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Best Bubble Toys for Babies and Toddlers
Updated on
October 31, 2023

Best Bubble Toys for Babies and Toddlers

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Best Bubble Toys for Babies and Toddlers.
Best Bubble Toys for Babies and Toddlers

When it comes to summer fun for little ones, some outdoor toys will always be poppin’—take bubbles, for instance. Have you ever met a baby or toddler who hasn’t been completely mesmerized by bubbles—be it blowing, popping, catching, chasing or just following them with their eyes? The bubbles’ luminous, rainbow colors and how they float through the air is instantly captivating to a child. Even as adult parents, we’re obsessed with the simplicity and ever-hypnotic allure of this classic toy, how easy it is to play with them and how much fun can be had with a bottle of bubbles, a bubble wand and a whole lot of imagination.

For babies and toddlers, bubbles offer “a multi-sensory and magical experience that fascinates children,” explains Sarah Liebenrood and Rebecca Gasiewicz Thiemann, teachers, play experts and creators of the kindergarten prep book, Kindergarten Ready Through Play. They also provide a number of developmental merits for your bright and bubbly kiddo, from visual and sensorimotor stimulation to cause-and-effect learning opportunities and emotional regulation benefits.

The Benefits of Playing With Bubbles

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), outdoor play fosters “children’s curiosity, creativity and critical thinking,” but even more simply, it can “help with motor development and overall physical health… lower their stress and increase their focus.”

Liebenrood and Thiemann agree, adding that bubbles help with so many key competencies, “including speech and language skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and social skills.”

Speech and language

Beyond inviting giggles and various sound effects from your entertained tot, bubbles can afford you, as a parent or caregiver, the opportunity to engage in playful conversations with your mini. Ask them to describe the bubbles’ size, shape and how they float, glide or move as a way to strengthen their vocabulary or inspire their language skills.

Fine motor skills

Bubble are likely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of toys for fine motor skills, or toys that develop gross motor skills for that matter. Blowing and chasing after bubbles involves both, since toddlers need to coordinate their hand movements to blow bubbles or reach out and pop them. The sensorimotor experience helps them grow and refine their motor skills.

Spatial awareness

Bubbles have a mind of their own, and they’ll catch a breeze or get launched into an unpredictable pattern. Toddlers, in turn, will track their trajectory and anticipate where they’ll go, honing their spatial awareness and sharpening their hand-eye coordination to try and pop or catch each bubble.

Social skills

Playing with bubbles helps toddlers develop important social skills such as turn-taking, peer engagement and non-verbal communication. Through bubble play, toddlers learn to take turns, interact with others and express themselves non-verbally, fostering social interaction and cooperation in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Emotional regulation

Blowing and watching bubbles can be a soothing and calming experience for toddlers. The slow and gentle motions of blowing bubbles can help regulate their emotions and provide a sense of relaxation. Additionally, for fussy or worked up babies, the K-Ready Through Play team says that “bubbles are a great way to help them calm down and parents can facilitate.”

Whether you’re in the parent bubble, or just popping by (hiya, grandparents, favorite aunties, nannies, babysitters and/or additional caregivers) on a sunny day, you’ll be sure to keep the tiny troops occupied for hours on end with these baby and toddler-friendly bubble toys, bubble machines and bubble baubles. Here are our favorites!

Best Bubble Maker for Babies

Have a crabby baby on your hands? We have a snappy solution. Just pour a few full caps of the bubble solution (it comes with a 4 oz. bottle) into the crab’s open claws (easy enough for an older toddler to do themselves—if you prepare it for them—but fun to show your baby, telling them you’re giving Mr. Crab some bubble power), press the ‘ON’ button and await the torrent of sparkling bubbles that follow.

Young babies will be completely satisfied just watching the charged-up crustacean shimmying across the floor, blowing bubbles, but older ones might be motivated to start their own chase, reaching out to touch the bubbles and giggling as soon as they hear (and feel) that delightful pop. It definitely works better on a smooth surface (read: without cracks that his claws can end up wedged in), like the driveway, patio or deck, but if you don’t mind cleaning up bubble drips, this dancing decapod can be a great indoor toy, as well. He might even inspire your own little pincer to start crawling…

  • Bubbles included
  • 3 AA batteries (not included)

Best No Spill Bubble Maker

Toddlers are no strangers to thrills and spills (in more ways than one), but that’s what makes this adorable CoComelon No Spill bubble maker so special. If your JJ-loving little one reaches out to touch the franchise’s iconic pink and green-striped fruit every time they hear the show’s introduction, then they’ll be ecstatic to have one of their very own. The whimsical watermelon plays “Wheels on the Bus” as bubbles float out of the hole in the top (a 4 oz. bottle of bubbles is included). And since it’s crafted with teeny hands in mind, the bubble maker is easy to hold and operate, making it a great toy for independent play (there’s nothing to do but watch the bubbles and listen to the catchy tune). Even if they tip it over or unintentionally start playing a round of “hot melon” with their friends, the no-spill design ensures there’s no leaks, spurts or sticky messes to be had. If you happen to be having a “ONE in a Melon” first birthday party for your summer babe, this is the perfect just-turned-toddler gift!

