The 10 Best LGBTQ+ Pride Books for Babies and Toddlers
Best LGBTQ+ Pride Books for Babies and Toddlers
June 1, 2022

Best LGBTQ+ Pride Books for Babies and Toddlers

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Best LGBTQ+ Pride Books for Babies and Toddlers.
Best LGBTQ+ Pride Books for Babies and Toddlers

June is Pride month, a time for LGBTQ+ families and their allies to celebrate the joys and reflect on the hardships of the queer community.

LGBTQ+ families should be celebrated year-round. And whether your family has two moms, two dads, a nonbinary kid, a trans uncle, or if your family is full of allies supporting your LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors, it’s important for your little one to see the community represented with pride.

From stories about the colors of the Pride flag to examples of children thriving in their genderfluid expressions, here’s a list of our favorite LGBTQ+ family books perfect for sharing with your baby or toddler.

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Support LGBTQ+ Bookstores

Each of the books on this list is linked to an independent LGBTQ+-owned bookstore where you can find your favorite books for Pride (and lots of other great books, too!). There aren’t many LGBTQ+ bookstores left in the US, but here’s a list of bookstores you can support and visit across the globe.

Each of the colors of the Pride flag are represented in this bright, colorful board book. While it doesn’t introduce the true meanings of each color, it’s a great start to familiarize even the youngest babies with the sense of pride in the community.

Pride Colors


This beloved award-winning book tells the true story of two male penguins who’ve become mates for life and how, after feeling sad that they couldn’t have an egg like the other penguin couples, they were helped by their zookeeper to adopt an egg of their own.

And Tango Makes Three


Julián really loves mermaids, and he often imagines being one. When he sees a group of real mermaids, he’s inspired to use his abuela’s things to give himself a headdress and a beautiful, shining tail. But what will Abuela think of his costume? This simply worded but beautifully illustrated story is an instant classic in confidence and individuality.

Julián Is a Mermaid


Follow this happy family as they go about their day. From playing dress up to painting to baking a pie, their daily activities are full of love. The simple, rhythmic words make this enjoyable and understandable for even the youngest ears, and the story is a cheerful celebration of the joy of having two dads. Also check out Mommy, Mama and Me.

Daddy, Papa and Me


Heather loves the number two. She has two of everything! Two arms, two legs, two pets—even two mommies! And though her first day at school makes her aware that her family is different, she realizes that no one’s family looks like anyone else’s, and that makes her happy.

Heather Has Two Mommies


Riley has an outfit for every day of the week: a superhero cape for the dentist office, a ballgown for a fancy family dinner and a hard hat and overalls to help Dad at the hardware store. Riley’s genderfluid expression of self is creative and inspiring, and when other kids ask if Riley is a boy or a girl, they quickly realize that it doesn’t matter—a person is a person and a friend is a friend. Keep in mind: Since this story is a representation of a nonbinary person, use gender-inclusive pronouns like the singular “they” when discussing Riley with your little one.

What Riley Wore


Similarly to Pride Colors, Rainbow: A First Book of Pride introduces little ones to the six-color Pride flag, but this story also explains the beautiful, profound meaning behind each color: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for harmony, purple for spirit.

Rainbow: A First Book of Pride


We love the diversity in this story that follows several families going about their day. As they eat breakfast, go to the farmer’s market and the park and play at home, dads and babies of all different styles and skin colors show their love for each other. And check out the companion book, My Two Moms and Me

My Two Dads and Me


The little one in this book loves his Uncle Leo. He also loves his Auntie Lotta, Leo’s drag persona. But when Uncle Leo has to figure out how to combine the two parts of himself, the young narrator finds a way to honor both Leo and Lotta at once. This heartwarming story celebrates the beauty and strength of drag performers and the fun of Pride parades.

Auntie Uncle: Drag Queen Hero


From Queer Eye’s own beloved Jonathan Van Ness comes the story of Peanut, a nonbinary kiddo (guinea pig) who marches to the beat of their own drum. With the loving support of friends and family, Peanut does everything their own unique way, including cutting their own hair, celebrating their birthday with pancakes instead of cake and, of course, practicing rhythmic gymnastics. This fun little tale gives a wonderful example of a nonbinary child in a supportive environment, allowing them to embrace their whole unique self.

Peanut Goes for the Gold


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