8 Best Baby and Toddler Pajamas of 2020
Best Baby Pajamas
March 14, 2019

Best Baby Pajamas

Best Baby Pajamas .
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Babylist is the baby registry that lets you add any item from any store to one beautiful registry including the best baby pajamas. Great picks for newborn, one piece, and winter and summer. From cute animal PJs to gender neutral basics it's all here.Best Baby Pajamas

Let’s be real: You’ll do anything to help your baby sleep better (and get more rest yourself).

The first step in making that happen is dressing your little one in comfy pajamas—not too cold, not too hot and never scratchy—so they’re relaxed and ready for a long snooze (hopefully!).

Do you really need baby pajamas?

Actually, many babies don’t sleep in pajamas until four to six months old. That’s because newborns require more middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Dressing your newborn in a one-piece bodysuit (the ones that look like undershirts with snap buttons in the diaper area), and then wrapping your child in a swaddle or a wearable blanket for warmth, makes for quicker diaper changes.

When should you switch to pajamas? If your baby is moving more, turning over or breaking out of their swaddle, it’s time.

What’s with the flame-resistant warnings?

The warnings found on children’s pajamas are a bit scary, but here’s the deal: children’s pajamas are required by law to be treated with fire-retardant chemicals or to be tight fitting. Because the flame-resistant chemicals used on pajamas have been linked to increased hyperactivity and lowered IQ in children, we recommend buying only untreated, tight-fitting pajamas.

How do you choose the best baby pajamas?

The most important thing when shopping for baby pajamas is to make sure there are no hoods or loose-fitting tops that could pose a suffocation hazard. Also, consider the weather. Blankets in the crib are a big no-no because they could ride up over your baby’s face. Instead, opt for thicker pajamas, wearable blankets or sleep sacks to keep your baby warm and safe. During warmer seasons, dress your little one in lighter pajamas so they don’t get overheated. If baby is flushed or sweaty, they need fewer layers.

Ready to shop? We rounded up the best baby PJ-makers for you.

So Many Colors to Choose

Shopping for PJs here is like diving into a crayon box. There are so many vibrant colors to choose from, and they all come in velvety soft 100-percent combed cotton. Purchase a footed bodysuit that comes in snap or zip-up fronts, or buy PJ tops and bottoms separately. The jammies also come in rainbow stripes.

Additional Specs
Size Range 0-3M through 18-24M
Care Machine washable

Simple Cotton Sleepwear

Old Navy has a great range of breathable cotton sleepwear, from one-piece, footed jammies to multiple-piece sleep sets (think: shorts, pants, long- and short-sleeved tops to allow for same jammies, different weather). They come in a range of fun styles (many with cute sayings) for girls and boys, as well as gender neutral.

Additional Specs
Size Range 0-6T
Care Machine washable

No-Fuss Diaper Changes

If you worry about catching your baby with a zipper, but snaps drive you crazy (they never line up right!) then these 100-percent cotton footie pajamas are for you. Magnetic closures are safe and easy to pull apart and put back together.

Additional Specs
Size Range NB-3-6M
Care Machine washable

So Many Options

At Carter’s, you can select how you want your baby’s one-piece jammies to fit and the type of material—terry cloth, thermal cotton, traditional or organic cotton. They have a ton of sleep sets in both shorts, long pants and sleeves long and short, too.

Additional Specs
Size Range Preemie-5T
Care Machine washable

Warm and Toasty

When it’s cold outside, nothing beats a microfleece sleep sack for safely keeping your baby warm and cozy. And, it unzips from the bottom to give you easy access for diaper changes. There’s also a lightweight, cotton muslin version for warmer weather.

Additional Specs
Size Range Small (10 to 18 lbs) and Medium (16 to 24 lbs)
Care Machine washable

Buttery Soft

Although these one-pieces are on the pricier side, many parents say they are worth it. The 100-percent organic combed-cotton rib-knit jammies come prewashed and stay soft over time. Hanna Anderson also makes footed jammies, as well as matching sets for the whole family.

Additional Specs
Size Range 0-3M to 3 yrs
Care Machine washable

The Two Piece

These soft jammies feature a top and a bottom for comfy sleep and convienent diaper changes. The stingray pattern is adorable, and they also come in a cute palm leef print.

Additional Specs
Size range 0-6M to 5T
Care Machine washable

Half Swaddle, Half Blanket

The Zipadee-Zip is a nice option for little ones who are busting out of a swaddle, but still need its womblike comfort. The starfish-shaped material (a polyester and Spandex blend) lets your baby move their arms, legs and hands within a soft enclosure. They also have toddler pjs, dubbed “The Flying Squirrel” for its unique design.

Additional Specs
Size Range S-L
Care Machine washable

Choosing What’s Right For You

A good pair of PJs can make your baby feel comfy all night long. Look for ones that haven’t been chemically treated and aren’t too loose around the neck (and could ride up over your child’s face). You also want jammies that will keep your baby cozy, but not too hot.

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