  • Bubbles included
  • Requires 3 AA batteries; not included

Best Musical Bubble Maker

Do the words “dance mode” initiate Heeler-style pandemonium in your household (sprinkler dance moves, tail-shaking and lots of flossing)? Because this voice-activated bubble microphone might just be the thing that takes your Bingo and Bluey-obsessed babes to a whole new level of fandom. All your little pup needs to do is dip the bubble wand into the bubble solution and then start singing into the microphone. Their crooning sets off a cascade of bubbles and a corresponding light show—and within a few minutes, it feels like you’re at a concert hall in Brisbane, brimming with bubbles (in reality, your toddler is just belting it out in the backyard and the bubbles are flying).

  • Bubbles included
  • Requires 2 AA batteries; not included

Best Bubble Maker for Pretend Play

For the toddler set, pretend play (imitating mom or dad or mimicking something they’ve seen in real-life with their own, miniature props) is huge. So, if you want to find a bubble toy that will truly blow their minds, look no further than this leaf blower bubble machine. The 14.5’’ gray, blue and green blower is easy to maneuver, which is clutch for the tiny humans handling it—and it’s easy to get going. Just pop in the included bottle of non-toxic bubbles on the bottom, add the batteries (which aren’t included, unfortunately), tell your leaf-tidying apprentices to press the trigger and then watch the air start swirling with bubbles. What’s more, the machine also makes true-to-the-real-thing mechanical sound effects that rev up the fun.

  • Bubbles included
  • Requires 3 AA batteries; not included

Best Bubble Maker for Toddlers Who Need a Little Push

Or should we say who want to do the pushing themselves? In truth, blowing bubbles isn’t hard, it just takes some practice—you’ll want your little to get comfortable dipping a wand in bubbles, holding it at a safe distance and blowing gently to push out the bubbles. But if they’re not really into doing it themselves or don’t want to get messy (soapy, sticky bubbles can feel yucky, we get it), a bubble mower is a great option. With this one, you can help them pour the bubble solution—which is non-toxic and formulated without parabens and phthalates—into the front reservoir (another opportunity to foster speech and language, as you can say “go ahead, sweetie, fill it to that line right there”), turn it on and let ‘em go. The push-action mechanism makes it easy for walking toddlers to navigate the mower around the lawn, driveway or any hard surface, prompting all the bubble action. It lights up, makes vroom, vroom noises and, since it’s bright and neon, it’ll easily stand out—so when they want/need it you don’t have to tear your garage or shed apart.

  • Bubbles included
  • Requires 5 AA batteries; not included

Best Bubble Maker for Toddlers Who Just Prefer to Pop

For parents with toddlers who’d rather run after bubbles than blow them themselves, this bubble machine is right on point. With its continuous stream of bubbles, you can take charge of the filling and blowing while your pint-sized popper watches the iridescent orbs bursting from the green, orange and blue blaster and sets out to catch them. Not only does this Bubble Barrage encourage active play, coordination and motor skill development, with your little one running here and there to catch, poke, pop and clap the bubbles, it also promotes social interaction. You can give your bubble brigade some fun, easy cues before all chaos breaks loose (like “blow a kiss when you pop a bubble” or “tell me your favorite color as soon as you see the rainbow reflection in the bubble”). If your toddler just loves getting wild, then they’ll meet their match in this super cool bubble maker.

  • Bubbles included
  • Requires 3 AA batteries; not included

Best Bubbles for Sensory-Sensitive Toddlers

Liebenrood and Thiemann tell us that “anything that enhances a child’s sensory experience with play can be beneficial; the more senses that are involved, the more meaningful the experience is in building brain connections that will enhance a child’s learning experience.” If your toddler is vulnerable to sensory overload, though, you’ll just want to enliven the senses in a less triggering way. This thoughtfully crafted bundle is designed to provide a sensory experience that is gentle, soothing and won’t overwhelm them. The carefully selected scents, such as lavender or chamomile, have calming properties known to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. The bubbles themselves provide a tactile sensation that can be enjoyable and pacifying for children with sensory sensitivities. And, as a brand, Ever Eden prioritizes the use of safe, non-toxic ingredients, so you never have to worry about playtime.

  • Trio of bubble bottles in Cool Peach, Fresh Pomelo and Melon Juice scents
  • Star wands included in each bottle

Best Bubble Maker for Toddlers Who Want Them Everywhere

Bath time included! We just had to close out our list with Munchkin’s Bubble Bestie, because it’s super cute, it checks the boxes for a best bath and bubble toy (with no batteries or any electronic parts) and it lets your toddler take the reins (or, well, easy-to-hold ring, I guess). It’s pretty simple to use, too. You just wet the blue cloth in the trunk, add tear-free soap or shampoo and then hand it over to your soaking sidekick to blow into and create a bubble train. You don’t have to worry that your little will inhale anything, either; the expertly engineered one-way mouthpiece prevents any inadvertent bubble or soap swallowing. Oh! And the screw-on elephant trunk is easy-on, easy-off, so you can clean it often with no hassle.

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