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Gift Guide: Sharing Adult Hobbies with Babies & Toddlers
Updated on
December 22, 2023

Gift Guide: Sharing Adult Hobbies with Babies & Toddlers

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Gift Guide: Sharing Adult Hobbies with Babies & Toddlers.
Gift Guide: Sharing Adult Hobbies with Babies & Toddlers

Babies and toddlers are experts at observing adults so that they can learn new skills. And in addition to being willing little helpers—with household chores & around the kitchen—they’d make a great buddy, too. All they need is a little encouragement and the right introductory gear. So we've rounded up our favorite toys for tiny enthusiasts, which are more practical than make-believe—and oh so fun!

Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

Toys and gear to teach little ones about adult hobbies.


Biking: A toddler-sized ride that looks just like an adult's & is on our list of the best balance bikes.
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Wonder & Wise 
Good Wood Mini Golf Game

Golf: Putting practice with mini golf obstacles that are so fun, parents will want to play, too.
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Fishin' Magnetic Baby and Toddler Bath Toy

Fishing: A magnetic toy to help the littlest anglers practice casting during tub time.
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Roshambo Baby 
Polarized Baby Shades with Strap and Case

Adventuring: Polarized eyewear that's lightweight, shatter resistant—and can float.
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Dock & Bay 
Kids Poncho Towels

Swimming: A towel that doubles as a cover for changing out of wet suits and swim diapers.
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Bubble Lawn Mower

Lawn Maintenance: A pushable bubble machine that encourages little walkers with entertaining fun.
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Insect Lore 
Butterfly Pavilion

Pollinator Protection: A pavilion & live caterpillars, to teach budding butterfly conservationists about metamorphosis.
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Terra Kids 
Children's Binoculars

Bird Watching: Complete with a neck strap and carrying case, these itty bitty binoculars also have 4x magnification.
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Lily & River 
Little Climber

Rock Climbing: A petite gym with a reversible climbing wall & slide, crafted from sustainable bamboo.
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Little Tikes 
Sports T-ball Set

Softball: Get a leg up on your little league coaching skills with this tee-ball set for little batters.
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Nancy Nikko 
Bookplate with Dragon Illustration

Reading: Sticky bookplates help early readers keep track of their books while sharing them with friends.
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Riglet Kids Snowboard

Snowboarding: For balance training at home: they stand, you pull—in your own backyard or living room.
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Toddler's 1.5mm Back-Zip Springsuit

Surfing: Why a tiny springsuit? Even before they can catch a wave, they'll want to join you near the shore.
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Crate & Kids 
Wooden Kids Art Easel

Art: 1 wooden easel that supports 3 types of masterpieces: on paper, with chalk and on a whiteboard.
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Uncle Milton 
Moon In My Room

Astronomy: A night light that emulates the waxing & waning phases of the moon.
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Lacing Board Toy

Sewing: This classic wood-and-shoelace combo lets little artisans practice needlework skills.
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Mini Acoustic Kids Guitar for Beginners

Guitar: This 3-string version is made from real wood & comes with chord flashcards plus video lessons.
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Window Garden Book Set

Gardening: A real windowsill growing kit plus a colorful book about how plants bloom.
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Wonder & Wise 
Little Builder Workbench

Building: This mini workbench comes with a pretend hammer, wrench, pliers, hand saw & other tools, so you can work on your home projects "together."
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The Riders Ride-On Car

Racing: A 1950s-inspired model designed for speed (and collectors), featuring high-grade rubber tires.
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Kids Yoga Mat

Yoga: A mini mat so they can practice downward dog & butterfly poses with grippy support underfoot.
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Puro Sound Labs 
Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones

Music: Headphones with safety in mind: they maintain a comfortable volume & don't have any cords.
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Crate & Kids 
Indoor Kids Bowling Set

Bowling: If knocking down pins is up their alley, this could be the game for them.
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Skip Hop 
Farmstand Let The Beet Drop DJ Set Baby Musical Toy

DJ: Unleash the mini mix master in a little one with this fruit and veggie-themed turntable set.
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Gifts for Adults

Practical gear for the big kids sharing their favorite activities with little ones.

Road Runner Bags 
California Burrito Handlebar Bag

Biking: A highly rated handlebar bag for cyclists—particularly handy with a kid (& their stuff) in tow.
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Birdie Bag

Diaper Bag: A cooler (designed for the golf course) that doubles as a diaper (or travel) bag.
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Hedley & Bennett 
Star Wars Chewbacca Crossback & Kids Apron Bundle

Cooking: Matching aprons for home cooks & their tiny sous chefs = as adorable as they are practical.
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Sport Action Camera 720p 12.1mp

Photography: A sporty camera that's durable, lightweight & compact enough to share with little hands, too.
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Hill House Home 
Women's Addie Dress

Fashion: Mommy-and-me outfits for stylish families at the beach, at brunch—or just out and about.
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Portable Karaoke Machine

Karaoke: For passionate vocalists who want to entertain—and then pass the mic to—the next generation.
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