Sleepy Reads for Baby's Bedtime

Best Bedtime Books

June 15, 2016

Best Bedtime Books

Best Bedtime Books
Here are fifteen books guaranteed to send your baby right to sleep: not just adorable, but useful too.Best Bedtime Books

Reading to your child at bedtime is not only one of the best ways to bond with them, but it can also help create a nighttime routine—and maybe even help them fall asleep. This list includes both classics and new favorites that will send your child off to dreamland in the sweetest way possible.

This is probably the most famous sleepytime book ever written, with lullaby-like text and classic illustrations. Say goodnight to familiar objects one by one, then off to bed we go.

Goodnight Moon


A great bedtime choice for the truck-obsessed kiddo, this book tells the story of big machinery that bid goodnight one by one, from the crane truck to the bulldozer.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site


A story all parents and kids can relate to: Baby Owl doesn’t want to go to sleep, even though he’s tired. (If you like this, there’s a whole series about Baby Owl’s misadventures.)

I'm Not Sleepy!


Dr. Seuss made a name for himself with imaginative, expressive characters, and this interactive book shows a variety of Seussian creatures yawning, stretching, tucking in and sleeping soundly. They say yawns are contagious, so see if this will work with your little one.

Dr. Seuss's Sleep Softly Book


Your child will enjoy hunting for the owl on every page in this gorgeous tour of how different animals sleep.

A Book of Sleep


A singsong rhyming pattern will help lull your baby as they look at all the different animals kissing.

If Animals Kissed Good Night


A fun instruction guide to bedtime routines, featuring adorable monkeys.

It's Bedtime for Little Monkeys


An incredibly soothing tour of a polar bear’s imaginary dreamscape with beautiful rhyming.

Hush Little Polar Bear


The perfect goodnight book for a child that loves trains has gentle rhyming text and lovely illustration details like signs that read, “Dreamland: 20 Winks Ahead.”

The Goodnight Train


Advice to count sheep backfires, when noisy brightly colored sheep show up and start partying. But ultimately, the special sheep tucks the child safely to sleep.

Hey Sheep! Let Me Sleep!


Amazing watercolor illustrations, a gentle rhyming pattern, and all kinds of baby animals being tucked in.

Time for Bed


The story is funny with a moment of sadness, and the repeated refrain “but the bear snores on” gives an irresistible rhythm to the story.

Bear Snores On


All the creatures in the napping house want to snuggle into bed with Granny. The gentle, predictable rhyme is soothing, and at the same time there’s a touch of humor.

The Napping House


It’s bedtime in the Star Wars galaxy, and Darth Vader’s parenting skills are being tested because his kids Luke and Leia don’t want to go to sleep.

Goodnight Darth Vader


A book about three little dragon siblings getting ready for bed, with awesome baby dragon sound effects your child will love to try out.

Good Night Little Dragons


Best Bedtime Books for Babies

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