9 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

August 13, 2019

Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers
Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Whether you live in a place where it’s warm all year round or you’re doing your best to soak up those fleeting days of summer, getting outside to play with your little one always makes the day a little bit better.

Toddlers especially love to play outside, but finding activities that are age-appropriate and that will hold their attention can be a bit of a challenge. Which is why we’re here with the best, tried-and-true, toddler-approved outdoor toys that we promise your little one will come back to again and again.

Splish, Splash

Looking for an easy, relatively mess-free way to entertain your toddler on a hot day? Look no further than this water table. Water tables don’t take up a ton of space, are easy to set up (just dump in some water and you’re good to go) and provide hours of interactive, sensory play. We especially love this one packed with tons of features and accessories like ramps, spinners, water scoopers and even a rubber duck to keep little hands extra busy.

Outdoor Art

Whether it’s drawing on the paths of your local park or scribbling on the driveway, sidewalk chalk is a must-have when it comes to favorite outdoor toys. The bright colors and thick, easy-to-grip sticks will spark your toddler’s creativity and encourage open-ended play. This rainbow of 24 colors not enough for your little artist? Crayola also makes their washable sidewalk chalk in a 48-color pack. Pro tip: stash a few pieces of chalk away in a small bag to keep in your diaper bag; you’ll never know when it will come in handy for last-minute toddler entertainment.

Retro Classic

There’s a reason this ride-on toy has been around for 40 years and counting. The Cozy Coupe is a total classic—it’s bright, fun and at just the right size to encourage toddlers to hop in and take a ride. New features include a removable floor board for older toddlers and a handle on the back for parent-controlled rides. There are even two cup holders to keep your kiddo hydrated on the go.

Splash and Learn

Love the idea of a kiddie pool but don’t want to deal with the hassle of inflating it, filling it with water and then watching your toddler lose interest in five minutes? Meet the splash pad, your new backyard BFF. This sprinkler + (very) shallow wading pool + learning pad all rolled into one equals tons of fun for older babies and toddlers who aren’t quite ready to take the kiddie pool plunge.

Worth the Splurge

A playhouse is a great way to get toddlers, and even older kiddos, out the door and encourage imaginative play. Just about the only thing we don’t love about this cedar cottage is that it’s not our actual house—and we think your little ones will agree. Features like a clock with movable hands, a working doorbell, a functioning mailbox, two chalkboards and even a planter box make this the perfect outdoor play space. It’s a splurge, but remember it’s an investment toy that will go the distance for years of play.

Batter Up!

Truth: toddlers like to hit things. So why not build those future sports skills while you’re at it? This beginner T-ball set has everything you need for your first ballgame. The T is adjustable, so it will grow right along with your little one, and the set comes with an oversized bat and five XL baseballs. Batter up!

Learn and Grow

Toddlers love any excuse to play in the dirt—but at least with this gardening set, they’ll be learning along the way. Sized just right for tiny hands, this durable set contains three metal gardening tools (all with rounded edges), a carrying case and a watering can. There’s even a STEM-inspired learning guide included.

Flying High

No outdoor toy collection would be complete without a swing, and the unique disc shape of this one makes it extra fun. (And allows it to go the distance as your toddler grows.) The 40-inch diameter means it can hold multiple kiddos at once, and the swing works on either a traditional swing set or attached to a tree. Just keep in mind that if you do want to use it as a tree swing, you’ll need to also purchase a tree swing strap hanging kit, sold separately.

3,2,1 Blast Off!

Is it wrong that we think this toy is just as fun to play with as our toddlers do? Kids (and us, too, it seems) will love to stomp on the launcher and watch the rockets fly high into the air. (Just make sure there’s a grown-up around to keep the launch site clear!) Along with being fun, this STEM-based toy also teaches about gravity and force and builds motor skills.

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