setup, too.

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