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Best Water Tables
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Water Tables

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Best Water Tables

Looking for a way to keep your kiddo cool during the warm summer months? A toddler water table is an easy way to entertain any little one while also providing some relief from the heat. As long as your baby can stand up on their own, they can splish and splash to their heart’s content on a hot day.

Perfect for solo or group play, a water table is a family favorite, summer after summer. And they come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that fits your outdoor space, whether that’s an apartment terrace or backyard. The best part? All you need to do is fill it up, toss in some toys (many come with lots of accessories) and pull up a chair. Hello, perfect playdate.

Check out some of the best water tables for toddlers and kids below.

Best Toddler Water Table

What’s not to love about this toddler water table? With a two-tier design, lots of fun accessories included (think rubber duck, frog, fish and more) and a sturdy base that’s large enough for siblings or friends to play together, it checks all the boxes for summertime fun.

Best Sand and Water Table

Double up on outdoor fun with this multipurpose sand and water table. The picnic table top pops off to reveal two separate compartments. You can fill them with sand, water or any other sensory-friendly material your little one enjoys. The table is constructed from natural wood for durability and there’s an adjustable, removable umbrella for extra sunny days.

For another table that pulls double duty, check out the Teamson Kids Outdoor Oasis Table & Chairs Set.

Sturdiest Water Table

Ahoy, matey! This play table brings big adventure to the backyard. It’s just the right height and shape for several toddlers to gather around, and the collection of fun interactive accessories encourages cooperative play. And bonus for adults: this is one of the sturdiest water tables out there, so no worries about it toppling over and spoiling all the fun.

Best Water Table for Small Spaces

Most water tables take up a lot of real estate. This one has a much smaller footprint than most, so it’s ideal for smaller patios, apartment terraces or yards with many other toys and furniture. It’s also a good choice if your little one doesn’t like to get super wet.

Best Water Table with Umbrella

Live in an extra sunny climate? Consider a water table with a built-in umbrella. This two-level table features an adjustable umbrella for extra shade and sun protection. It comes with 11 accessories and has two separate play areas for multiple kiddos.

Best Water Table for Siblings

This 4-in-1 water table is your best option to prevent a toddler fight from ruining playtime. It’s extra large and there are four separate compartments to hold water, sand or whatever else you can think of to keep siblings or friends on a toddler playdate occupied. The table also comes with 32 accessories—more than enough to go around!

Best Costco Water Table

The next time you’re shopping for garbage bags and a three-pound bag of trail mix, see if this water table is in stock at your favorite bulk discount store. It’s well well-priced and features two tiers of play plus 21 accessories including things like plastic scoops and colorful balls.

Best Water Table and Pool

Sometimes splashing just isn’t enough. In contrast to a waterfall water table, this activity pool is best for kiddos who love to get wet. By combining a traditional kiddie pool with buckets and waterfall features, this water playset lets your little one have a more immersive experience by getting their whole body involved.

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