Best Travel Toys for Babies and Toddlers
Best Travel Toys for Babies and Toddlers
October 12, 2020

Best Travel Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Best Travel Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Some people love traveling—they live for long-distance road trips and collecting sky miles. Babies? Not so much. Being confined to a car seat for hours without much of a view can be really frustrating, especially to a tiny, wiggly person.

Whether you’re driving, flying or even just going out to a restaurant for an hour or two with your baby or toddler, you’re going to want to bring something to keep your little one entertained. But you don’t want it to lug around an entire activity center. The best toys to take with you are small and portable so you can easily fit them in your diaper bag and pull them out at a moment’s notice.

To keep your kiddo from getting fussy on the go, these are our favorite baby and toddler toys to travel with.

Fresh Fruit for the Road

You may tell your child not to play with their food, but with this toy, playing with food is totally encouraged. The two sides of this cheerful avocado stick together with a hook-and-loop closure and pull apart to reveal a beaded rattle for the pit. And the ring easily hooks onto any car seat, stroller or diaper bag strap.

The All-In-One Toy

This firefly has just about everything a baby could hope for in a carry-along toy. Bright colors, fun patterns, a variety of textures, tiny baby-safe mirrors (babies love their own reflections). This toy is a little larger than most others on this list, so it works better if you have a larger diaper bag. Need a smaller toy that still has tons of features? Captain Calamari is another favorite from Lamaze.

Double Duty

This toy is more than just a handful of plastic clips. The clips clink together on the easy-grip ring to create a rattle, and the textures of the clips are lots of fun for teething babies to chew on. But what parents will think is the best thing about this toy: the BPA-free plastic is a cinch to clean with a sanitizing wipe or some soap and water.

Brilliantly Simple

Who knew something as simple as a few silicone bubbles would be so endlessly entertaining? Babies seriously can’t get enough of popping these bubbles back and forth in the plastic frame (even as adults, we’re memorized too), and it’s great for building those fine motor skills. And at just over five inches long, it fits perfectly in any size diaper bag.

Music Time Anytime

Let baby set the road trip playlist with this longtime parent and baby favorite. Ten beloved classical melodies and colorful rhythmic lights keep kiddo’s typically short attention span thoroughly captured. But keep in mind: Even with two volume settings, the music can be a little loud (and repetitive), so this toy is best kept to the family car and not crowded planes, trains or restaurants.

Stick ‘Em Anywhere

Thanks to the suction cup bases, these rattles are going nowhere. Stick them to the airplane tray table, and even the roughest turbulence won’t unstick them. Going out to eat? Stick them to the restaurant table (just be sure to wipe it down first) to keep baby occupied during dinner.

The Washable Book

Take this book anywhere. Seriously. Do anything to it, and it’ll stay intact. Spilled juice on it in the car? Wipe it down. Nervous flyer chewing up the pages? No rips here! Even if you have to quickly stuff it in your bag to get through airport security and it gets super crinkled, the book is easy to reshape and you don’t have to worry about any tears. It’s the perfect travel baby book.

Travel-Ready Touch-and-Feel

If your little reader needs a little more than just pretty pictures, here’s a travel-friendly book that’s packed with textures and surprises on every page. Between a squeaky fish, a silky mermaid tail and a peekaboo mirror, there’s plenty of delights to keep baby busy.

For On-the-Go Naps

Okay, so this is less of a toy and more of a parenting hack, but it’s still one of our go-to items to bring on any long car ride. If you’re having trouble getting a fussy baby to sleep in their car seat, this mini sound machine lets you choose from two lullabies and two nature sounds to soothe little ones to sleep for (hopefully) the entirety of your travel time.

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