Activity Books Baby Will Love To Read

Best Activity Books for Babies and Toddlers

July 30, 2019

Best Activity Books for Babies and Toddlers

Best Activity Books for Babies and Toddlers

Part book, part toy, these delightful stories actively engage kids in multi-sensory discovery. Play, draw, dance and explore with these delightful interactive books that engage the senses and introduce kids to new sights, sounds and textures.

From the sticky suction cups that line octopus tentacles to the sandpaper skin of the gray shark, this book invites readers and pre-readers to reach out and feel an underwater world of wonder. Originally published in French, this interactive book instructs young readers to explore a mind-blowing underwater universe as they learn about the deep blue sea and the creatures who call it home.

Touch and Explore the Ocean


Loaded with interactive features, this book is an adventure. “Press, shake, tilt, turn,” this book instructs, prompting readers to engage in page-turning play. With a bright rainbow color palette that seems to leap off the page, the simplicity of this book design has a way of activating the mind and encouraging creativity.

Press Here


This lift-the-flap book is a fun and intuitive anatomical primer for little ones. Readers lift flaps to locate the baby character’s belly button, feet, hands and more. Read it with your child and have them point out their own body parts as they learn. Continue the lesson with the follow-up, Toes, Ears, & Nose.

Where Is Baby's Belly Button?


Pat the Bunny has been a favorite children’s book for generations. Readers see characters in action and then are encouraged to mimic them. The book has a call-and-response-like rhythm that has engaged kids since its original publication in 1940.

Pat the Bunny


This colorful pop-up book introduces an ecosystem of eaters. The frog opens wide for flies, an action vividly animated with the turning of the page. Other characters of the Okefenokee Swamp introduce themselves and their eating habits, including an even larger frog with teeth, which might spell trouble for our protagonist.

The Wide-Mouthed Frog


Based on Dr. Seuss’ celebrated classic “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!,” this interactive book brings Seuss-style adventures to babies and toddlers, with “Seussian stuff to pull, spin and fluff!” Infants will get an introduction to the most celebrated Dr. Seuss characters they can look forward to getting to know.

Dr. Seuss Oh, Baby! Go, Baby!


This lift-the-flap board book is full of funny ways to say bye-bye. Farewells can be tough for all of us, but this sweet, simple story makes goodbyes more giggly with animal rhymes like “hit the road, yellow toad” and “toodle-loo, kangaroo.” The delightful, retro-feel illustrations are filled with color.

Gotta Go, Buffalo!


Babies will love Fuzzy Bee and their insect friends in this cuddly touch-and-feel cloth book. There’s a busy bug to meet and greet on the turn of every soft, cloth page, as well as a different, stimulating touch-and-feel texture for little hands to explore.

Fuzzy Bee and Friends


This is the first of the popular Spot books in a toddler-proof board book edition. Written for the author’s two-year-old son, the book first came out in 1980 and has won over generations of readers. The story is simple—it’s a cute puppy on a hunt, and the clear language is accessible for those who are just learning to use their words.

Where's Spot?

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