Best Baby Toys of 2017

Best Baby Toys of 2017

Last Updated: January 1, 2017
It's all fun and games with these favorites that will delight your child.Best Baby Toys of 2017

Do babies even need toys?

Newborns do not actually need toys, since since sleeping and eating are really their main interests. But around the 3 month mark, many parents see their babies “wake up” and become more interested in the world around them; this is a great time to introduce them to fun toys.

Which kinds of toys should babies play with?

Realistically, babies are happy playing with household items like wooden spoons and plastic food containers, so you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed to break the bank on toys. The best toys for babies have colorful contrast for developing eyes and and engaging textures for little hands. And because babies do tend to explore the world by placing new items in their mouths, all toys should be safe to chew on. We suggest registering for at least a few fun and bright toys that will come in handy to distract a fussy baby or make tummy time more enjoyable.

How we chose our best picks

We asked thousands of real BabyList families about the baby products they love the most. We took the top toys they shared with us and added our own research and insight. We think you and your little one will love at least one of these items, too.

Babylist Best Picks

Best Toys for Under 6 Months

Picking the right toys for the right ages is important.

Manhattan Toy Toy Winkel - $11.99

This colorful looped grab toy is the perfect size for little hands and has a gentle texture for young ones to gnaw on. It can even be refrigerated to a cool temperature to soothe sensitive teething gums. Although it’s simple, many parents find their babies mesmerized by the rattle and colors. It’s also lightweight enough to play with from an early age.


“This is a great toy because it’s one of the only toys a baby can actually lift and grab from 3 months plus.”

“My baby has loved the bright colors from the start!” -Esther M.

Oball Classic - $9.67

Oball toys are round rattles with a lattice-like pattern that creates little holes for easy grabbing. It can be rolled, bounced, chewed on, and shaken safely for lots of toy time fun. The soft surface and bright colors will keep your little one intrigued and ready to explore.


“It’s easy for an infant to grab when developing their hand-eye coordination, comes in fun colors and [is] good for throwing in your diaper bag/stroller when on the go.” -Angela P.

“Our Oball was one of my little guy’s first toys that he actually played with. It’s super easy for them to hold, and with the little rattle feature it is fun for him to shake!” -Chris P.

Best Toys for Traveling

Keep your baby entertained on the go!

Baby Einstein Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes - $6.99

This may look like a cartoon version of an iPod but babies really do love it. Your baby will hear versions of classical Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini along with bright lights and colors. Plus, it’s a great size to throw in a diaper bag and your little one can hold on to it by it’s caterpillar handle.


“The songs are longer than other toys so you can sing along with them to your baby…It’s one of her favorite toys and we bring it everywhere.” -Lisa B.

“I could not survive a car ride without it. Apparently other mommies agreed because I received 3 for my shower! I used them all!” -Nicole A.

Bright Starts Take Along Carrier Toy Bar - $5.79

This toy bar might be small, but with 4 fun melodies, colorful animals, and a mirror that all hang above your little one, it packs in a whole lot of fun. The bar comes with easy-to-use straps that can attach to most carriers and car seats. It’s a great, quick distraction for on-the-go families!


“Our kiddo is now happy to ride along in the car. She plays with this during short and long car rides. We had a 1000 mile road this was a lifesaver on our way back.” -Megan H.

Best Toys for Soothing

These toys are perfect for helping your baby calm down.

WubbaNub Pacifier - $13.95

This simple concept soother is a plush stuffed toy attached to a Soothie pacifier. The easy-to-grab animals come in different options like elephant or giraffe, and even if your baby doesn’t like a pacifier, some like to chew on the soft rubber section. Since pacifiers are small, they notoriously get lost when flung out of a crib. But the animal part of this soother makes it easy to find and keep up with for routine nap and bedtimes.


“These are wonderful for little ones because it allows them to develop their motor control skills, AND it’s sooo much easier to try to find [and] replace a pacifier in the middle of the night when it’s attached to an adorable stuffed animal! ”-Adrienne S.

“We don’t encourage the pacifier but when he needs it, this one is great. It never gets lost, his little hands can easily grab and hold it.”-Felice P.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether - $23.53

Sophie has become super popular- and for good reason. The high contrast spots are visible for you baby from a very young age and the gentle rubber is soft on young gums. It squeaks (similar to a dog chew toy), and the neck and legs are pliable enough for a baby to easily bend and bite.


“I thought this toy was trendy fluff, that the only reason people bought it was because everyone else was buying it. But from the minute we pulled this out for our little boy, He and Sophie are inseparable… Sophie is the real deal!” -Lindsay B.

“There’s something about those spots, that little face and those hooves … my baby is obsessed.” Jenna B.

Choosing what’s right for you

While toys aren’t a necessity for your new little one, they can still be a lot of fun. And friends and family love to buy cute, memorable toys off your registry. Depending on your budget and style, pick one (or several!) that will be part of many happy times ahead!

If you’re interested, we also have guides to your bigger toys and fun items: bouncers, swings, playards, and playmats.

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