10 Best Vehicle Books for Babies and Toddlers of 2023
Best Vehicle Books for Toddlers
January 6, 2023

Best Vehicle Books for Toddlers

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Best Vehicle Books for Toddlers

Little ones love things that zoom and honk—from cars and trucks to planes and trains and big construction machines—and they love reading about them too. If you have a vehicle enthusiast on your hands, we’ve gathered our favorite books about all things on four wheels (or more).

If your toddler loves things that go, this comprehensive picture book is basically an encyclopedia of all these transportation. Fire trucks, convertibles, school buses, minivans—just about every kind of vehicle a child could imagine is named and photographed (real-life images, not illustrations!).

First 100 Trucks and Things That Go


For the youngest car lovers, this vehicle-focused Indestructible is a great start to your collection. These little books are made to handle up to anything babies can throw at them; they can be chewed on, folded and wrinkled, and they won’t tear or break. They’re even washable (no kidding).

Indestructibles: Things that Go


Get ready to perfect your “beep beep” and loud “HONK” with this friendly little truck and the big dump truck. It’s a new classic that teaches the benefits of being kind, and while this book may not have been around when you were a kid, you’ll wish it had been.

Little Blue Truck Board Book


Exciting lift-the-flaps reveal adorable animals driving boats, school buses and trains as you search for a baby on the go.

Zoom, Zoom, Baby!


At 90 years old, this adorable story about a helpful little train engine remains a staple of any nursery library, and it teaches children that even the smallest ones can do anything if they just believe in themselves.

The Little Engine That Could


The train to Dreamland is leaving the station, ready to chug on past hills and plains, a bright moon and tired sheep. The lullaby-like rhyme of this book is sure to get any train-loving little one ready for sleep in no time, and the gentle rhythm feels just like a sleepy train: hush-a hush-a hush-a hush-a sleeeeeeeep.

The Goodnight Train


Every heavy-duty machine has its own bouncing poem and illustration to show it hard at work, and with a unique personality in each one, there’s a truck in this book for every kid.

Digger, Dozer, Dumper


Even construction vehicles have to go to sleep, so little ones can join the crane, cement mixer and excavator as they wrap up their busy day and settle into a quiet evening.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site


Get your best aircraft noises ready, because this book is all about the silly sounds planes make! From the seaplane’s “grrrrr putt-putt-putt splash” to the helicopter’s “pittatatta-pittatatta-pittatatta,” there’s no end to the delight your little one will get from learning all about the vehicles that fly (and your sounds don’t even have to be that realistic). And there’s even more vehicle noises to practice with the other books in this series, including boats, cars, trains, trucks and diggers!

Planes Go


Boats are vehicles too! And there’s all different kinds of boats—from the mighty aircraft carrier to the patient sailboat, they all have different jobs to do. The bright and simple illustrations are perfect for little learners, and the short descriptions are enough to satisfy the youngest boat enthusiasts.

Boats Are Busy

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