Best Classic Books for Babies and Kids
Best Classic Books for Babies and Kids
February 25, 2021

Best Classic Books for Babies and Kids

Best Classic Books for Babies and Kids.
Best Classic Books for Babies and Kids

What better way to inspire a love of reading than to introduce your little one to books you loved as a child (and might still know by heart). All the classic baby books have originality, artistry and wonderful storytelling that have delighted readers for generations, and you can continue the tradition with your family with these well-loved, nostalgic favorites.

Little caterpillar, BIG appetite! As the caterpillar takes the journey to become a butterfly, your little one will learn foods, numbers and days of the week (and the valuable lesson that lots of junk food = an upset tummy).

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Board Book


An interactive reading experience is always a classic choice for babies and toddlers, especially if it involves zoo animals. Page after page of this book features flaps that reveal hidden animals as the reader is lead through a guessing game of “Which pet is right for me?”

Dear Zoo Board Book


This book may very well be the most popular way for even the youngest babies to learn their colors (and a few key animals). Brown bears, purple cats, white dogs and even diverse children have made it a favorite for nearly 40 years.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?


This book marks the debut of everyone’s favorite big red dog. Young readers can always look up to Clifford’s big ideas, like how it’s important to share, be kind, respect others, work together and be a great friend. Clifford’s stories will have the whole family saying “Good dog!”

Clifford, The Big Red Dog

Max is a wild boy with a wild imagination, and when he goes to find where all the Wild Things are, he’s crowned king of them all! But what should he do when he starts to feel lonely?

Where the Wild Things Are


Set in Paris, this tale of brave, 7-year-old Madeline’s trip to the hospital is as charming today as it was in 1940. The combination of spirited heroine, timelessly appealing art, good humor and poetic text makes Madeline a perennial favorite with children of all ages.



This beautifully bound volume includes the complete illustrated works of Beatrix Potter, plus four posthumously published stories. The collection includes each stand-alone story, including The Tale of Peter Rabbit, the classic story about the naughty bunny caught in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

Beatrix Potter the Complete Tales


Corduroy has been a classic for more than 40 years, and even the youngest readers can enjoy this sweet story of a bear looking for a home.

Corduroy Big Board Book


Oh, Amelia Bedelia! She’s known to interpret things quite literally, often with very silly consequences. This first original story is sure to inspire smiles and giggles as Amelia Bedelia “draws the drapes” by illustrating drapes onto a piece of paper and prefers to “undust” the furniture rather than dust it.

Amelia Bedelia


Curious George has been getting into all kinds of monkey business for many years, delighting readers of all ages along the way. This collector’s edition contains all seven of the original stories and a wonderfully illustrated map, so you and your little one can follow along as the beloved little monkey learns to ride a bike, fly a kite and say the alphabet.

The Complete Adventures of Curious George

This beloved bedtime story has been gently lulling children to sleep for generations. The natural softness of the words combined with the adorable vintage illustrations will make this a nighttime go-to on your bookshelf.

Goodnight Moon


Although it was published in 2008, this charming tale feels timeless in its rhythm and rhyme, illustrations and lesson. It’s a great opportunity to practice your farm animal and truck noises, and while this book may not have been around when you were a kid, you’ll wish it had been.

Little Blue Truck Board Book

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