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Best Baby Swimwear
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Baby Swimwear

By Babylist Team
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Best Baby Swimwear.
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Best Baby Swimwear

A chance to splash around in cool water on a warm, sunny day is a dream for most little ones. And having a swimsuit and sunscreen on hand is essential.

You can find swimsuits for babies and toddlers in all the classic styles: one-piece, bikini, tankinis and trunks. But newer additions are fuller-coverage styles like rash guards (i.e. sun shirts) and rompers (i.e. sunsuits) that have short or long sleeves. Rash guards and rompers are particularly popular because they’re made with material that has built-in sun protection for sensitive skin, so you aren’t chasing kiddos down to slather on the sunscreen every hour or coping with aloe vera the next day. When choosing colors and designs for your baby’s next swimsuit, here’s something to keep in mind for water safety: Certain colors are harder to see in a pool. White and shades of blue can make it harder to spot your little one in the water, while bright and neon shades of green, purple, red and orange are much easier to see.

To help you prepare for those water-filled, sandy fun days, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most comfortable suits around.

Best One-Piece with Built-In Diaper

One-piece swimsuits are a classic, and we love that they keep little bellies covered. While there’s no shortage of cute baby and toddler one-pieces out there, this one from i play by Green Sprouts is one of our top picks because of its extra component: the built-in swim diaper. Most baby swimsuits won’t have a swim diaper built into the fabric, which leads to extra bulk from wearing both a swim diaper and a swimsuit, plus it’s just one more piece of clothing to remember on your way to the pool. But since this one includes the diaper, you don’t need to give it a second thought. Bonus: This suit offers UPF 50+ sun protection, also built right into the fabric!

Additional Specs
Sizes 0-6M, 6-12M

Bright Basics

Today your toddler declares pink their favorite color. Tomorrow they’ll say it’s yellow. No problem. This UPF 50 swimsuit has all the bright and cheerful colors of the rainbow to choose from, and we love that it’s gender-neutral. The long sleeves help keep more of baby’s skin protected, and the snaps on the legs make changing baby’s swim diaper a whole lot easier. Other options from Primary include rash guard shirts, swim trunks and swim diapers in bold colors. And they make great swimsuits for older kids too.

Additional Specs
Sizes 3-6M to 18-24M

Cutest Swim Diaper Combo

Whether you’re headed to the pool, the lake or the backyard sprinkler, don’t forget the most important part of any swimwear: the swim diaper (heads up: they’re required in public pools). While you do want to make sure that every part of your little one is covered either by clothing or sunscreen, you especially want their tushy covered with an extra absorbent swim diaper to keep bodily waste out of the water. This reusable swim diaper from Zoocchini offers UPF 50+ protection all from the weave of the fabric (no zinc or chemicals added!), and the adjustable waist provides a snug but comfy fit. And who could resist the matching sun hat?

Additional Specs
Sizes 3-6M to 6-12M

Best Swim Trunks

Want a little more leg coverage? These swim trunks keep baby’s thighs covered, offer UPF 50+ sun protection and come with a built-in swim diaper. And the whole thing is machine washable, so they’ll be ready for the next outing in no time.

Additional Specs
Sizes 0-6M to 6-12M

Best Rash Guard Shirt

Once you’ve got your little one’s bottom half covered, you should definitely consider covering their upper half, too. While it’s not an absolute requirement that babies wear shirts in the water, you’ll still want some sun protection for that part of their skin, and a rash guard shirt is a lot easier to manage than reapplying sunscreen. The long sleeves and UPF 50+ material keep delicate skin fully protected, and the material is quick-drying so kiddo doesn’t stay soaked for long.

Additional Specs
Sizes 0-6M to 4T

Best Multi-Functional Swimwear

This snazzy swim set quickly goes from the playground to the pool and back again thanks to its neutral style and color. The textured look and decorative buttons say “ready to play” while the UPF 50+ polyester and polyamide blend say “splash all day”—so your little one gets the best of both worlds, and you don’t have to worry about bringing a change of clothes.

Additional Specs
Sizes 4-6M to 4T

Best Swimwear Coverup

Pool, ocean, lake…whichever is your little one’s chosen body of water, it’s all lots of fun until they’re sopping wet and a breeze kicks up—then it can get downright chilly. Help your little one dry off and stay warm in style with this Hanna Andersson poncho that’s a cross between a swimsuit coverup and a hooded towel. We also love their selection of swimwear with fun, unique prints.

Additional Specs
Sizes S/M, M/L

Best Water Shoes

Don’t forget about their feet! These water socks are made from a neoprene material which means they’re super lightweight and flexible. The non-slip sole ensures they can safely play and explore no matter where your adventures take you.

Additional Specs
Sizes 3-4
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