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Best Baby and Toddler Activity Subscription Boxes
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Baby and Toddler Activity Subscription Boxes

By Babylist Team
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Best Baby and Toddler Activity Subscription Boxes.
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Here's a guide to the most fun boxes to keep your kids entertained for hours.Best Baby and Toddler Activity Subscription Boxes

You know that feeling when someone sends you a gift in the mail? The anticipation. The excitement. The surprise. You get all those feels—and you skip the hassle of researching and shopping for the best stuff—when you sign up for a subscription box.

And it’s still exciting even when the subscription box isn’t even for you. Subscription boxes for babies and toddlers are fun for parents to receive not just because of the surprise of what’s inside, but also because of what they mean for your little one: new entertainment.

Whether it’s toys, books or crafts, there’s a monthly box out there for whatever activity your kiddo likes best. And you don’t even have to do the shopping for it!

Here are our top recommendations for subscription boxes that’ll keep your little one totally entertained.

Stage-Based Play

Lovevery is known for a thoughtfully designed Play Gym that grows with baby through the stages of first-year development. Now they have boxes that continue that idea. The Lovevery Play Kits break baby’s development down into two-month chunks—because each stage is so different—and customizes each box with toys and play ideas for that stage. For example, the Looker Play Kit, for ages newborn to eight weeks, is geared toward sight development. Pro tip: subscribe to the whole series and save 10 percent. Looking for toddler kits? Find them on Lovevery’s site.

Additional Specs
Age Range Newborn to 1 year

For Curious Crafters

It’s not too early to teach your tyke about art and science when it’s done through play. With Koala Crate, you and your toddler get a monthly project—designed in collaboration with child development and behavior experts at Seattle Children’s Hospital—to work on together. Each box has a theme like camping, doctor’s visit or rainbows that helps your kiddo learn more about the world and strengthen emerging skills (like fine motor skills and counting). Looking for something for younger babies? KiwiCo also makes the adorable Panda Crate for newborns to two-year-olds.

Additional Specs
Age Range 2 to 4 years old

Build a Book Collection

It wouldn’t hurt to have a Pulitzer Prize winner in the family, right? Encourage a love of literature with a Lillypost subscription. Every box contains three or four board or picture books individually wrapped and suited for your child’s age. You’ll get new books and old favorites at up to 50 percent off retail prices. And, while you’re developing a strong reader, you’re also giving back: Lillypost donates a book to a child in need for every box ordered.

Additional Specs
Age Range 0-7 years

For the Diverse Bookshelf

The Little Feminist box is designed to help build empathy in children of all genders, races and families. What you get: one to two books featuring strong female characters, diverse families and/or people of color. All books are selected by a team of teachers, librarians and parents, and the box also includes hands-on science and art activities that focus on feminism and social justice, as well as discussion questions for the whole family. Customize your box for age appropriateness—there are two-year-olds, two- to four-year-olds, four- to seven-year-olds and seven- to nine-year-olds.

Additional Specs
Age Range 0-9 years

Montessori at Home

The Montessori teaching philosophy stresses learning through discovery and through hands-on tinkering—two things babies and toddlers love to do. Simple wooden toys without lights or sounds are meant to maximize imaginative play and problem solving. Two-minute videos explain how to introduce each toy to your child before giving your little one space to figure things out on their own. Though the price is steep at just under $300 per box, these toys and activities come with the Montessori stamp of authenticity since each box is designed and created by internationally-certified Montessori educators.

Additional Specs
Age Range 0-3 years
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