Baby Beach Tents of 2020
Best Baby Beach Tents
May 8, 2020

Best Baby Beach Tents

A baby beach tent gives your little one a special shady place all their own to relax, sleep, and play.Best Baby Beach Tents

A baby beach tent gives your little one a special shady place all their own to relax, sleep and play. It prevents your bundle of joy from getting sunburned or overheating, and it goes beyond that beach vacation. Use it in your own backyard all summer long, or throw it in the trunk for a compact travel playpen for non-babyproof areas. Since sunscreen can be a confusing choice for parents, investing in a sweet little tent is a way to sidestep some of that headache.

If you don’t want to buy a beach tent, you can improvise shade for your baby (like a towel draped over a chair), but a baby beach tent makes things a bit easier on you. It’s a nice investment in making your baby’s summertime relaxing, safe and fun.

What to Look for When Buying a Beach Tent

  1. Does it have full certified UV protection, or is it just a sunshade?
  2. Does the tent include features (like sand pockets, pegs or stakes) that will keep it from blowing away in the wind?
  3. Is there ventilation so it doesn’t become an oven? (Many tents have windows or open-up sides; angle them away from the sun to avoid sunburn, though).
  4. How big of a tent do you need? How many children do you have and how long do you want them to use the tent? To avoid disappointment, make sure you check the exact measurements before buying.
  5. Which actually suits your needs better: a baby beach tent or a full family-sized beach tent? (When we discovered that many baby beach tent shoppers end up buying a full family-sized tent instead, we added a few family size tents to this list).

Sun + Sand + Bug Protection

With SPF 50+ fabric and a pull-down mosquito net, this tent gives sensitive skin and eyes a comfortable shelter. Its roomy size makes it a great option for older babies and toddlers. Bonus: there’s a carry bag included!

Rain or Shine

Collapsed, this tent is small enough to fit into a carry-on bag, but large enough that some mothers use it for breastfeeding privacy. It has sand pockets to weigh it down on windy days, and it’s waterproof in case of a summer rain (or if you need to spray it down with the hose).

For a Nap in the Sunshine

This tent is extra comfortable for napping because of the thick inflatable mat that comes inside, and the mesh windows are nice for checking up on baby without letting any bugs in. Although the travel bed functionality makes it pricier than the other options, it makes a great choice for camping or naps on the beach. Keep in mind: Some parents have said this tent can be difficult to fold back up.

Two-for-One Fun

With a retractable, full-enclosure canopy and a comfy mat inside, this tiny tent is perfect for smaller babies to have contained playtime (check out those toys!) or secure naptime whether you’re out on the beach, in the park or in your living room. That’s right, it works both indoors and out! Keep in mind: This tent doesn’t have UV protection, so you’ll still need to apply plenty of sunscreen on your little one and limit their sun exposure. Also, it only holds up to 20 pounds, so it’ll only last for about the first year.

Winners in Family-Size Tents

Why let baby have all the shade? A family-size beach tent is not that much more expensive than a baby tent. That’s why many parents who are considering baby beach tents end up getting family-size instead.

Plus, it’s easier to use the big tents in creative ways. One brilliant mom set her beach tent up on her deck at home and put an inflatable pool inside of it. Instant beach paradise!

Perfect for Sand

You can set up and stow this one in seconds, and it’s delightfully cool and breezy when both sides are unzipped. And since this tent has no bottom, it’s perfect for the whole family to play in the sand together.

Sunning in Style

This tent isn’t just stylish—it’s practical, too! Its open-sided design keeps it light and breezy, and since it’s the perfect size for a couple toddlers or preschoolers, this is one you’ll want to take to playdates on the beach.

Extra Storage Included

This ultra-lightweight, UPF 50+ beach tent has easy one-minute setup and thoughtful features like pockets for holding sunscreen and toys. It’s definitely on the high-end side, but customers rave about the quality of the manufacturer’s customer service, so the extra money might be worth it.

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