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Best Love and Family Baby Books

June 8, 2016

Best Love and Family Baby Books

Best Love and Family Baby Books
Fifteen baby books featuring family themes, which will help your little one feel incredibly loved.Best Love and Family Baby Books

With beautiful storylines and heartwarming art, these family-friendly favorites will add light and love to your child’s bookshelf. They focus on relationship dynamics, teaching children the importance of family bonds and human connection.

One of the few baby books to feature a nurturing daddy, this book shows ten different ways daddies can hug their babies!

Little Simon Daddy Hugs


Although the words are few and small, the story has deep emotional poignancy and is great for introducing little ones to a love of reading. The theme of a baby bird looking for her mother is sure to resonate.

Are You My Mother?


The poor girl is teased for her rag coat, but her classmates learn to think differently when they realize the story behind each piece of patchwork.

The Rag Coat


First published in 1986, this classic book by Robert Munsch is a gentle affirmation of the love a parent feels for their child—forever. The soft and colorful pastel illustrations perfectly complement the sentiment of the book, and it’s sure to be one item on your bookshelf that will be read repeatedly for years.

Love You Forever


The twist (that the kid is babysitting the grandma) is a joke that even a younger child will get–plus this funny book has tons of good ideas for activities to do together.

How to Babysit a Grandma


A parent and a child compete to explain and describe how much they love each other.

Guess How Much I Love You


A very simple book about how different animal mothers love their babies has illustrations that perfectly express tenderness.

Mommy Loves


This book addresses themes of adoption and nontraditional families through the heartwarming true story of two male penguins in Central Park.

And Tango Makes Three


A story captures one man’s love for two countries and two cultures (Japan and the USA).

Grandfather's Journey


This is a celebration of the many different kinds of families that exist, including adopted families, families with same-sex parents, and single-parent families. Author Todd Parr uses humor and a vivid rainbow color palette to illustrate the families he introduces. The book’s message is important: that families come in many different combinations, but all families like to show love.

The Family Book


This story about an adventurous (but reckless) family is full of great sounds, like tall grass that goes swishy swashy and and a snowstorm that goes hooo whooo.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt


Did you know we’re all connected by an invisible string made of love? Just right for helping little ones feel connected to long-distance family members they rarely see.

The Invisible String


The perfect book for explaining to your child the full scope of the tremendous joy you felt when they were born. “On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you.”

On the Night You Were Born


In simple, reassuring language and pictures, a little girl explains that, even though the new baby has brought changes, she is still a special and important part of her family. Perfect for preparing your girl for the arrival of a new sibling. Also comes in this Big Brother version!

I’m a Big Sister


A baby llama has all kinds of questions for his friends about what kind of mom they have. It’s a great way to learn about animals, and the rhythm of the rhyme is really compelling.

Is Your Mama a Llama?


Love and Family Books

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